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How Cells Divide Chapter 10.

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1 How Cells Divide Chapter 10

2 Bacterial Cell Division
Binary Fission FtsZ protein

3 Eukaryotic Chromosomes
Chromosome Numbers Vary Made of Chromatin

4 Some Vocab Karyotype Haploid Diploid Homologue Chromatids

5 Overview of the Cell Cycle
G1 S G2 M C G0

6 Interphase G1, S, G2

7 Mitosis Prophase Prometaphase Metaphase Anaphase Telophase

8 Prophase Condensation of Chromosome Contintues Spindle apparatus
Asters Nuclear envelope disassembles

9 Prometaphase Micrtubules attach to the kinetochore
Chromosomes begin to move toward the equator of the cell

10 Metaphase Chromosomes are aligned at the equator of the cell called the metaphase plate Chromosomes are attached to opposite poles and are under tension

11 Anaphase Proteins holding centromeres of sister chromatids are degraded, freeing individual chromosomes Chromosomes are pulled to opposite poles Spindle poles move apart

12 Telophase Chromosomes are clustered at opposite poles and decondense
Nuclear envelopes reform around chromosomes Golgi complex and ER re-form


14 Cytokinesis Plant vs Animal

15 Control of the Cell Cycle
Irreversible points Checkpoints

16 MPF Nondividing cells can be stimulated into division by MPF
MPF activity changes throughout the cell cycle It is cyclin pluc cdc2 (aka Cdk) What is a kinase?

17 Three main Checkpoints
G1/S G2/M Spindle Checkpoint (APC) Figure 10.20

18 Growth Factors Trigger intracellular signaling systems
RTKs and MAP cascades

19 G0 Phase Dormant Liver vs Intestinal Lining Cells

20 Cancer Tumor Suppressor genes- p53, Rb Oncognes-ProtoOncogenes

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