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AI/Scripting Jon uber Lao Jason PWN0R Wong Nathan Britton.

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1 AI/Scripting Jon uber Lao Jason PWN0R Wong Nathan Britton

2 AI Balance Difficulties Game AI creates the illusion of intelligent behavior Anything intelligent is motivated by their environment Assumptions about Environment ->Game design ideas

3 The World Why robots killing stuffs Buried Ancient Civilization Metal remnants scattered throughout the land Humans are the pot holes on the road.

4 AI Scutz Scrappers Raiders Open Steer

5 Scutz Basic Enemy – size of VW Bug Behavior: Scavengers/Workers Goal: Clearing forests for excavating ruins

6 Scrappers HUGE, slow, heavily armored. Single-track mind: destroy buildings Gathering resources from debris Weak point and risk

7 Raiders Combat oriented Intelligent, aggressive(pursues player) Lead and defend other robots (Scutz)

8 Scrapper Algorithm Serial Seeking

9 Scutz Algorithm Wander

10 Scot Algorithm Flee

11 Raider Algorithm Pursuit

12 . Raider Algorithm Lead Swarm

13 Open Steer Open source C++ steering library Toolkit of steering behaviors Sample Codes OpenSteerDemo Framework Windows, Linux, OSX support Demo

14 Scripting Interpreted (not-compiled) for fast prototyping Python vs Lua

15 Python Pros: Open Source Powerful Bound w/Ogre SDK Cons: Very Large Python-Ogre binding requires more software

16 Lua Pros: Open Source Small, lightweight Cons: Out of date documentation Start w/nothing

17 Python We take care of the complexity for you! Python up and running in 10 minutes Ability to pull directly from Ogre

18 Questions?

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