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Interviewing Tips and Tricks Derived from

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1 Interviewing Tips and Tricks Derived from

2 Answering Questions Be brief and Interact –Be sure they are happy with the answer –Ask them whether they want more detail E.g. That was the main purpose of the project. Do you want to know more about the final product? Did I answer your question? What else can I tell you about that? Listen MORE than you speak !! Dont interrupt. Sometimes its the notes you dont play –Dont criticize old bosses or colleagues –Dont constantly talk about yourself –Tout yourself when asked, then stop

3 Illegal Questions Tactfully Sidestep to what theyre getting at...e.g. your work ethic. How does your spouse feel about your business travel? -- I'm fully committed to performing my job well. My career is important to me, and I have a strong support system at home." "I try to keep personal and business matters separate." Children -- I will be very able to travel and work overtime" Disability -- Im sure Ill be able to perform the duties of the job Country of origin -- "I am authorized to work in the USA." Just Answer if the question doesn't bother you. It's not illegal to answer. But proceed with caution, as it might bite you later, even if it's illegal to deny you employment. Refuse to Answer Point out that it's not an appropriate job interview question and you don't feel comfortable answering it. (Avoid the term illegal interview question since it might not be).

4 Take Criticism Dont be afraid to note your weaknesses –Its ok to describe good AND BAD –Learn from your critics, get back up, be gracious and dont defend yourself or make excuses –E.g. I feel like I need to work on my management skills. Dont burn your bridges –Write a thank you note even when rejected –State how disappointed you are –Thank them for consideration and time –Let them know youre still interested

5 Look Good Budget? Used suit – tailored Eye Contact !!! –Nod, sit up, sit forward –Be aware of nervous habits Touching your face Scratching Tapping Bring nice portfolio or notepad –Small notepad you can put in your pocket –Not too much stuff (like backpack or too many items) Bring extra copies of your resume And other sample work, portfolio, business cards

6 Phone Many will screen on phone prior –Have answers prepared –What experiences and skills make you qualified –Tell me about yourself (have resume and notes handy) Roommates –Always answer phone politely !! –Change your offensive answering machine No jokes, music, political message Simple straightforward message

7 Power Questions "What are you most hoping to find in the person you hire?" "What would be my first priorities on the job?" "Based on what we've talked about today, I feel good about the position. Do you have any concerns about my ability to do the job?" Often, that gives you a chance to counter any objections. "What attributes are most needed to succeed in this job?"

8 More Power Questions What would you like done differently by the next person who fills this position? What are some of the objectives you would like to see accomplished in this job? What is most pressing? What would you like to have done in the next 3 months. What are some of the long term objectives you would like to see completed? What are some of the more difficult problems one would have to face in this position? How do you think these could best be handled?

9 Tough Questions Why the (time) gap in your resume? –Answer brief, and move on –I took some time off to take care of a family member. Then I went back to school, and I found your job ad and became very excited about contributing here. Be curious about your match with the job NOT desperate to do anything to get the job –e.g. You wont be sorry (I was). Sell yourself as someone who can do the job –What can you bring? –You are the product. Give them reasons to buy it.


11 Dr. Ds Secret Calming Tips Relax and enjoy Be nice Dont think too much It will be over soon, and life will go on

12 Pretend like it doesnt Matter You wont get the job, so just enjoy !! You dont WANT this job anyway, but be nice ! Youd rather be somewhere else !! –Skiing –Surfing the Net –Eating lunch –Drinking (Root) Beer

13 Take Notes During… Not about what theyre saying About what YOURE thinking –Helps you respond and follow the interviewer –Looks like youre studious and concerned Remember Kerry during the presidential debate And Bush during the 2 nd debate !!! Have some prepared questions too –RESEARCH the company –Ask questions that show you know something about them and want to know more

14 Imagine… Youre going to a party with people you dont really like that much They have some embarrassing problem Youre the host –Try to make them feel comfortable –Be nice and SMILE !!!! –Enjoy their company, and be interested in them

15 Dont think too much It will all be over very soon Think about what youll do AFTER the interview Bring work or a book while you wait –Youll look smart (like youre a hard worker) –It will divert your attention and calm you

16 READREAD Ch. 1 and 2 Ethics (Tavani) Text TuesdayTuesday: Intro to Arguments ThursThurs: Cyber-Ethics uniqueness FridayDueFriday: OUTLINE Cyber-Ethics Due

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