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1 DESKTOP PUBLISHING an Introduction
The Advantages & Disadvantages

2 What is Desktop Publishing?
Desktop Publishing (DTP) The process of using the computer and specific types of software to combine text and graphics to produce documents such as newsletters, brochures, books, etc. WYSIWYG: “what you see is what you get” The display appears on the screen the same as it will print.

3 DTP Software Examples of DTP Applications: Microsoft Office Publisher
Adobe InDesign Adobe FrameMaker Adobe PageMaker QuarkXpress Corel Ventura Scribus Serif PagePlus

4 ISSUES THAT EFFECT Desktop Publishing
Things you should consider

5 THE FOUR MYTHS of Desktop Publishing
Desktop Publishing is Fast Desktop Publishing saves money Desktop Publishing is easy Desktop Publishing improves the look

6 ADVANTAGES of Desktop Publishing
Immediate Gratification Control Experimentation Quick and easy changes Saving on supplies SPELL CHECKERS! Current State of Publishing

7 LIMITATIONS of Desktop Publishing
Time needed for learning software System limitations Compatibility of files and equipment Initial Expense for equipment and software

8 STEPS in the Design Process
Conception: The creative phase. Application: Turning ideas into sketches. Feedback: Collect responses, opinions and suggestions. Adjustment: Adjusting the design. Production: Perfecting the design.

9 Publication Checklist
What is the purpose of your publication? Why is it needed? Who is the intended audience? What kind of information will your publication include?

10 Publication Checklist
What is the overall format? What kind of image do you want to project? What kinds of art and photography will be needed? How much art and photography will be needed?

11 Publication Checklist
How will the publication be reproduced? How will it be distributed? When is it needed? What is the budget?

12 Kinds of Documents Documents that persuade: Documents that inform:
Advertisements Invitations Fund Raisers Posters Press Releases Promotional Flyers Prospectuses Sales Brochures Documents that inform: Brochures Bulletins Curriculum Listings Fact Sheets Marketing Plans Products Lists Programs Rate Cards Specification Sheets

13 Kinds of Documents Documents that elicit response:
Documents that give how-to information: Curriculum Guides Instructional Manuals Training Guides Documents that elicit response: Applications Order Forms Surveys Documents that identify: Business Cards Certificates Labels Stationary

14 Kinds of Documents Documents that provide reference:
Calendars Directories Lists Parts Lists Schedules Timetables Periodicals that inform: Magazines Newsletters Newspapers Reports

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