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Capability Statement For the Integrated Operations and Analysis Laboratory HPN Software Consultant, Inc. Houston, Texas April 7, 2006.

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1 Capability Statement For the Integrated Operations and Analysis Laboratory HPN Software Consultant, Inc. Houston, Texas April 7, 2006

2 HPN CONFIDENTIAL HPN The Company Established June 2003 by Ms. Heidi Nguyen –Focus on virtual reality and 3D visualization/simulation enabling technologies Current computing technologies (Internet, DBMS, user interfaces, network, etc.) Combined Over 30 Years Experience in NASA/JSC Environment 8a Qualified in February 2004 Address –18519 Egret Bay Boulevard - Suite 1509 –Houston, Texas 77059

3 HPN CONFIDENTIAL Baseline Main Support for the QUEST Innovations Lab (QUIL) –Mission Control Center/Systems (MCC and MCCS) Operations Research and Strategic Development Branch (DV3) of Mission Operations Directorate (MOD) Responsibilities –Identify and evaluate advanced technologies to enhance/upgrade MCC/MCCS operations Software and hardware (networking, workstation, security, data storage, communications, etc. –Implementation and maintenance

4 HPN CONFIDENTIAL Baseline.. –Research and develop new more immersive technologies into MCC New concept 3D simulation and modeling Virtual reality and other immersive visualization technologies –Head-mounted displays, tactile feedback devices, motion tracking, etc. Digital Virtual Human (Patent Award 2004) Human factors and biomechanics analysis of advanced technologies –Human-in-the-Loop applications/simulations –Robonaut applications

5 HPN CONFIDENTIAL Main Contracts Mission Control Center Systems Technology Evaluation - NNJ04HE39B –2004 - 2006 ($200 K) –Phases I and II to evaluate enhancing technologies for MCC operations (visualization and infrastructure) NASA STTR Phase I - JSC - NNJ06JD85C –February 2006 - February 2007 ($100K) –Advanced 3D Human Simulation Components with Thermal/Haptic Feedback and Tissue Deformation NASA STTR Phase II - JSC - NNJ055JE76C –June 2005 - June 2007 ($600 K) –Investigation of Virtual Digital Human and Robotic Device Technology Merger Complemented by Haptics and Autostereoscopic Displays NASA/JSC SBIR Phase I - FY2004/2005 ($70 K) JPL Simulation Modeling Project - FY2004/2005 ($40 K)

6 HPN CONFIDENTIAL HPN Keys Ms. Heidi Nguyen - President/Owner –Commercial and government experience Graphical User Interface (GUI) applications over 10 years –Most recent NASA projects in MCC GUI prototypes and templates 2D and 3D computer animation Contribution to the patented VDH Operational assistance to MCC and QUEST Labs –BS - Computer Science - University of Houston

7 HPN CONFIDENTIAL HPN Keys.. Mr. Lac Nguyen - Chief Technology Officer –Systems and technical manager of QUIL facilities (and HPN) Advanced hardware/software evaluations and integration for MCC –2D and 3D graphics programming development QUIL infrastructure network and security –Established prominence in immersive 3D hardware interfaces and VR programming Augmented and virtual reality implementations –VDH –Collaborative-Virtual Environment Simulation Toolkit –BS - Physics - University of Houston


9 HPN CONFIDENTIAL Subcontractor Unit Montgomery Research Inc. –Dr. Kevin Montgomery - 701 A Welch Road, Suite 1128 Palo Alto, California 94304 –Development of time-delay algorithm concepts –Simulated tissue deformation for the VDH CM Research –Mr. Mike Zerkus - 2437 Bay Area Blvd. #234, Houston, TX 77058 –Development of tactile and thermal feedback devices for QUIL and HPN

10 HPN CONFIDENTIAL Subcontractor Unit.. OpticFlex Technologies –Mr. Young Harvill - 522 Avenue Cabrillo, Half Moon Bay, CA 94019 –Development of wireless version of motion tracking/capture devices Segment or full-body tracking

11 HPN CONFIDENTIAL HPN Strategy for June 1, 2006 Discreet Transition by HPN Retention of All Incumbent Staff for IGOAL Operations –Ms. Janet Way –Ms. Cheynne McKeegan –Mr. Shonn Everett –Mr. Mark Manning No Significant Transition Support Needed –Seamless flow of operation between old and new Successful support of employee transition (no subcontracts) to HPN Retention of current B9 development lab/facilities


13 HPN CONFIDENTIAL Modular Replacement I.Software Development/Maintenance & Support –Heidi Nguyen (10+ years experience) Software Development - 3.1 Software Deliveries –Enigma and IGL C++/OpenGL II.System Administration –Lac Nguyen (15+ years experience) System Administration - 3.2 Systems Administration Support Support and Maintenance - 3.5 Demonstrations and 3.3 Visual Documentation

14 HPN CONFIDENTIAL Modular Replacement.. –L.Nguyen (cont.d) Infrastructure –Unix/Linux/X Windows –Microsoft Windows OS –Networking/security III. Animation/Modeling –Mr. Hung Tran (5 years experience) Animation and Modeling Support - 3.4 Model Building –Enigma (NASA 3D Model builder) WaveFront/3D StudioMax/Maya BS - Computer Science - University of Houston

15 HPN CONFIDENTIAL Modular Replacement... IV. Software Algorithm Development/Advanced Concept Development and Animation & Modeling Support –Dr. Simon Su (8+ years experience) Development of Software Algorithms and Advanced Concept Modeling –IGL and Enigma Developing 3D computer graphics/algorithms for University of Nevada - Las Vegas C++/OpenGL/VRTools/C-VEST PhD - Computer Science - University of Houston –Dr. Tim Saito (backup role) Also 3.6 Training and 3.7 Documentation

16 HPN CONFIDENTIAL Contingency Resources Talent from Local Environments –JSC community Immediate Access to Pool of Reserves –University of Houston Alumni Software and other engineering disciplines Current skilled co-op students –Houston Arts Academy –Houston members of IEEE Society

17 HPN CONFIDENTIAL Capability Lucid Understanding of Problems and Needs of NASA/JSC Arena –In depth and long term experience –Shared vision and goals with IGOAL/NASA Advanced mission visualization for ISS, STS, CEV, manned and unmanned space exploration, and more Mutual Relationship with IGOAL –Mission and processes to support AR&SD –Reciprocal interactions between IGOAL administrators and HPN president and CTO

18 HPN CONFIDENTIAL Capability.. Ability to Integrate Incumbents into the HPN Operations –Established rapport with incumbents –HPN favorable history with NASA/JSC Comparable Path to Contiguity –Maintenance of Length-of-Service/seniority Vacation, sick leave, maternity, etc. 1.1 week sick leave 2.10 holidays 3.Up to 3 weeks vacation –Negotiated incentives track similar to previous contractor and acceptable to IGOAL 1.401K plan with 50% fund matching

19 HPN CONFIDENTIAL Capability... Current HPN Health Coverage –Limited fringe benefits package HPN small workforce –No necessity to provide broad coverage Comparable, If Not, Same Healthcare Benefits –Provision of coverage incumbents accustomed to No degradation in benefits –Investigating new progressive healthcare vendors 1. PPO medical plan with vision and dental coverage

20 HPN CONFIDENTIAL Closing Primary Objective –Potential for seamless operational readiness effective June 1, 2006 –Expansion and commercialization –Mutual advantage for teaming IGOAL HPN NASA/JSC Questions & Answers

21 HPN CONFIDENTIAL Tim Saito Texas A&M University –BS - Computer Science/Biology (double major) –MS - CS (with medical school hours) Baylor College of Medicine –PhD - Structural Computational Biology and Molecular Biophysics –MD - Oncology (Pediatric and Geriatric) UTMB/Texas Childrens Hospital –Resident - Oncological Genomics and Gene Therapy

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