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The School Counselor Carl Sandburg Middle School Panthers

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1 The School Counselor Carl Sandburg Middle School Panthers
Dr. Dale Oldham (Lead Counselor): A-Ed Ms. Nellie Hauchman: Ee-Mare Mr. Paul Smith: Marf-Smith Ms. Melinda Caldwell: Sn-Z and all AVID Director: Ms. Bonnie Allison

2 We are School Counselors WHO:
… work as a collaborative, cohesive team. We are out and about in the building doing various things! Great times for students to come: before/after school, during lunch, etc. … conduct academic advisement and change schedules according to protocol. Please note that we ARE NO LONGER changing schedules.  The deadline for elective changes is June. There are lots of reasons for this! If students are having an issue with a class or a teacher, we provide counseling and problem-solving strategies…but we do not change classes or teachers. … constantly communicate and consult with ALL stakeholders for prevention/intervention. Parents, teachers, administrators, mental health professionals, medical doctors, etc. etc. etc.

3 You might find it interesting...
School counselors have standards, just like teachers! Personal/social Academic Career/college Sandburg’s program achieved RAMP certification.  Services we provide are: Proactive Data-driven and results-based Developmentally appropriate and comprehensive Equitable (access ALL students, not just ‘at-risk’)

4 Program Goal Statements
Implementation Plan Classroom lessons in math support classes. Math study skills group. Scheduling individual learning sessions. Consultation with parents & teachers. Monitor and ensure use of Advisory period for math support. Monitor progress reports. ___________________________________________ Sexual Harassment and Bullying classroom lessons. Peer Mediation coordinator with strong collaboration with Administration. Anti-Bullying Committee campaign. Parent workshops to increase awareness of bullying and cyber-bullying. Presentations to PTA meetings. Course plan completion through online college/career program (Naviance) program. Career classroom lessons. Parent workshop to explore Family Connections and enhance parent understanding of Naviance program. Share information in Counselors’ Corner Newsletter. Naviance lessons included in AVID.  Goals 1 By the end of the academic school year, 20% of identified male minority students will improve by one letter grade in math. 2 By the end of the first semester, there will be a 20% increase in students reporting feeling safe in the school-wide survey. 3 By June 2014, 80% of students retained the previous year will have created a student learning plan.

5 School Counselors: Lead various programs and activities: Caldwell
AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination), DIVAS (Determined and Inspired to Value Absolute Success – girls’ leadership), EIP (Early Identification Program – GMU), Counselor’s Corner newsletter, Youth Survey, Instructional Council rep, World Language Credit exam, MentorWorks, etc. Hauchman Thomas Jefferson HS Liaison, Advanced Academics (AAP) liaison, End of Year Ceremony, World Language Credit exam, Peer Mediation Coordinator, etc. Oldham (Lead Counselor) Student Ambassadors, IC (Instructional Council) rep, SIP (School Improvement Plan) rep, Faculty Advisory rep, School Probation Officer, 504 Liaison, AVID, Counselor’s Corner newsletter, GMU EIP program coordinator, Student Ambassador coordinator, etc. Smith SIP rep, End of Year Ceremony, Bullying Prevention, PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention and Support) rep, Responsive Instruction, Student Ambassador coordinator, Youth Survey coordinator, etc. All counselors Student recognition ceremonies (Honor Roll, Student of the Quarter, etc.), Door 4 and lunch duty, parent conferences as needed, etc.

6 School Counselors also:
Work with students by doing…(among other things): Individual Counseling (1 on 1!) Academic, Personal/Social, Career Please contact us! Students can leave a note Small Groups Counseling (4-8 students, 6-8 weeks long) For example… coping with anxiety, grief/loss, changing families, social/communication skills, anger management, conflict resolution, etc. Classroom Guidance lessons Once a month through subject areas For example…Sexual harassment/bullying, learning styles and study strategies, friendship relationships, cheating/plagiarism, stress management, etc.

7 The bottom line… School counselors do what is needed to:
Advocate for students, support students and families. Support teachers and the school. Meet students where they are, meet the needs of ALL students (equitable access to services!). Provide resources. Work collaboratively so that EVERYONE has the BEST possible experience here at Sandburg. … the goal is STUDENT SUCCESS.

8 Contact information for counselors can be found on the Sandburg website under Student Services: QUESTIONS?

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