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HOOVER HIGH 2011-12 AP U.S. HISTORY. Todays objectives Students will be able to understand why they were very smart to sigh up for this course Students.

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2 Todays objectives Students will be able to understand why they were very smart to sigh up for this course Students will know that during AP History classes we will explore how to interpret history by reading primary sources, role playing, debating and writing.. Students will understand their responsibilities for making this a great course. And, if 45 minutes gives us enough time, students will be able to compare their ideas of the stereotypes of Native Americans with the real pre-Columbian History.

3 WHY AP U.S. HISTORY IS A GREAT PICK Students who take AP classes are more successful in college. Students who do well on the AP Test can get college credit. There is less of a transition or culture shock for AP students when they go to college. Our class will be working as a team to learn. Students who take this course will learn how to argue effectively, not just in their essays, but in future sales or business dealings.

4 WHAT IS THE AP U.S. HISTORY TEST LIKE? Read over the information sheet. Put a ? Next to something you do not understand. Circle something you think is important Put a K next to something you already knew Put an ! next to a line that contains new information Compare your notes with a partner As a group, share your questions.

5 WHAT DO THE STUDENTS NEED TO DO? Students will be reading a chapter a week and taking note to acquire background information. Sometimes you will be asked to read the chapter with a role in mind of a person or type of person from that era. You will need to have about 4 pages of notes – if you do Cornell notes or two column notes – this could go up to 6 pages as the left side is for terms/questions. SPRITE – you will need to summarize social, political, religious, intellectual, technological, and economic changes or influences in the chapter and compare to others ideas in class in groups.

6 HOW WILL WE LOOK AT HISTORY You will have class debates.. You will read primary sources to show us what people in that time were thinking. You will try to put yourselves in the shoes of people who lived a long time ago. You will have take a point a view (factual, critical, positive, creative, or alternative) to get an insight on historical times or event. You will become a better writer.

7 YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES Read the chapters and take notes. Put 2-3 electronic flashcards online per chapter. Complete your writing assignments so we can review one anothers work and get ideas on how other people tackled the same problem in a constructive way. Be ready to be a bit challenged – a new reality for some of you. Get into a study group in March and April. Come for a couple of hours for 4 weeks to review at school before the test. Have fun with history and be part of a team learning project! Have a positive, can do attitude.

8 Help – What can make this easier? We have pretests, primary sources, and examples of good essays in the workbooks. If you want a shorter book to read, go online and buy the AMSCO review book mentioned on your handout. It is $17.75 plus shipping, in stores online I have seen it as high as $60.00! This would save you time, you can still take notes, and you will still have background material. Or you can accept the challenge to read a college text and get ready for college level reading. Website with info, materials, reviews of other books, teacher websites, historical websites, and links. Documentary movies are on my regular website.

9 WHAT WILL WE DO IN CLASS We will learn how to read and interpret primary sources. We will learn how to write well in logical steps. We will learn how to put ideas into categories like SPRITE beginning with our next class. We will learn how SPRITE categories are related to the AP U.S. History themes. We will learn how to write a great thesis statement. We will learn how to back up our thesis with evidence using our historic background material. We will learn how to write essays for a content area – a must have skill for college!

10 HOMEWORK DUE MONDAY WHO IS GUILTY IN 1492? Read and take notes on Chapter 2 Some information is summarized in the hand out outline. While you read think of how you would feel as part of history living as this group We will number off and defend your group into 4 groups Who is responsible for the death of 90% of the Native Americans? Did Columbus discover America or steal it? Were the savages too primitive, simple and backward to defeat the superior Europeans?

11 READING Preview the text – look at all the headings, illustrations, and charts Start by reading the introduction and the conclusion This will give you an idea of what the chapter is about Read topic sentences Read the middle section Look at your part – Columbus, Pizzaro & Cortez, Native Americans, and the Spanish King and Queen. We will read primary sources in class on Monday. Look at your workbook – were the homes and works of art shown here created by inferior people?

12 ROLES Columbus Tainos & Other Native Americans Queen and King of Spain Cortez/Pizzaro How did the Spanish treat the natives? Did they feel justified? What happened in Europe to make this time ripe for exploring? Was the major reason for going to convert Indians to Christianity? Power Points on

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