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4 Theories Protective Developmental Pluralist Participatory

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1 4 Theories Protective Developmental Pluralist Participatory
Theories of Democracy 4 Theories Protective Developmental Pluralist Participatory

2 Theorists can approach democracy with Two Questions in mind…
What is democracy in THEORY? What is democracy in PRACTICE?

3 Protective Democracy A model democracy would Protect the rights of capitalist actors = free market Promoted by James Mill (father of James Stuart Mill) in 19th century and Founding Fathers Assumes there will be inequality in society and that elite will and should rule Worst part of democracy for these theorists = “excesses of Democracy” – tyranny by majority

4 Developmental Democracy
Model democracy would develop civic participation and good citizens Assumes people are inherently good (conceived by John Stuart Mill – James’ son -- mid-19th century) Assumes democracy has MORAL purpose Accepts representation as a practical necessity – vs. Protective theory which fears popular rule

5 Pluralist Democracy Model democracy will be run by a Plurality through competitive elections – which means a large sector of society that is and will always be apathetic Emerged as theorists observed relative apathy among citizens in US in 1950s Elite will rule and people will choose among a slate of elite in elections Citizens participate in govt through special interest groups

6 Participatory Democracy
Model democracy would have citizens who participate on wide scale – esp. at local level Arrived in 1960s as social groups critiqued current power structures (Carole Pateman) Special interest groups do NOT offer most citizens a chance at participation People do not NOT participate because they are naturally apathetic but because the STRUCTURE of current democracy excludes them

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