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Registered Office - 307,RiddhiComplex, Opp Loha Bhavan, Nr. Old High Court, Navrangpura. Ahmedabad –380009 M – 9687655221.

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1 Registered Office - 307,RiddhiComplex, Opp Loha Bhavan, Nr. Old High Court, Navrangpura. Ahmedabad –380009 M – 9687655221

2 Endeavour Consultancy Services is an emerging recruitment firm providing end-to-end talent solutions to many industrial segments across the country. Our focus is on providing the pool of potential candidates across the level i.e. junior, middle and senior management

3 About Endeavour Endeavour Consultancy Services is a professionally managed Manpower Recruitment firm having started its operations in October 2011. We assist our client in bridging their manpower requirements at all levels and across functions. Though comparatively a new company, Endeavour has demonstrated a high level of competitiveness and stood to our clients’ expectations.

4 Clients of Endeavour

5 Working Industry We are catering to wide range of industries, thanks to our unique recruitment process.  We have successfully placed professionals both at middle and senior levels in: BIFS FMCG Telecom Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Engineering IT Accountant Firms BPO & KPO

6 Business Strategy Endeavour Consultancy go through very popular strategy i.e Franchisee model. The name of ENDEAVOUR itself suggests the multiple hand to hand business. We are giving the limited number of franchisee in each city so that the franchisee can also take the benefit of the brand ENDEAVOUR.

7 Status of Endeavour Franchisee The franchisee will be treated as a partner of the ENDEAVOUR CONSULTANCY. Franchisee have a license for doing the business of Endeavour Consultancy. Franchisee can also use the name of the Endeavour Consultancy for the corporate tie ups. Franchisee can take the decisions on behalf of the Endeavour but final decision should be considered only the consent of Endeavour Consultancy.

8 Terms & Conditions There are three types of conditions under the head of Endeavour Consultancy Services. General Terms & Conditions Business Terms & Conditions Payment Terms & Conditions

9 General Terms & Conditions The Franchisee agreement should contain the full name and address of the Franchisee taker & Endeavour Consultancy Services. The tenure for the agreement would be one year only. Franchisee can give the separate name of his business but it would be under the tagline of the Group of Endeavour consultancy Services. The franchisee would not transfer from one person to another person. Franchisee can make the tie ups on the letter of the Endeavour Consultancy Services

10 Cont… Franchisee would be liable person if there is any legal action taken by his or her candidates whom he or she placed. Franchisee should compulsory attain the meeting at the end of every month. If in case of the non performance of the franchisee, Endeavour consultancy have right for not renew the agreement. If the franchisee do not want to continue with the Endeavour Consultancy then he or she would be inform to the concern person of the Endeavour.

11 Business Perspective Terms & Conditions Training would be provide to the franchisee taker so that he can understand that how to do business. Franchisee will get the mail regarding the openings everyday in the morning. Data should be provide to the franchisee as and when required. Franchisee should compulsory maintain the tracker of the candidates differ from company to company and mail it to Endeavour Consultancy at the end of the day.

12 Cont… Endeavour Consultancy have also provide the separate email id for the smooth business. If in any case the tracker would not able to sent then inform to the concern person of the Endeavour Consultancy otherwise synergy would not liable for any future consequences. Franchisee should meet the monthly target decided at the starting of the month.

13 Payment perspective Terms & Conditions The franchisee will get the 50% of the amount generated by him or her after deducting the TDS. The payment will be made after the completion of the 90 days from the joining of the candidate as per the corporate rule. If any candidate left the job before 90 days then it would be deducted from the income of the franchisee. The franchisee can get the 5% as a royalty if he or she made any tie ups with the company on behalf of the Endeavour Consultancy Services.

14 Cont… The profit gives to the franchisee only if the whole amount of the franchisee received by the Endeavour Consultancy Services. The growth of the profit margin is on the basis of the performance. The franchisee can also create sub franchisee under him or her & for that franchisee can get the 60% amount of sub franchisee.

15 Franchisee Fees For being the franchisee of the Endeavour Consultancy Services you have to pay only…. Rs.40,000/- For the renewal of the franchisee agreement the franchisee holder have to pay only…. Rs.10,000/- Make sure once you pay the fees it can not be refunded at any cost.

16 At last we are welcome to you that joined the Endeavour Consultancy Services, enjoy the ready platform and brand for doing the business of the recruitment.


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