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Formula writing.

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1 Formula writing

2 Binary compounds Two elements only End in “ide”
Binary ionic-metal and nonmetal Binary molecular – 2 nonmetals

3 Binary ionic compounds
Group A metal – name normal Second element changed to an “ide” ending

4 Binary ionic compounds
CaCl2 Na2O AlBr3 BaS LiI Calcium chloride Sodium oxide Aluminum bromide  Barium Sulfide Lithium iodide

5 Binary molecular coumpounds
Always two nonmetals First nonmetal name normal Second nonmetal always ends in “ide” Must identify the numbers hanging down (subscripts)

6 Prefixes 1 Mono- 2 Di- 3 Tri- 4 Tetra- 5 Penta- 6 Hexa – 7 Hepta- 8
9 10 Mono- Di- Tri- Tetra- Penta- Hexa – Hepta- Octa- Nona- Deca-

7 Binary molecular compounds
N2O5 P203 SO3 PCl5 Carbon monoxide Dinitrogen pentoxide Diphosphorus trioxide Sulfur trioxide Phosphorus pentachloride

8 Binary ionic w/group B Still two elements Still a metal and nonmetal
First element from group B not A Still ends in “ide” Must name metal completely Must know all oxidation states of the metal

9 Binary group B PbCl2 PbCl4 CuCl CuCl2 Lead chloride Copper chloride

10 PbCl2 PbCl4 Lead (II) chloride Plumbous chloride Lead (IV) chloride
Plumbic chloride

11 CuCl CuCl2 Copper (I) chloride cuprous chloride Copper (II)chloride cupric chloride

12 CrO NiCl2 CoI3 FeBr2 SnO Chromous oxide Chromium (II) oxide Nickelous chloride Nickel (II) chloride Cobaltic iodide Cobalt (III) iodide Ferrous bromide Iron (II) bromide Stannous oxide Tin (II) oxide

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