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Anne Miller The story is about a boy that has a robot that can do many helpful things as well as be a friend. By Eve Bunting.

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2 Anne Miller The story is about a boy that has a robot that can do many helpful things as well as be a friend. By Eve Bunting

3 Anne Miller Eve Bunting was born n Northern Ireland. She lived in Ireland for many years before she came to America. Eve Bunting likes to write stories that make people think. She has won many awards for her books. She has written over 150 books! Eve Bunting now lives in California and has four grandchildren. Author: Illustrator: Dagmar Fehlau

4 Anne Miller Genre - In science fiction, things happen that cant happen yet but MAY happen in the future. Science Fiction My Robot Look for: Tools and machines that are different than tools we use today. Things that are the same as things today.

5 Anne Miller Pop Quiz What does the author do? He or she writes the stories. What does the illustrator do? He or she draws the pictures. Click on speaker!

6 Anne Miller 1. Put your reading book on your desk. 2.Open your book to the glossary. (The glossary is on page 256 in the back of our reading book.) 3.When you see the word Glossary, get ready to find the word.

7 Anne Miller Almost almost This flower looks like it is almost smiling at me. 2 Almost - nearly

8 Anne Miller Once Once - one time once Once I saw an eagle chase a rabbit. 1

9 Anne Miller Always always Dennis always rides his pet turtle to the water. 3 Always - every time

10 Anne Miller Does does Does Mrs. Nice know how to fix this robot ? 4 Does - a present- tense form of do

11 Anne Miller Pretty pretty Do you think these flowers are pretty? 5 Pretty - pleasing; beautiful

12 Anne Miller Even even Some trees are green even in the winter. 5 Even - though it may surprise you

13 Anne Miller Say - to talk Say say Can you say your ABC?

14 Anne Miller Sound Sound - something you hear sound This croaking frog is making an awful sound. Click Bell Now

15 Anne Miller 1.Say the words. 2.Read the sentences. 3.Fill in the blank.

16 Anne Miller The loud _________ scared the baby. even almost pretty once always sound does say

17 Anne Miller Christmas comes ________ a year. always sound almost once does say even pretty

18 Anne Miller _____ bears can get cold! Even Always Sound Say Once Almost Does Pretty

19 Anne Miller Sara thinks her long eared cat is _______. once almost pretty always does sound even say

20 Anne Miller The rabbit _________won the race. always does once even almost sound pretty say

21 Anne Miller ______ the Easter Bunny deliver Valentines? Sound Even Once Pretty Always Almost Does Say

22 Anne Miller Dennis is _______running late. say almost once even always does sound pretty

23 Anne Miller Open your mouth and ________ ah. does always almost sound even say once pretty

24 Anne Miller 1.Almost - nearly 2.Once - one time 3.Always - every time 4.Does - a present-tense form of do 5.Even - though it may surprise you 6.Pretty - pleasing; beautiful 7.Say - to talk 8.Sound - something you hear

25 Anne Miller A - nearly B - one time C - every time D - a present-tense form of do E - though it may surprise you F - pleasing; beautiful G - to talk H - something you hear 1.sound___ 2.even ___ 3.always ___ 4.does ___ 5.pretty ___ 6.say ___ 7.once ___ 8.almost ___ A B C D E F G H

26 Anne Miller 6.full 7.grow 8.hold 10.hurt 1.almost 2.even 3.sound 4.fall 5.far

27 Anne Miller 1.Cecil 2.dinner 3.heard 4.children 5.spinning 6.wheels 7.Crash 9. Mr. Spencer 10. Dennis 11. whirl 12. creak 13. together 14. Prince 15. chance 16. frosting 17.smash 18.fence 19.leads 21.prance 22.whistles 24. brother

28 Anne Miller Cecil is my friend. He is almost always with me. He makes a funny sound when he moves. Cecil does a lot to help me. He even cooked my dinner once! He makes pretty cakes, too! I say I am lucky to have Cecil. Who is Cecil? Youll find out.

29 Anne Miller

30 Web Links You should be able to click on these sites and go to them by pointing and clicking. Robot BoyRobot Boy must have Java enabled to play this game. Robot Mask Alphabet Bears Alphabetical Order Magic E - Long Vowel ō Long ō Search My Robot 1 My Robot 2

31 Anne Miller Web links for My Robot Robots - fast facts Phonic Review Long a (1) Long a (2) BBC - Words and Pictures - Drag 'n' spellBBC - Words and Pictures - Drag 'n' spell Robot and Mr. Mole Letter Matching

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