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The Great Gatsby Symbolism.

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1 The Great Gatsby Symbolism

2 Colors White Yellow Green Water Eyes Blue Grey Red Cars Eggs

3 White Represents: Façade behind which characters hide
beauty, cleanliness, wealth, innocence, virginity and laziness

4 White Examples Daisy and Jordan’s clothes Gatsby’s suit
Buchanan’s mansion

5 Yellow (Silver & Gold) Represents: Wealth, corruption, dishonesty

6 Yellow (Silver & Gold) Examples:
The golden haired girls at Jay’s party Daisy’s accessories Jay’s car Hair color

7 Green Represents: Hope, rebirth, to “go”, youth, longing, choice, serenity

8 Green Examples: Daisy’s dock light The interior of Jay’s car
Nick’s grass Nick talks about the green light at the end of the book he says "It eluded us then, but that's no matter- tomorrow we will run faster, stretch our arms out farther...."

9 Blue Represents Heaven, fantasy, lost time, unhappiness

10 Blue Examples Jay’s lawn –escape from reality
Tom’s car –unhappiness of marriage George’s eyes –dreams of escape T.J. Eckleberry’s eyes -God

11 Grey Represents: Examples: Industrialization, dreary, bleak, lifeless
Valley of Ash

12 Red Represents: Death, abuse, violence, destruction

13 Red Examples: Tom Buchanan Tom’s carpets Myrtle’s nose Myrtle’s death
Gatsby’s pool water

14 Water Represents: Barriers and boundaries
Gatsby’s restraints from Daisy Abandonment

15 Water Examples: Oxford Tea Party rain storm Swimming pool
Gatsby’s funeral

16 Eyes Represents: Examples:
Observant, omnipresent, watchful, non-judgmental Examples: Owl-eyes T.J. Eckleberry Nick Moon

17 Cars Represents: Examples:
Industrialization, status symbol, carelessness, recklessness Examples: The broken wheel Jay asking Nick to set up meeting Jay’s car Tom’s car The drive to NYC

18 Eggs (White covered by yellow)
Represents: Pure façade, while rotten inside Examples: Daisy’s clothes & accessories Jay’s suit & accessories New vs. Old Money

19 Prepared for The Great Gatsby
Devon Christopher Adams © 2002

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