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Capitas Training Call 111506. John Hancock Multi-Life Programs Presented to: Capitas Financial November 15, 2006 For agent educational and training purposes.

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1 Capitas Training Call 111506. John Hancock Multi-Life Programs Presented to: Capitas Financial November 15, 2006 For agent educational and training purposes only. Not intended for the general public. Program specifics may vary by state. Presentation is designed to be a general overview of several programs. Please refer to the specific program guide for details. Courtney Turner Sponsored Group Manager Laurie Picardi LTC Sales Consultant CorporateChoice Implementation Manager Kristen Marie Martin Corporate Solutions Manager LTC Sales Consultant

2 Agenda John Hancock Multi-Life Programs/Products Continuum of LTC Products –Sponsored Group Discount Program –Corporate Solutions –Corporate Choice - Review of Implementation Process

3 Multi Life LTC Can Help Grow Your Business Secure your client base Expand relationships with current clients Create an entré to new customers Leverage the affinity of the group to generate leads and increase sales

4 John Hancock Has A Product for All Markets Sponsored Group: (Individual products with group discount, targeting employers of 5+ and trade and professional associations of 10+) Corporate Solutions: (15-500 Eligible Employees) CorporateChoice: (50-1000 Eligible Employees) CareChoice: Large Employer (1000+ Eligible Employees)

5 Best Target Employer Groups High potential Groups –Age: 60% over age 40 –Salary: High for geographical area (1.5 times the state average individual income is the true target) –Voluntary Benefit Participation –Medical/Flexible Spending Accounts: >20% participation –401(k) Plan: >80% participation –Supplemental Term Life: >40% participation –Physicians, Law Firms, Accounting, Engineering… Low potential –Retail, Hospitals employees, manufacturing

6 Sponsored Group Discount Program* Marketing Long Term Care Insurance to Small Business and Associations *Marketing Discount Program in New York and Texas LTC-3174 10/2005 Long Term Care is Underwritten by John Hancock Life Insurance Company, Boston, MA 02117. For professional use only. Not for use with consumers. 2,800 approved Sponsored Groups as of April 2006 Employer Groups – 1,717 Associations – 1,083

7 Sponsored Group (SG) Eligible Groups Employer –5 or more actively at work employees –Receipt of 5 or more applications in 60 days Association –10 or more members –Receipt of 5 or more applications in 60 days –In existence for 2+ years, have constitution, by-laws or charter –Formed for purposed other than insurance or social –Primary focus is limited to trade or professional –Alumni associations

8 SG Employee Advantages 5% discount –10% for NY RWJ Additional 15%/30% if married/partner –10% or 20% in FL & NY Available ages 18-84 Maximum policy flexibility Portable Ongoing, open ended enrollment period –Best for protracted marketing efforts

9 SG Eligible Individuals Employees Retirees Spouses/Partners Parents and Parent in laws Grandparents Children and step children

10 SG Employer Target Profile Existing clients Family owned businesses < 200 employees Strong group life, health & 401 K insurance benefits Enrollment rate 5%-10%

11 SG Association Target Market Accounting and law firms Bar associations Medical/dental practices Computer/Hi-tech firms Professional Womens Organizations Teachers/Education Associations

12 SG Marketing Tips Marketing plan Employer commitment Capitalize on employer experience Maintain momentum

13 When to use which program? Sponsored Group (SG) PROS of SG: –Best suited for continuous marketing programs –All rate classes and all benefit options available –Open ended enrollment period – Not limited to 60 days –Minimal requirements to qualify an employer CONS of SG: –Full application and underwriting programs –No minimum offer

14 Sponsored Group Discount Program 2005 Individual Multi-life LTCI Inforce Business as reported to LIMRA

15 JH Sponsored Group 2005 Inforce Business for Individual LTCI $65.3 M Sponsored Group $11.8 M Individual LTCI

16 Sponsored Group Discount Program 1-888-321-4LTC Required Paperwork Sponsored Group Worksheet (LTC-3190) Letter of Acknowledgement (LTC-3191) Proof of Membership (LTC-3192) Marketing Template Form (LTC-3193)

17 Corporate Solutions John Hancock LTC Insurance solution for the small business market: Allows customization of individual product in a group setting –Simplified underwriting –Simplified enrollment Includes marketing support for the sales process –Announcement –Education and motivation –Enrollment

18 Two Program Options Corporate Solutions: MGSI or Modified Guaranteed Standard Issue –Best for employer pay cases MGTI or Modified Guaranteed to Issue –Best for voluntary pay cases

19 MGSI Modified Guaranteed Standard Issue Most simplified application and process 15 Eligible Employees (or 3% for 500+ lives) 60 Day enrollment window Five knockout questions; No further underwriting Ability to buy-up without additional underwriting if within maximum limit No preferred or substandard rates (just one rate class) but all other discounts applicable Limited plan options Best for employer pay all cases

20 MGTI Modified Guaranteed to Issue Simplified application and process Slightly expanded underwriting Access to preferred rates All benefit options except lifetime Offers minimum guaranteed coverage for declines if meet minimum participation requirements Best for voluntary enrollments

21 Corporate Solutions Program Comparison FeatureMGSIMGTI Eligible Employee Group Ages 18-64 Actively at work 30 hours per week 10 or fewer sick day absences in the last 6 months US resident or citizen 6 months+ full time status Same as MGSI

22 Corporate Solutions Program Comparison FeatureMGSIMGTI Plan Options LTCI Benefit Amount: $50 to $200 per day or $1,500 to $6,000 per month Benefit Period: 2,3,4, or 5 Year Elimination Period: 60, 90, 180, or 365 days Inflation selections: GPO*, Simple and 5/ 5% and 5/ 3%**Compound Riders: Nonforfeiture must be offered and SharedCare available upon request Family Care not available All Benefit Options and Riders are available except for the lifetime benefit period and Family Care benefit * GPO is available only if Employer agrees to administer ** Not available for CCI states

23 When to use which program? Modified Guaranteed Standard Issue (MGSI) PROS of MGSI: –Best for employer paid –Most simplified application and process –Knock-out questions only –Employer paid buy-ups declined for coverage receive original employer paid benefit CONS of MGSI: –No preferred rates & limited plan options –Voluntary offering Opt Outs for additional coverage and subsequent U/W declines receive no minimum offer –If group fails to meet minimum participation, all cases closed

24 When to use which program? Modified Guaranteed To Issue (MGTI) PROS of MGTI: –Best for Voluntary Enrollments –All rates – includes preferred rates –All benefit choices – except Lifetime Benefits and Family Care benefit –Simplified App Process –Buy-ups declined for coverage receive minimum offer –If the group fails to meet minimum participation, issued cases remain in effect –Spouses of eligible employees can apply w/MGTI app CONS of MGTI: –Six additional questions vs. MGSI –Telephone Interview and possible full APS

25 Getting Started is Easy Step 1: Understand and familiarize yourself with the Corporate Solutions Program. Step 2: For questions contact the Corporate Solutions Resource Line at 1-888-321-4LTC Step 3: Identify and contact your high potential business clients. Step 4: Obtain a case quote and complete required forms. Step 5: Case approval and program

26 CorporateChoice – Mid-Market Business Product Hybrid product blending group and retail features True group based administration/service model Retail based compensation - heaped Full sales support services available –Customized producer web site –Producer ability to run illustrative rates, plan design summary, and proposals –Worksite tools/materials provided; included in rate structure Customized employer enrollment web sites

27 Group LTC - The Missing Link Group Dental Plan Dental Needs Group Life Plan Premature Death Group LTC Plan Protection of Retirement Portfolio Group Health Plan Healthcare Needs Group Disability Plan Income Replacement EAP Program Personal Assistance 401(k) Program Retirement Portfolio

28 Limra Reports, U.S. Group Long Term Care Insurance Sales and In-Force. 1995 through 2005. 604% Total Increase Over 10 Years Number of Employer Groups Installing a GLTCI Plan by Year 6,577 5,801 5,015 4,410 3,759 3,079 2,390 1,802 1,294 1,035 7,000 6,000 5,000 4,000 3,000 2,000 1,000 0 19951996199719981999200020012002200320042005 7,288 8,000 GLTCI - The Interest Is Already There

29 Why Group Long-Term Care Insurance (LTCI) Market is large and ready Creates paternalistic environment to attract and retain the best employees The lines between Group and Retail LTC are blurring Producer Group LTC phobias are fading Some employers demand guarantee issue Enrollment activity supported by home office Comprehensive enrollment campaign at no cost to the producer with online enrollment driving participation

30 CorporateChoice – Case Qualification Provide minimal information to qualify your clients –Situs state –Number of eligible employees –Average age and salary of employees –Industry classification –Number of employer funded cases Underwriting –Guaranteed Issue 1 –Simplified underwriting - five questions –Standard underwriting – full statement of health –Producer/employer may opt for more underwriting for lower rates 1GI offering includes a pre-existing condition clause to mitigate anti selection in relatively small groups

31 CorporateChoice – Sales Support Sales Support Desk –Staffed with professionals dedicated to supporting the sales of CorporateChoice –Train on CorporateChoice product and positioning –Provide implementation support and worksite direction Producer Web Site Capabilities –Qualify cases with minimal data –Run illustrative rates for qualified cases –Run detailed plan design summary to present to employer –Download sample policies and certificates –Customize presentation for employer meetings Save all client driven documentation on individual producer Workspace

32 CorporateChoice JHFN Cabinet Club 9/05 Introducing CorporateChoice: Plan Benefits

33 Daily Benefits/Benefit Periods Daily Benefits (DB) –$50 - $300 a day for employer paid programs $100 Minimum in NY State –$100 - $300 a day for voluntary programs –$50 increments No NY State Employer Pay Cap –No Individual ER cap at 50% Benefit Periods (BP) –2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 years

34 One-Time Elimination Period (EP) 30 days or 90 days 1 day of service = 1 day towards the EP Only need to meet the EP once during lifetime

35 Inflation Options Compound Inflation Coverage (CIC) –DB automatically increases by 5% compound annually –Increases regardless of age or claim eligibility Guaranteed Purchase Option (GPO) –Offer to increase DB by no less than 5% compounded annually over the 3 year period –Every three years from employers policy effective date –No age limit –If insured declines one offer and goes on claim no more offers will be received –No offers will be received if in reduced paid up status due to nonforfeiture status

36 Built-In Benefits Return of Premium at Death Benefit –Returns 100% of premiums paid less any benefits received if death occurs prior to age 70 to the insureds estate –Does not apply to policies in reduced paid up status Guaranteed Renewable –Coverage can not be cancelled as long as premiums are paid on time –Company reserves the right to increase premiums by class subject to state insurance department approval

37 Benefit Reimbursement Community Based Professional Care (CBPC) –Home Health Care –Homemaker Services –Adult Day Care Informal Care –Benefits paid at 25% of the DB with calendar year maximum of 30 days –Custodial Care and Homemaker Services provided in home –Informal Caregiver Can be a family member At least 18 years of age or certified or employed by a qualified Home Health Agency Can be paid in addition to CBPC Benefits - total benefits can not exceed DB –Decreases the CL Hospice Care

38 Benefit Reimbursement Stay at Home Benefit –Services: Care planning visits Home modification Emergency medical response systems Durable medical equipment Caregiver training (up to 5 X the DB) Home safety check Provider care check –Maximum = 30 X the DB –Separate pool of money - does not reduce the CL –Can be paid during the EP, but does not count towards the EP

39 Payment Options Active employees and spouses/partners can be payroll deducted Retirees and spouses/partners may be deducted from pension All others are automatic bank withdrawal or direct bill Premium payment grace period

40 Spouse/Partner Discounts Employer option –Some employers may see this as favoring married employees Available to spouses and domestic partners where approved –Spouse/Partner Discount A premium discount if you are married or part of a defined partnership –Blended Discount Based on general employer population Must be used for all employer paid cases

41 CorporateChoice JHFN Cabinet Club 9/05 Introducing CorporateChoice: Implementation and Enrollment

42 Enrollment Prior to enrollment, employees receive from John Hancock: –An announcement letter (enrollment dates, contact info, employer-dedicated Web site info with online enrollment) –A needs piece explaining why you should consider LTCI –Rate quote with personalized age-based rates –Plan highlights brochure that explains plan benefits

43 Elements to an Enrollment Campaign Awareness –Announcement letters –Web site Education –Employee presentation –Web site Implementation –Online via the Web site for Guaranteed Issue –Simplified and Full application on Web or in enrollment kit

44 State Approvals Alabama Alaska Arkansas Arizona Colorado Connecticut D.C. Delaware Georgia Hawaii Iowa Idaho Illinois Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Missouri Mississippi

45 State Approvals – continued Montana Nebraska New Mexico Nevada New Hampshire North Dakota New York Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Utah Virginia West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming

46 Extraterritorial States Alaska Arkansas Connecticut Delaware Indiana Kansas Mississippi Montana North Carolina Oklahoma Utah Washington States that require policy approval for residence regardless of approval status in the employer situs state

47 Capitas Training Call 111506. John Hancock Multi-Life Programs Presented to: Capitas Financial November 15, 2006 For agent educational and training purposes only. Not intended for the general public. Program specifics may vary by state. Presentation is designed to be a general overview of several programs. Please refer to the specific program guide for details. Courtney Turner Sponsored Group Manager Laurie Picardi LTC Sales Consultant Kristen Marie Martin LTC Sales Consultant

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