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Campaign Basics 101. WELCOME & INTRODUCTIONS Your Name Your Company Your Role What are you hoping to learn today?

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1 Campaign Basics 101

2 WELCOME & INTRODUCTIONS Your Name Your Company Your Role What are you hoping to learn today?

3 AGENDA Introduction United Way Role of the ECC, LC and Committee How to run a UW Campaign Lessons learned, tips & strategies Q&A Thank-You

4 United Way York Region Helping people move from poverty to possibility 5,386 people received job training, access to housing and secure food Helping kids be all they can be 10,386 youth benefitted from after school programs, homework help, leadership development, counselling, employment training and job placements. Building healthy people and strong communities 46,943 people received services that improve people’s lives, like family counselling, grief & bereavement programs and support for seniors

5 Workplace campaigns are the key driver of success Where the Money Comes from, 2011

6 Employee Donations are critical to workplace campaign success. Corporate donations may not be sustainable and special events are very resource intensive. Workplace Campaign Revenue Breakdown, 2011

7 Workplace Community Leadership & Major Individual Giving 5% of donors provide 38% of employee pledge form donations

8 Role of the Employee Campaign Chair (ECC) The Primary Objectives of an Employee Campaign Chair is to: Educate & inform volunteers and donors about United Way Establish a plan and set goals Recruit effective, committed volunteers Schedule and chair meetings Monitor your progress and help move your team along toward its goals Communicate progress and results to all employees Recognize and thank volunteers, canvassers, and donors for their support Evaluate your campaign's performance and plan for next year

9 Role of the Leadership Chair (LC) Champion & drive the Leadership (donations of $1,000+) & Pre-Leadership (donations of $500-$999) Giving Campaign Identify potential donors Organize, attend and introduce guest speaker at your Leadership presentation Recruit Leadership canvassers Work alongside ECC Champion United Way amongst colleagues

10 Role of the Campaign Committee Support the ECC, educate and canvass donors communicating the message of United Way, possibly Chair a committee, attend meetings. The ideal committee consists of people who are: United Way Donors Organized Enthusiastic Self Starters A cross section of all departments And at the same time be: A Team Player Flexible Community Minded

11 How to Run a United Way Campaign Establish a campaign committee Speak to management about Community Leadership opportunities Analyze the previous campaign, identifying Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats by holding a Success Session Set campaign and community leadership dates (ideally September) Set financial and non-financial goals (ie. Employee participation rate) Work with your UW Campaign Manager to get personalized pledge forms, supplies and to book Community Leadership and Agency Speakers Train a team of Canvassers/Ambassadors who will educate staff about UW and follow up on the pledge form Hold a Community Leadership campaign prior to campaign kick-off

12 How to run a campaign cont’d Employee Campaign kick-off including an agency speaker and UW representative within 1 week of leadership presentation Announce campaign goal, $ raised to date and timelines Continue to educate employees about UW and the importance of supporting its 41 member agencies using staff meetings, lunch & learns, bulletin boards, intranet and emails Pledge form distribution and canvass (complete 1 st week of campaign). Aim for 100% return of pledge forms

13 How to run a campaign cont’d Analyze results to date, communicate to team and adjust plan as required to reach goal – End of 1 st week Re-canvass employees and follow up where necessary – 2 nd week Special events (2-3 events for team building and an energy boost) – after pledge form campaign

14 Post Campaign Announce achievement Recognize and thank volunteers and donors Submit campaign envelopes including pledge forms and special event proceeds to be considered as a spirit award nominee. All pledge forms, $, must be submitted to UW prior to Nov 30 th, within one week of your campaign wrap-up. Meet with committee and UW to analyze campaign (pro’s/con’s), put plan in place for 2013 campaign

15 Learning from a Veteran Employee Campaign Chair Successful strategies/lessons learned Inform & educate employees (ie. kick-off) Focus on pledge form & follow up  Tips for increasing employee participation Q&A

16 YOUR WORKPLACE CAMPAIGNS - Discuss tips & strategies

17 Campaign Basics Summary Educate & build awareness about United Way to your co-workers Organize a leadership presentation Organize a Kick-Off event Hand out pledge forms to all employees Plan a few special events Collect pledge forms & submit $ to UW Thank your team and communicate results before Nov. 30 th for Spirit Award consideration Your United Way staff partner will help you!

18 WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE? View UW’s Campaign Tool kit for Employee Campaign Chair Resources campaign/campaign-toolkit/ Talk with your UW Representative


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