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Pharmanex Product Training.

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1 Pharmanex Product Training

2 LifePak: Complete Dietary Supplement
LifePak is a comprehensive supplement providing complete nutritional support for the improvement of general well-being. LifePak offers recognisable benefits to your health. Add Life To Your Years!

3 LifePak: 5 Important Components
Phytonutrients Antioxidants Vitamins Minerals Trace Elements

4 LifePak: 5 Important Components
Phytonutrients: chemical compounds unique to plants. Lutein – potent antioxidant assists in general well-being. Lycopene – offers antioxidant benefits. Grape Seed Extract – helps neutralise harmful free radicals. Bioflavonoids – assists in maintenance of general well-being. Isoflavones – phytoestrogens that show great promise in supporting men and women’s health.

5 LifePak: 5 Important Components
Antioxidants: fight free radical damage to cells. Green Tea Extract – very powerful antioxidant, equiv. 4 cups of green tea brewed. Carotenoids Lutein Lycopene Copper, Zinc, Selenium, Manganese (antioxidant co-factors) activate body’s internal antioxidant system.

6 LifePak: 5 Important Components
Vitamins: organic compounds vital for life and indispensable to body function. Complete spectrum B-vitamins Folic acid Biotin Essential vitamins

7 LifePak: 5 Important Components
Minerals: natural or inorganic – essential minerals required in amounts greater than 5mg. Co-factors in metabolic body functions. Complete spectrum of bioavailable minerals. Chelated minerals. Iron, Selenium, Magnesium, Chromium, Copper, Iodine, Potassium, Zinc, Manganese, Calcium. Complete bone nutrients.

8 LifePak: 5 Important Components
Trace Elements: natural or inorganic – essential but required in the body in amounts less than 5mg. Good for bone health, muscle contraction, production of red blood cells, nerve function and help in the prevention of diabetes.

9 LifePak: Improved Formula
More Vitamins: Betacarotene (A), Riboflavine (B2), Inositol, Alpha-lipoic acid. More Minerals: Calcium, Magnesium. More Trace Elements: Chromium, Iodine, Manganese, Molybdenum. More Phytonutrients: Lutein, Lycopene, Green Tea, Grape Seed Extract.

10 LifePak: 7 Major Health Benefits
Provides powerful nutrients with alpha-lipoic acid plus 20 protective nutrients that help against DNA attack from free radicals.

11 LifePak: DNA Attack A Antioxidants are good for your body as they “catch” bad free radicals before they can hurt us.

12 LifePak: Extent of DNA Damage
73,000 DNA damage events per cell every day! DNA repair enzymes, fix most of the damage

13 LifePak: Mitochondria
“The Perpetrators” 2-5% of the oxygen used by mitochondria is diverted to produce free radicals!

14 LifePak: Alpha-Lipoic Acid
“The Universal Antioxidant” augments the body’s entire antioxidant network, including glutathione & coenzyme Q10 ability to neutralise many different free radicals crosses blood-brain barrier (protects nervous system) directly and indirectly reduces DNA damage best mitochondrial antioxidant important antioxidant that helps recycle other antioxidants to help fight fat-soluble and water-soluble free radical attacks

15 LifePak: Green Tea Most powerful polyphenol antioxidant
New ingredient, green tea extract, (equivalent to 4 cups of green tea), another powerful antioxidant

16 LifePak: 7 Major Health Benefits
Delivers cardiovascular support with natural vitamin E and B-vitamins, and a full spectrum of antioxidant phytonutrients.

17 LifePak: Cardiovascular Benefits
Over 20 Antioxidants: protect blood lipids (LDL) from oxidation by free radicals Oxidized LDL clings to artery lining, causing plaque build-up Artery

18 LifePak: Cardiovascular Benefits
Antioxidants: protect blood lipids from (LDL) from oxidation by free radicals Calcium and Magnesium: maintain normal blood pressure & heart rhythm B-Vitamins: maintain normal (low) blood homocysteine Flavonoids: promote blood circulation (platelet aggregation and microcirculation)

19 LifePak: 7 Major Health Benefits
Addresses all common vitamin, mineral and trace element deficiencies with highly bioavailable and well-tolerated nutrients in the most appropriate dosages.

20 LifePak: 7 Major Health Benefits
Provides full spectrum nutritional support for the immune system with vitamins A, C, E, B6, zinc, and a carotenoid blend.

21 LifePak: Immune Benefits
Key Immune Nutrients Vitamin A Vitamin C Vitamin E Vitamin B6 Zinc Selenium These nutrients have been shown to improve immunity of populations at risk of deficiencies.

22 LifePak: 7 Major Health Benefits
Provides complete bone nutrition with calcium, magnesium, vitamin D and many other bone nutrients. Soy isoflavones regulate Ca metabolism.

23 LifePak: Bone Nutrients
Bone Mass Age (years)

24 LifePak: Bone Mineralisation

25 LifePak: 7 Major Health Benefits
Supports normal blood sugar metabolism and insulin function.

26 LifePak: Blood Sugar & Insulin
LifePak promotes normal blood sugar, glucose tolerance and insulin metabolism Chromium essential for normal insulin function most diets are low in chromium (<50 mcg/day) Vitamin C Vitamin E Alpha-Lipoic Acid Magnesium Zinc

27 LifePak: 7 Major Health Benefits
Promotes general well-being.

28 LifePak: Clinical Studies
Abstracts Double-blind, placebo-controlled study of the effects of LifePak on antioxidant status, free radical activity and resistance to LDL-oxidation (low density lipoprotein). Abstract published in FASEB J. 13(4): A546 (cross-over study). The effects of a nutritionally complete dietary supplement (LifePak) on antioxidant status and LDL-oxidation. Significantly increased antioxidant status, reduced serum alkenals, and improved LDL resistance to oxidation.

29 LifePak: Clinical Studies
Pharmanex Web Site - PubMed Web Site -

30 LifePak: Recommended Adult Usage
One bag twice daily with meals Meals enhance absorption (vitamins) and improve tolerance (minerals). Twice daily promotes steady nutrient delivery, eg, plasma levels of vitamin B6: 7:30 AM 6:30 PM

31 LifePak: Q&A Who should take this product?
Anyone concerned with optimal health. I have experienced nausea with taking LifePak, is this normal? These symptoms are called Transitory Adaptation symptoms and you can experience a number of symptoms ranging from headache, upset stomach, constipation, fever, rashes, etc. This is because your body is getting use the idea of having all these nutrients your body never had before. 6-8 weeks is recommended for perseverance. Can people with lactose intolerance take LifePak? LifePak does not contain any ingredient derived from dairy products; therefore, it is milk and lactose free.

32 LifePak: Marketing Material
Pharmanex Brochure (5 pk) $8.00 Pharmanex Cap (ea) $12.95 Power of Wisdom & Knowledge Video (ea) $7.50 Pharmanex Pill Box (ea) $3.00 LifePak/Jungamals LifePak Brochure (5 pk) $6.50 LifePak Video (ea) $7.00 LifePak Challenge Brochure (5 pk) $4.50 LifePak Magnet (5 pk) $8.50

33 LifePak: Summary Complete Daily Dietary Supplement
5 Components in the Formula Antioxidants Vitamins & Minerals Trace Minerals Phytonutrients Scientific Formulation 7 Major Health Benefits Antioxidant protection Cardiovascular support Address nutrient deficiencies Immune system support Complete bone nutrients Blood sugar and insulin support General health and well-being

34 Jungamals LifePak for Kids: Complete Dietary Supplement

35 Jungamals LifePak for Kids: Recommended Usage
Children 2 to 4 years, chew 1 tablet daily. Children 4 years and older, chew 3 tablets daily. Children with know medical conditions, should consult a physician prior to taking supplements. Keep out of reach of children.

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