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Web-based Test Management for Quality Assurance Applied Testing and Technology.

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1 Web-based Test Management for Quality Assurance Applied Testing and Technology

2 Manage Manual/Automated testing Export Import Requirements Test Cases Manual Testing Reporting Test Results Automated Testing

3 QA Testing Challenges zProcess inconsistent and is not repeatable zPersonnel turnover loses knowledge zTime consuming and difficult to ymonitor progress ymeasure productivity yassess quality yshare information

4 ApTest Manager is the solution zConsistent, repeatable process zPermanent information store zReal time access to tests, results, status yGeographically distributed users yQA, customers, development,... zTest method and tool neutral

5 ApTest Manager benefits zHigher product quality yBetter tests, better coverage, better process yFind and fix bugs sooner in the development cycle zShorter projects at a lower cost zImproved, measurable productivity

6 Whats it like? zCustomizable – fits your process and tools zNew users pick it up easily zPower users have a myriad of features zFloating seat licenses zRole-based security zScalable from small to large teams

7 Plays well with others ApTest Manager Bug Tracking Revision Control Import/ Export via CSV

8 Typical project Reqs Tests Sets Sessions test subsets execution results............

9 Customization zEasily customized yWhat fields make up a Test Case xName, Format, Default Value yHow a Test Case is displayed xEditing, Executing, Reporting ySession Variables xCharacterize test environment H/W-S/W z Design your own gold standard configuration

10 System requirements zWindows, Linux, or MacOS zPerl zWeb Server, e.g. Apache, IIS zServer of moderate size (e.g. 2.8GHz P4) zServer does not have to be dedicated

11 Licensing/pricing zPurchase and run on your server yPer Seat floating licenses. Number of Seats limits number of logged in users. y$500/seat (quantity discounts) zHosted service too y$45/user/month

12 What customers say We love the use of your software, it's doing a lot to streamline our software development cycle. This is a great product. The support you offered has been magnificent, far better than I have seen from your competitors. I have been thoroughly impressed. AP Test Manager is a good product and I base this opinion on my 20 plus years in R&D, test management and testing. I've gotten good responses from the users - they really like the tool.

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