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Facts About the AP Biology Exam

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1 Facts About the AP Biology Exam

2 Structure of Test 3 Hours long Divided into two sections
Section I multiple choice questions Section II--4 Essay questions

3 Section I 100 multiple choice questions
45 seconds per question 80 minutes to answer 100 questions 3 parts Regular multiple choice questions Matching questions Questions dealing with experiments or data

4 Section II 4 Essay questions 10 minute reading period
90 minutes to answer all 4 essays 22 minutes per essay

5 Section I--- 58 multiple choice questions
Example: If a segment of DNA reads 5’-ATG-CCA-GCT-3’, the mRNA strand that results will be (A) 3’-TAC-GGT-CGA-5’ (B) 3’-UAC-AGT-CAA-5’ (C) 3’-TAA-GCU-CGA-5’ (D) 3’-UAC-GCU-CGA-5’

6 Section I-- Experiments or data
Given a diagram and multiple choice questions about diagram Common sense/ logical deduction more useful than strict science

7 Section II 4 free response essays
Divided into parts--vary in difficulty Questions Area 1: Molecules and cells Area 2: Heredity and Evolution Area 3: Organisms and populations

8 Sample Free Response Enzymes are biological catalysts
A. Relate the chemical structure of an enzyme to its catalytic activity and specificity B. Design an experiment that investigates the influence of temperature, substrate concentration, or pH on the activity of an enzyme C. Describe what information concerning enzyme structure could be inferred from the experiment you have designed

9 Scoring Maximum points Section I-100 pts
60% of grade Maximum points Section II- 40 pts 10 pts per essay question 40% of grade Raw scores translated into composite scores---then to AP number grade 1-5

10 Example (Raw score for section I)=(Number answered correctly)-(Number wrong÷4) Convert raw score to composite score (Composite score of section I=0.75x(Raw score for Section I) (Raw score for section II)=(Points for essay 1)+(Points for essay 2)+(Points for essay 3)+(Points for essay 4) (Composite score for section II)=1.5 x(Raw score for section II)

11 ETS Grading System AP Grade Comment Composite score 82-135 5
Extremely well qualified 63-81 4 Well Qualified 47-62 3 Qualified 29-46 2 Possibly Qualified 0-28 1 No recommendation

12 Strategy 1: Pace Yourself!
Take your time--do not need to answer every question--mistakes accounted for Go for questions you know skip the ones you don’t To get score Section I Section II 1 25 2 to 3 essays 2 40 3 essays 3 60 3 to 4 essays 4 85 4 essays 5 100

13 Strategy 2: Three-Pass System
Perfect score- do not have to answer every question Skip most difficult questions Easiest questions first Medium questions second pass Hard question last pass WATCH THE BUBBLES!

14 Strategy 3: Process of Elimination (POE)
The structure that act as the sites of gas exchange in a woody stem are the Lungs Gills Lenticels Ganglia Lentil beans

15 Strategy 4: Aggressive Guessing
4 wrong answers = Loss of 1 point Eliminate 2 answer choices--guess

16 Strategy 5: Word Associations
Know your science vocabulary Help you to narrow down choices

17 Strategy 6: Mnemonics King Phillip of German came over for great spagetti Kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, species

18 Strategy 7: EXCEPT questions
10 percent -Except/Not/Least Wrong--Least correct Cross of the ones that apply to question

19 Strategy 8: ETS Essay ETS readers looking for hot button terms= points
Read each question 2x 10 minute period- brainstorm write down key terms Outline essay using key terms If asks for 2 examples--give just 2 examples Use diagrams but must label correctly

20 Signal Words Description- detailed verbal picture”just the facts”--not opinions Discussion-conversation among ideas Explain-take something complicated and make it more clear--simpler terms Compare- answer that is focused on similarities between 2 things Contrast- answer emphasizing differences

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