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Pharmanex Product Training.

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1 Pharmanex Product Training

2 OverDrive: Sports Dietary Supplement
Specially formulated to enhance performance and recovery with physical exercise. Sports Nutrition.

3 OverDrive New Name New Formula New Packaging New Labelling
More Complete Achieve fitness goals Overcome fatigue Overcome slow recovery rate Overcome pain

4 OverDrive: Before Exercise
Body’s metabolic processes require vitamins & minerals for day to day activities. Athletic activity increases the need for these same vitamins & minerals. “Staleness” OverDrive Scientifically formulated Provides additional nutritional support for exercise Combination of herbs, minerals & vitamins

5 OverDrive: Before Exercise
Ensures your body has all necessary nutrients it will need during exercise. Prevents depletion of existing nutrient stores. Provides antioxidants to prevent free radicals damage. Betacarotene Vitamin E (natural) Vitamin C Citrus Bioflavonoids Grape Seed Extract SELENIUM

6 OverDrive: During Exercise
We need energy for muscles movement. Glycogen – Glucose – Energy – Muscle Movement. Ability to break down glycogen for energy. OverDrive provides essential vitamins & minerals for muscle exercise.

7 OverDrive: During Exercise
Thiamin (B1) Riboflavin (B2) Niacin (B3) Pyridoxine (B6) Vitamin (B12) Magnesium FOLIC ACID Antioxidants Chromium

8 OverDrive: After Exercise
Rapid recovery – failure to recover results in poor athletic performance. OverDrive - specially formulated to reduce recovery time. Free radicals – generated from exercise. OverDrive – supplies antioxidants. Inflammation of tissues & muscle soreness. OverDrive – assists in reducing aches & pains.

9 OverDrive: After Exercise
What are Proteolytic Enzymes? Bromelain Papain Support & maintain healthy cells. American Journal of Physiology. Supports post-exercise well-being.

10 OverDrive: Advantage No products compete with OverDrive
Complete and bioavailable Before, during and after exercise Achieve fitness goals, overcome fatigue, slow recovery rate and pain

11 OverDrive: Nutritional Facts
Australian Facts Physical inactivity responsible for 7% total burden of disease in Australia. Only 50-60% regularly exercise. Proportion of physical inactivity increased 15% of the total population.

12 OverDrive: Clinical Studies
References Pharmanex Web Site - PubMed Web Site -

13 OverDrive: Recommended Adult Usage
According to your body weight and the length of time of your workout. Women who are pregnant or are lactating, and people with know medical conditions, should consult a physician prior to taking supplements. Keep out of reach of children.

14 OverDrive: Q&A Who should take this product?
Anyone interested in sports nutrition, or anyone with an active lifestyle. Can I take OverDrive with LifePak? Yes. OverDrive is an appropriate supplement to take with LifePak. Does OverDrive contain any substances that are banned by the International Olympic Committee (IOC)? 1 March 2000, no Pharmanex product contains substances that are listed as banned by the IOC on its list of prohibited classes of substances.

15 OverDrive: Marketing Material
Pharmanex Brochure (5 pk) $8.00 Pharmanex Cap (ea) $12.95 Power of Wisdom & Knowledge Video (ea) $7.50 Pharmanex Pill Box (ea) $3.00 OverDrive Brochure (5 pk) $5.00

16 OverDrive: Summary New Formula Exercise Performance and Recovery
Selenium Folic Acid Exercise Before During After Performance and Recovery

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