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Automotive Worldwide Market Analyses: Production- Registrations- Plants-Models Week 2012 - 50.

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1 Automotive Worldwide Market Analyses: Production- Registrations- Plants-Models Week 2012 - 50

2 # -Opel management has informed - on 9/12/2012- the workforce that vehicle production at the Bochum plant will be discontinued after production of the Zafira model which is scheduled to cease in 2016. The Zafira is the last model produced in this factory. -Among the 3000 current jobs, some will be kept on the logistics center and a possible parts production plant which could be created on the spot. Opel will also finance a working group "perspective Bochum 2022" aiming at finding opportunities to create a new activity in the site and finding employment in the city and region to ensure the conversion of 3,000 current employees. -The Bochum plant began operations in 1962 with the launch of the Opel Kadett. Since the early 2000s, it has recorded a drastic decline in production volume due to several relocations. -From 2015, the Opel Astra is no longer produced in Poland (Gliwice) and Great Britain (Ellesmere Port), and from 2016, the Opel Zafira will be output in Poland (Gliwice ). Opel confirms the stop of production at Bochum plant in 2016 1 2 Bochum production (2000-2012 and forecast 2013-2017) Opel Zafira (2011-2016) Bochum plant location

3 # -Fiat has announced the suppression of 1,500 jobs at the site of Polish Tichy plant (1,500 jobs is a third of the plants staff), because of the difficulties on the European market, where a large part of its production is sold. - "The situation is very negative on the automotive market and obliges the company to launch today a layoff procedure said the manufacturer. Production plant Tichy decreased from 600 000 units in 2009 to less than 350,000 units in 2012 and could fall below 300,000 units in 2013. -This result is actually a consequence of the groups decision to relocate in Italy the Pandas production. Polish site is gradually decreasing the Pandas production and transferring it to Pomigliano in Italy (near Napoli). This plant will therefore be in position to continue its activity while Fiat has conversely just closed (in 2011) the Sicilian Termini plant. -The manufacturer, however, will continue to produce at the Tichy plant the Fiat 500 the Lancia Ypsilon and the Ford Ka, these three models sharing the same platform (one of the Panda). Poland suffers from the relocation of Panda to Italy 2 3 Tichy production by model (2005-2012) Pomigliano production by model (2005-2012)

4 # -The Italian investment fund Investindustrial announced that it has acquired 37.5% stake in Aston Martin for 190 million euros. With this investment, which will pass through a reserved capital increase, the fund run by Andrea Bonomi becomes the main shareholder of the British manufacturer. The Italian funds offer won against Mahindras one (Mahindra had also the objective to buy the brand). -Through this agreement, Aston Martin will be able to invest 625 million euros in new models and a technology program during the next five years. -British brand was in dire need of this cash to be in good position in competition with its major rivals, which all belong to large groups, such as Lamborghini and Bugatti (Volkswagen), Ferrari and Maserati (Fiat). -In the first nine months of 2012, sales of Aston Martin declined nearly by 20% to 2,520 units. At this rate, 3,500 units can be expected to be sold on the whole year 2012. The manufacturer had sold 4,200 cars in the world in 2007 and 6800.tak The British Aston Martin becomes Italian 3 4 Aston Martin worldwide sales (2000-2012) Rapide Vantage DBS/DB9 Virage Aston Martin range

5 # -In November, sales of Premium car manufacturers in Germany have increased: the BMW brand sold 145,500 vehicles (+26.4% compared to November 2011), the Audi brand has passed 123,600 (+10.9 % compared to November 2011) and Mercedes 120,400 (+ 5.7% compared to November 2011). -In the first 11 months of 2012, BMW (excluding Mini) sold 1.38 million vehicles (+10.9%), Audi 1.34 million (12.7%) and Mercedes (excluding Smart) 1 19 million (+5.1%). -The three manufacturers sell so nearly 4.3 million vehicles throughout the year 2012, i.e. 5% of global sales all manufacturers. -These three manufacturers account for 51% of sales of premium manufacturers in the world in 2012. Crisis does nor exist for carmakers Premium 4 5 BMW, Audi, Mercedes worldwide sales (11 months 2012) BMW, Audi, Mercedes represent 51% of the sales of Premium carmakers in the world

6 # -JAC (Jianghuai Automobile) has started construction of a plant in Brazil, through a joint venture with the Brazilian distributor SNS Auto. -The site should be operational in 2015 with an initial production capacity of 100,000 vehicles per year. The plant, located in Camacari, requires a total investment of 3.7 billion yuan (457 million euros). -Local production will enable JAC to avoid large import taxes. Indeed, due to the increase of these taxes, exports of JAC Brazil fell by 78% over the first 9 months of 2012. -JAC is the ninth Chinese automobile manufacturer by production volume. JAC (Jianghuai Automobile) builds a plant in Brazil 5 66 JAC production (PC+LUV) in China (2005-2012) Camacari

7 # -BYD will open a (very small) assembly plant in Breznik, Bulgaria. Chinese automaker founded a joint venture with the Bulgarian energy company Bulmineral for this operation. -The site will produce electric cars and buses. The first vehicles will be produced in February 2013. When the plant will operate at full capacity, it will produce 40 to 60 vehicles per month, or 480 to 720 units per year. - In addition, the site will eventually be expanded to accommodate the production of batteries and LEDs. The establishment of this joint venture in Bulgaria allow BYD to develop its sales and influence in Europe. BYD will produce vehicles in Bulgaria 6 7 BYD production (PC+LUV) in China (2005-2012)Future plant location of BYD

8 # -Bentley aims to benefit from the Premium segment growth in the world and communicates on ambitious sales targets, as Maserati did recently. -Wolfgang Schreiber, new executive director of Bentley, stated that the luxury brand of Volkswagen group planned to launch a very high-range leisure SUV in 2015, and consequently double its sales before 2018 (versus its sales in 2011). -Bentley has the ambition to sell 15 000 vehicles yearly around 2018 ( versus about 7 400 in 2011). In 2012,Bentleys sales will reach 9 500 units. Bentley aims to benefit from the Premium segment growth 7 8 Bentley Production (2003-2012) Continental GT Mulsanne Continental Continental GTC Bentley range

9 # VDA sees 2013 as a year of demanding work 8 9 Global production of German carmakers (PC)Production of German carmakers in Germany (PC) -According to VDA, 2013 will be a year of demanding work. China and USA market will continue to grow but Europe will be still under pressure of uncertainties. -2012 was a good year for the global automotive industry. Europe was indeed quasi-flat, but China and USA have increased significantly automotive sales. Japanese sales have also been at good levels, especially on the first semester of the year. -German carmakers benefited well from this growth. They have produced more passenger cars each month than during the same months of 2 previous years. -Production of German carmakers in Germany was quasi flat but German car makers could develop their production significantly outside Europe.

10 # European registrations over the last 11 months (PC) -The evolution of registrations in the five European major countries for November 2012 (compared to November 2011), deliver us two main information: A significantly decreases of the market for Spain (-12,57%), France (-13,85%) and Italy (-19,6%), A nearly stagnation for Germany (-1,74%) and UK (+5,43%). -The analysis of cumulative sales confirms the trend for this year compared to 2011 (see graph of cumulative sales in the next article). 10 # 9

11 # European registrations over the last 11 months (PC): cumul # 10 11

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