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By: Alex Rix and Mike Foggia

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1 By: Alex Rix and Mike Foggia
Shang Dynasty By: Alex Rix and Mike Foggia

2 Cities Capital: Anyang
Cities around the capital were called palace-cities Each was surrounded by a wall Each city was governed by one of the emperor's relatives. Every palace-city was was a copy of the capital

3 Central Government and Law Codes
Monarchy. King was the lawmaker and the judge. He ruled by force, and anyone who disobeyed would be killed. Nobles would watch over when the king wasn’t there The decision who would be king would who ever had the biggest army and took over.

4 Writing and Record Keeping
Very sophisticated writing system with about 5,000 pictograms Almost all written records of the Shang has disappeared They used to write on bronze and oracle bones.

5 Specialized Jobs King Farmer Warrior Slaves Scribes

6 Social Classes King/Nobles Scribes Warriors Farmers
Peasants (Almost the same as farmers) Slaves

7 Complex Technologies Bronze (tools and vessels)
Chariots with two horses Calendar Pottery Created the decimal system Candle sticks

8 Religion Shang Ti (Lord on High) Ruled over lesser gods of the sun, moon, the wind, the rain. Everyone had to believe in the same thing and follow in their foot steps. T’ien (heaven) They would place food on the Fang Ding Zun to give to the gods Sacrifice

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