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Insurance & Risk Management Along & Across Latin America

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1 Insurance & Risk Management Along & Across Latin America
RiskCo Ltd. Insurance & Risk Management Along & Across Latin America

2 AGENDA What is RiskCo Ltd. ? RiskCo Ltd. Philosophy.
RiskCo Ltd. Advantages. Services Rendered by RiskCo Ltd. RiskCo Ltd. Market Practices. Board & RiskCo Ltd. Facts & Figures. Directory & Country Information. ­Copyright RiskCo Ltd. 2013

WHAT IS RISKCO LTD. ? RiskCo Ltd. is the first and most important Independent Insurance Broker Network in Latin America. RiskCo Ltd., incorporated in Bahamas, is the only Network based on an equity partnership which offers services by direct and formal correspondent offices from Tijuana to Ushuaia. Prestige, Experience, International Operational Standards, Cutting Edge IT Systems, Distribution of Regional Programs and Local Service Action, have created a unique combination for the benefit of our clients. A TRULY CUSTOMER ORIENTED ORGANIZATION. ­Copyright RiskCo Ltd. 2013

To be the Latin American Insurance Gateway formed by the best Independent Insurance Brokers, focusing on the desires, needs and preferences of our clients, implementing High End Risk Management Programs across the region. VISION To continue to be the leading and most professional Independent Insurance Broker Network in Latin America. VALUES Ethics Experience Service Quality Transparency Loyalty ­Copyright RiskCo Ltd. 2013

5 RISKCO LTD. ADVANTAGES Our philosophy brings forth the close relationship that each partner has among all partners. This unique relationship provides for great advantage, which warranties a Unique Service Standard as each office acts as a branch of the Broker where our clients have their Headquarters. In order to optimize the treatment and evolution of risks we maintain a permanent presence with each of our clients. As a fully independent Network we have the freedom and flexibility to operate with the most adequate markets that meet the client's real needs. The result: excellent coordination & communication. In RiskCo Ltd. we do not report to New York, Chicago or London, we report in a transparent way to our Clients & Associated Brokers. ­Copyright RiskCo Ltd. 2013

6 SERVICES RENDERED Operating with the principal International, Regional and Local Insurers, RiskCo Ltd. offers its clients a complete Risk Management and Insurance Brokerage facility focusing on all phases of Asset protection, Income, Results and Liabilities. The intervention of an Integrated Network such as RiskCo will not increase the risk transfer cost, it will optimize it; the scales of economies will be achieved by a standardized professional approach for the treatment of risk. ­Copyright RiskCo Ltd. 2013

7 SERVICES RENDERED Risk / Loss Control Prevention.
Risk Inspections and Surveys. Integrated Risk Management Analysis. Local Optimal Support for International / Regional Insurance Programs. Taylor Made Design of Coverage Conditions for each Particular Case. Technical Assistance in the Asset Valuation System. Insurance Limits Updating. Set-Up of Sophisticated Employee Benefits and related Services. Insurance Audits. Mergers & Acquisitions Practice Formation & Administration of Affinity Groups. Claims Administration / TPA / Statistics & RMIS software. “One Stop Shop” Insurance Brokerage. Advice, Start Up & Administration of “Captives”. Facultative Reinsurance Support. ­Copyright RiskCo Ltd. 2013

PROPERTY (Industrial & Commercial Risks) CASUALTY (Industrial & Commercial Risks) LIABILITY (General / Products / Employers / Professional) MARINE CARGO (Import / Export / Domestic) MARINE HULL (Fishing Vessels / Yachts / Commercial) AVIATION (Commercial / Executive / Helicopters / Operators / Pilots) EMPLOYEE BENEFITS (Life / Health / Pools /Personal Accident / Travel /Pension) CONSTRUCTION – COMMERCIAL – INFRA-STRUCTURE - BOT PROJECTS D & O BONDS & CREDIT EXTENDED WARRANTY CELL PHONE REPLACEMENT PROGRAM CORPORATE RISK MANAGEMENT OIL & GAS (Upstream, Downstream & Equipment) SPECIAL RISKS (Jewelers Block / Contingency / Sports / Fine Arts / Kidnapping) ­Copyright RiskCo Ltd. 2013

GENERAL MANUFACTURING Chemical / Petrochemical / Pharma Food / Beverages Iron Steel / Metallurgic Auto Parts Textile Household Products ENERGY - ELECTRICITY Generation Transport Distribution OIL & GAS Upstream – Onshore / Offshore - Well Control Equipment Downstream INFRASTRUCTURE PROJECTS & PUBLIC SERVICES TELECOMMUNICATION ­Copyright RiskCo Ltd. 2013

10 RISK PROFILE Cement & construction materials
Exports of fresh fruits Hotels / tourism / leisure Banks & financial institutions Logistic & distribution Mining Shopping malls & supermarkets Auto dealers (renting & leasing) Trucks fleets with regional exposure Port authorities, stevedores Airports / handling services Security & armored service companies Professional mal praxis Contingency & prizes High end risk engineering ­Copyright RiskCo Ltd. 2013

11 RiskCo Coordination Office Key Contact Web Site
25 de Mayo 596 :: 3rd. Floor C1002ABL :: Buenos Aires Argentina Phone: Fax: Key Contact Nélida Casillas de Dalimier Web Site RiskCo Ltd. Key Facts & Figures Established in 2002 (RIMS New Orleans) 10 Shareholders and 8 Correspondents + 40 offices in the region experienced professionals in 18 Countries Almost US$ in premiums +700 Multinational / Regional Programs under Administration ­Copyright RiskCo Ltd. 2013

12 Board of Directors 2012 - 2014 General Secretary Ricardo J. Rosenthal
Chairman & CEO Renato Lilienfeld Enrique Acevedo Schwabe Vice Chairman COO Pablo L. Lorant CIO Rafael Avilés Ledergerber CFO Christian Blaser Director Sergio Hilgert Stavros Costarangos Diego Fernandez Ameglio Jaime Gabel Andrés Morales Carbo General Secretary Nélida Casillas de Dalimier ­Copyright RiskCo Ltd. 2013

25 de Mayo rd. Floor C1002ABL - Buenos Aires - Argentina phone: Fax: web: CONTACTS Ricardo J. Rosenthal Margarita Allen Timothy Maitland Heriot Patricia I. Poilischer Andrés Rothenberger Ariel M. Van Oostveldt PREMIUMS US$ HEAD COUNT 60+ OFFICES 2 ­Copyright RiskCo Ltd. 2013

Av. 6 de Agosto No (San Jorge) La Paz - Bolivia phone: fax: web: CONTACTS Gonzalo Kieffer Guzmán Michelle Kieffer Rodriguez PREMIUMS US$ HEAD COUNT 100+ OFFICES 3 ­Copyright RiskCo Ltd. 2013

15 BRAZIL EuroAmerica ­Copyright RiskCo Ltd. 2013
Rua Joaquim Floriano, º andar CEP São Paulo – SP – Brasil phone: fax: web: CONTACTS Sergio Hilgert Robert Sarkis Raquel Radomile PREMIUMS US$ HEAD COUNT 80+ OFFICES 1 ­Copyright RiskCo Ltd. 2013

Antonio Bellet 77 of. 301 Providencia – Santiago – Chile – ZIP phone: fax: web: CONTACTS Renato Lilienfeld Laura Bustamante PREMIUMS US$ HEAD COUNT 30+ OFFICES 1 ­Copyright RiskCo Ltd. 2013

17 COLOMBIA CORRECOL ­Copyright RiskCo Ltd. 2013
Calle 93 A Nro – 4th. Floor Santa Fe de Bogotá - Colombia phone: fax: web: CONTACTS Juan M. Acevedo Enrique Acevedo PREMIUMS US$ HEAD COUNT 200 OFFICES 7 ­Copyright RiskCo Ltd. 2013

Los Yoses, Calle 37 Av. 10 y 12 Apartado San José - Costa Rica phone: fax: web: CONTACT José Salgado Segura PREMIUMS US$ HEAD COUNT 9 OFFICES 1 ­Copyright RiskCo Ltd. 2013

Edifício V & M, 2nd. Floor Jacinto I. Mañon Nr. 48 Santo Domingo Dominican Republic phone: fax: web: CONTACTS Juan Franco Fernandez PREMIUMS US$ HEAD COUNT 30+ OFFICES 3 ­Copyright RiskCo Ltd. 2013

20 ECUADOR ECUAPRIMAS Ltd. ­Copyright RiskCo Ltd. 2013
Av. Carlos Julio Arosemena Km. 2 1/2 Guayaquil - Ecuador phone: (4)         fax: (4) web: CONTACTS Andrés Morales Carbo Rafael Aviles Ledergerber PREMIUMS US$ HEAD COUNT 200+ OFFICES 5 ­Copyright RiskCo Ltd. 2013

2ª. Avenida Zona 9, Nivel 2, Guatemala, C.A Guatemala phone: Voice IP web: CONTACT Mario Triay PREMIUMS US$ HEAD COUNT 14 OFFICES 1 ­Copyright RiskCo Ltd. 2013

22 MEXICO LORANT MMS ­Copyright RiskCo Ltd. 2013
Emerson No Col. Chapultepec Morales C.P , Miguel Hidalgo, México, D.F. phone: fax: web: CONTACTS Tomás Lorant Pablo Lorant PREMIUMS US$ HEAD COUNT 280+ OFFICES 9 ­Copyright RiskCo Ltd. 2013

23 NICARAGUA CORREDURIA R&M ­Copyright RiskCo Ltd. 2013
Camino de Oriente Modulo B-2 Managua Nicaragua phone: fax: CONTACT Rodrigo Robelo PREMIUMS US$ HEAD COUNT 9 OFFICES 1 ­Copyright RiskCo Ltd. 2013

24 PANAMA PADECO SEGUROS ­Copyright RiskCo Ltd. 2013
Calle Guatemala, El Cangrejo Plaza Dorchester, Planta Baja Panamá, República de Panamá phone: fax: web: CONTACTS Stavros Costarangos David Perez PREMIUMS US$ HEAD COUNT 39 OFFICES 1 ­Copyright RiskCo Ltd. 2013

25 PARAGUAY MUJICA SEGUROS ­Copyright RiskCo Ltd. 2013
Nuestra Señora de la Asunción No – esquina Lugano Asunción Paraguay Phone / fax: web: CONTACTS Tito Mujica PREMIUMS US$ HEAD COUNT 11 OFFICES 1 ­Copyright RiskCo Ltd. 2013

26 PERU GABEL SEGUROS ­Copyright RiskCo Ltd. 2013
Av. Javier Prado Oeste  N° 2344 San Isidro Lima - Perú phone: fax: web: CONTACTS Jaime Gabel Rubén Gabel PREMIUMS US$ HEAD COUNT 55 OFFICES 1 ­Copyright RiskCo Ltd. 2013

27 URUGUAY MAKLER ROU S.A. ­Copyright RiskCo Ltd. 2013
Plaza Independencia 822 – Suíte 1102 Montevideo Uruguay phone: fax: web: CONTACT Diego Fernandez Ameglio PREMIUMS US$ HEAD COUNT 10 OFFICES 1 ­Copyright RiskCo Ltd. 2013

28 VENEZUELA ASEGURE S.A. ­Copyright RiskCo Ltd. 2013
Edificio Oficentro San Bernardino - Caracas Venezuela phone: fax: web: CONTACTS Herbert Abaecherli Christian Blaser PREMIUMS US$ HEAD COUNT 80+ OFFICES 2 ­Copyright RiskCo Ltd. 2013

Colonia Alameda, Edificio Cruz Segundo nivel Tegucigalpa, Honduras. phone: web: CONTACTS Olban Valladares PREMIUMS US$ HEAD COUNT 48 OFFICES 2 ­Copyright RiskCo Ltd. 2013

Calle El Mirador # 5335  Colonia Escalón, San Salvador El Salvador, C.A. phone: Fax: web: CONTACTS Ernesto Cano PREMIUMS US$ HEAD COUNT 13 OFFICES 1 ­Copyright RiskCo Ltd. 2013

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