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Company Overview.

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1 Company Overview

2 Company Specialize in computer access software for the visually-impaired Founded in 1987 Flagship product – ZoomText World’s best selling computer screen magnification and reading software Based in Manchester, Vermont 100,000 Customers in 40 Countries Sold through 310 worldwide dealers Confidential & Proprietary

3 Visual Impairment Assistive Technology Market
A recent Microsoft and Forrester Research study concluded 46 million Americans (27% of the US population) have some sort of visual impairment Approximately 57% of US computer users (ages 18-64) would benefit from some form of assistive technology due to mild to severe difficulties or impairments Confidential & Proprietary

4 Benefits of Screen Magnification & Screen Reading
Reduces Eye Strain and Vision Fatigue of heavy computer users Provides Computer Access to computer users who are severely vision impaired Allows users to be productive employees Confidential & Proprietary

5 Products ZoomText Magnifier ZoomText Magnifier/Reader ZoomText USB
ZoomText Large-Print Keyboard ZoomText Enhanced Support Plan ZoomText Express Confidential & Proprietary

6 ZoomText Magnifier 1x – 36x magnification levels 9 zoom window types
Color, pointer and cursor enhancements Tracks all on-screen activity Web, Desktop and Text Finders “xFont” advanced text magnification Dual monitor support Full support for scripting Confidential & Proprietary

7 ZoomText Magnifier/Reader
All the features of ZoomText Magnifier, plus… Complete screen and document reading Human-sounding synthesizer Reads all on-screen text and events Echoes typing by character and word Reads documents, web pages, Confidential & Proprietary

8 ZoomText USB Access on any computer Portable and Always within Reach
Plug-and-Play license management Take Your Settings with You Single User and Multi User Pricing Options Confidential & Proprietary

9 Large Print Keyboard Easy to See 18 programmable feature keys
Large 36-point text, high contrast lettering 18 programmable feature keys Access your favorite ZoomText, Internet and multimedia commands Available in 2 high contrast color schemes “Black on Yellow” “White on Black” Confidential & Proprietary

10 ZoomText Express Affordable screen magnifier Magnifies up to 2x
Color, pointer and cursor enhancements Tracks all on-screen activity “xFont” advanced text magnification Confidential & Proprietary

11 Platforms Supports Windows 2000, XP, & Vista (incl 64-bit)
Browsers: IE 5-7, Firefox Supports 20 International Languages Confidential & Proprietary

12 Primary Markets Markets: Countries: Corporations, government agencies
Schools, libraries, end-users Countries: North America, South America, Europe South Africa, Australia, New Zealand Japan, Taiwan, China Israel, India, United Arab Emirates Confidential & Proprietary

13 Summary Leading computer screen magnifier and reading software worldwide Best software to assist users with visual impairment Helps users with eye strain and vision fatigue Improves employee productivity 10% to 20% Confidential & Proprietary

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