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AMSOIL Dealer Guerilla Marketing Attack!

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1 AMSOIL Dealer Guerilla Marketing Attack!
AMSOIL University 2007

2 Definition Guerilla Marketing is;
A body of unconventional ways of pursuing conventional goals, such as profits and joy, with unconventional methods, such as investing energy instead of money. It is a proven method of achieving profits with minimum money.

3 Course Outline Traits Of AMSOIL Guerilla Marketers Patience
Aggressiveness Imagination Sensitivity Ego Strength Basic Training For AMSOIL Guerilla Marketer’s AMSOIL Dealer Tactics To Consider Direct Marketing AMSOIL Dealer Style Marketing Myths

4 Course Outline Traits Of AMSOIL Guerilla Marketers Patience
Aggressiveness Imagination Sensitivity Ego Strength Basic Training For AMSOIL Guerilla Marketer’s AMSOIL Dealer Tactics To Consider Direct Marketing AMSOIL Dealer Style Marketing Myths

5 Trait #1-Patience Of the five traits, if patience is not the most important, it is at least tied for first. If you are like me, you may not feel that you are a patient person. But, this is a personality trait that you must develop if you are to launch a successful marketing attack. Why is this trait so important? Let’s take a look at the following:

6 Sending Your Message How many times must a prospect see your message before becoming a customer? How many times must a prospect be exposed to your marketing message before it registers with them? How many times do you need to put your message out there in order to make those nine impressions? Nine! Three! Twenty-seven!

7 Trait #2-Aggressiveness
Earns a first place tie with patience as the most important characteristic of a guerilla marketer. You can be a; Social wallflower Hide behind the potted palm at parties Unable to look even a kitten in the eye But when it comes to marketing, you have to be a TIGER.

8 Aggressiveness The marketing world is extremely competitive.
You need to; Think aggressively Spend aggressively Market aggressively If your competitors don’t hate you, they had at least better fear you. They should fear that you’ll out market them at every turn.

9 What Does Being Aggressive Mean?
It means…. Learning all the marketing weapons that can be used. Seeing to it that all those marketing weapons are used. Using the marketing weapons consistently and more effectively each year. Knowing that you are truly being aggressive in marketing, using more marketing weapons than ever before.

10 What Does Being Aggressive Mean?
It means…. Knowing that you are truly being aggressive in marketing, using more marketing weapons than ever before. Having your competitors think of you as aggressive, as gaining new customers on all fronts. Constantly thinking about marketing.

11 Trait #3-Imagination This is not the ability to paint or draw or make up stories. We are speaking of imagination as it relates to your; Marketing message Research Competitive intelligence Placement of signs Selection of media Allocation of marketing funds

12 Marketing Tip Guerrillas must have the initiative to be self-starters, to set goals, and to manage their own time. They are comfortable approaching strangers, secure in their self-esteem, and anxious to share the benefits to the prospect. If you're not this way: pretend. In 30 days, it will be you.

13 For Example A person notices, from his customer questionnaires, that a disproportionate number of them drive Porsches. He rents a list of Porsche owners in his community, direct mails to them and breaks the bank. How often have you seen a sign for a competitive fast food business placed right next to one of their competitors locations? This is imagination at work.

14 Imagine All The People…
Remember, imagination in this context means marketing ideas rather than single efforts. Imagination is more important than originality. Caution: Be careful when exercising your imagination. Don’t get too cute. More on this later.

15 Trait #4-Sensitivity Be sensitive to 360 degrees of reality.
Be extremely sensitive to the marketplace. Be ultra-sensitive to competitive activity and plans. Obviously, be sensitive to your customers and prospects. Try to develop a “sixth sense” as to their needs. Be sensitive to your geographic area. What works in New York probably might not work in St. Louis.

16 Don’t Get Too Cute Develop a sensitivity to cleverness.
Then examine every part of your marketing and eliminate every trace of it. Cleverness is the enemy of the AMSOIL Guerilla Marketer. Cleverness makes people remember the marketing and not the message. Remember, the purpose of marketing is to create desire to buy, to sell products on a repeat basis.

17 The Buying Public Is Smart
Develop a sensitivity to your public. In the past, a popular myth was the belief that the buying public was as smart as a typical twelve-year-old. The public is as smart as your mother! And you know she is no dummy.

18 Trait #5-Ego Strength This does not mean that you should be egotistical, conceited or self-centered. You must believe in AMSOIL products enough that you are not self-conscious about marketing. This does not seem to be a problem in this room! But again, keep your Personal Group Dealers in mind!

19 Let’s Review The 5 Traits
Patience Aggressiveness Imagination Sensitivity Ego Strength Guerilla Marketing is not just an exercise. It is a battle! There are winners and losers. Now you know the personality traits of the winners.

20 Marketing Thoughts AMSOIL Marketing Guerrillas have learned that the best time to market is when they don’t need any more business. They know that the best source of new clients is old clients and that the best marketing is characterized by quality and not quantity. They realize that their best marketing vehicle, and least expensive, is a satisfied customer. And they know that the two best ways to measure their marketing are by customer retention and by profits, both a part of each other.

21 Course Outline Basic Training For AMSOIL Guerilla Marketer’s
Traits Of AMSOIL Guerilla Marketers Patience Aggressiveness Imagination Sensitivity Ego Strength Basic Training For AMSOIL Guerilla Marketer’s AMSOIL Dealer Tactics To Consider Direct Marketing AMSOIL Dealer Style Marketing Myths

22 What Does Marketing Do? Marketing is supposed to create a desire to buy products and services. Marketing is simply the truth made interesting and communicated to all interested parties. Yet, it is easy to spot many marketing messages that create absolutely no desire to buy anything. Marketing is perceived to by many to be somewhat like wizardry. What is wrong?

23 What’s Happening? Many people assume that people know more than they do. People do know a great deal, but few know a great deal about marketing. Books and college addressed to MBA candidates are woefully weak on the basics of marketing. Basics 101-Be clear with your message! Example: Anyone bought a computer lately? How clear was any marketing message as to bits and bytes?

24 Image Is Everything…Or Is It?
When a company markets it’s image and the public sees that the company is not exactly what it represents itself to be, the public feels ripped off. This doesn’t happen if a company communicates their identity. When a company communicates its honest identity in marketing, the public sees that the company is exactly what it holds itself up to be.

25 What is AMSOIL’s identity?
“The First in Synthetics”

26 Marketing Tip Target your geographical area Be sure to consider the many established magazines and newspapers that offer regional, metropolitan, and zoned editions-geographically targeted to your specific audience. Cable and satellite-delivered programming in small geographic areas has brought the cost of TV marketing down to all -time low prices.

27 What Is The Key? Don’t decide between identity or traditional marketing. Blend both! This is the key. Blending powerful identity ads with specific selling points. This hammers home particular and unique selling points.

28 Example Bounce Fabric Softener: First tag line:
“Bounce is for clothes you can’t wait to jump into.” Changed to: “Bounce gives clothes softness with no static cling.” Which one do you think works better?

29 To Whom Do I Market And What Do I Say?
Answer: In other words, don’t try to speak to everyone or try to tell them everything! If you do, the net result will be saying nothing to everyone, or everything to no one. Market to someone and say something to them!

30 Pick Your Market Pick out your market-your someone-then decide the key points- your something-to communicate. Saying something to someone is a realistic and attainable goal. Saying more than that to more people can eat up enormous chunks of your valuable marketing budget.

31 Talk About Your Prospect
Think in terms of what your prospective customer is thinking, not what you are thinking. As one ad agency executive said; Don’t tell people how good you make the goods, tell them how good your goods make them!” Once the prospect is intrigued with the possibilities of what AMSOIL can do, then you can talk about AMSOIL.

32 Features & Benefits..Benefits & Features
Standard wisdom says to market features and benefits. A wiser wisdom suggests marketing benefits and features. Your customer will only pay attention to what is of interest to them. What subject is of interest to all people? Themselves!

33 Do You Like Talking About You?
Talk to your prospects and customers about themselves and you will have their attention. Tell them how you will improve their lives, loves, wealth, health, career, looks, security or leisure and you are well on your way to making a sale to a grateful customer. Your prospects and customers want to buy a better life, not the latest high-tech widget.

34 Three Markets-One Obligation
A guerilla marketer has three markets and one sacred obligation. Market One: The Universe The largest and least profitable of the three markets. It includes every person in your marketing area. This might mean one neighborhood, one industry, one city, one nation or the entire universe.

35 Rule of Thumb You should be investing approximately 10% of your marketing budget to Market One, the universe market.

36 The Second Market Market Two: Your Prospects
This market is considerably smaller than the first market. The people in this market have differing degrees of interest in AMSOIL. Some may be mildly interested in synthetic lubricants, some may be specifically interested in AMSOIL. Others are blazing hot prospects and just need a little nudge.

37 Rule of Thumb You should be investing approximately 30% of your marketing budget to Market Two, your prospects.

38 The Third Market Market Three: Your Customers!
This market is the most revered of your three markets. These are the people who make you tick! Each of these customers also represent a referral sale, and that sale then represents another referral sale, then another, and another….. And all those referral sales can lead to more repeat and referral sales.

39 Rule of Thumb You should be investing approximately 60% of your marketing budget with Market Three, your own customers.

40 Market like crazy to everyone on that customer list!
The Sacred Obligation The sacred obligation of every AMSOIL guerilla is to move members of the universe market into your prospect market, move members of your prospect market onto your customer list, and then… Market like crazy to everyone on that customer list!

41 Don’t Make This Mistake
Apathy toward a customer list, or worse yet, failure to maintain a current customer list, is commonplace omission on the part of many businesses. This also means a fruitful opportunity for you! Why don’t these businesses make offers to existing customers? Because they are not guerillas!

42 You Must Follow Up! Factoid
68% of business that is lost is due to apathy toward the customer. In other words, customers get ignored to death! Marketing does not stop once the sale is made.

43 Marketing Tip Guerrillas have the discipline to keep going, systematically planning presentations and working their territory, consistently following up on past customers, consistently. Ask "If you were me, who'd would you call on next?"

44 What Does A Guerilla Do? They massage and fondle their customer lists and guard them fiercely. They add to them. The mail to them. They keep in touch with them. Sometimes their mailings are not oriented to making sales but to intensifying the relationship (Christmas or birthday card). The more intense the relationship, the more repeat and referral sales will result.

45 Is It Possible? Is it possible to market to all three markets at once?
Yes! It is not only possible, but desirable, to run marketing that emphasizes AMSOIL and the service you provide as an AMSOIL Dealer while enlarging the audience in your market at the same time.

46 FACT Customers tend to read ads run by businesses they patronize.
They do this to rationalize their purchases from the business and their relationship with the business. So, you can be sure of attracting members of Market Three. In addition, every time you put out the word on your business, people move from Market One to Market Two. The second best place for them to be.

47 Marketing Tip Experts tell us that readers look over your ad, then spend seven seconds deciding whether or not they are interested in buying or learning more.

48 Course Outline AMSOIL Dealer Tactics To Consider
Traits Of AMSOIL Guerilla Marketers Patience Aggressiveness Imagination Sensitivity Ego Strength Basic Training For AMSOIL Guerilla Marketer’s AMSOIL Dealer Tactics To Consider Direct Marketing AMSOIL Dealer Style Marketing Myths

49 Tactic #1-Inserts Or Preprints
Special advertising sections you see stuffed into the newspaper or mailbox. What happens with these? 1/3 get tossed right away. 1/3 get glance at them as they go through the newspaper or mail. 1/3 take quite a bit of time checking them out, saving them in many cases.

50 Advantages Of Inserts Or Preprints
They allow you to pinpoint a market and cover it completely, if you wish. Try five zip codes, or two. Zero in. You can give your prospects a great deal of information and you don’t have to compete for the readers attention. They last as long as a month, so you can use them monthly, gaining the effects of four week of ads.

51 Advantages Of Inserts Or Preprints (con’t)
You can test their effectiveness, using a page of coupons as a measurement. Preprints get great coupon response. Time-limited offers work well with preprints. Offer special discounts,services, packages or freebies.

52 Tactic #2-Marketing Trends
This is an ever-changing tactic and it is never the same twice, but is always effective and unknown to most or your competitors. It entails keeping up with today’s marketing trends. Subscribe to one or two marketing trade journals, or check them out online. You could also utilize your local library to find these trade journals.

53 Tactic #2-Marketing Trends (con’t)
Spend a maximum of 15 minutes each week looking through the marketing or advertising you have chosen. Skip over the gossip and go directly to any sections dealing with new trends in marketing. Out of every four issues, there may be three reports that are not right for your AMSOIL business. But, one of every four will be exactly right for your AMSOIL business!

54 Tactic #2-Marketing Trends (con’t)
The issue will describe the technique, the results and all the details you will need to dive right into this marketing for growing your AMSOIL business. Don’t wait! Get going immediately. Great marketing ideas will be copied until everyone is on the bandwagon (and that is when you should leap off!)

55 Marketing Tip Ready to be amazed? Research Systems Corp. studied 56 new and established commercials and found that effective spots cost 40% less than ineffective spots.

56 Tactic #3-Samples To The Grapevine
Ask this question-What businesses do my customers patronize? Then, provide AMSOIL samples to answer the question. This only works if the product offered is of the highest quality. Perfect for AMSOIL! Example: Quick lube owner who won’t put AMSOIL in his shop. Provide him/her five quarts and a filter for their personal vehicle.

57 Tactic #4-Your Club Invite prospects to join your AMSOIL Club.
There is no cost. What do people receive with their membership? Gold-trimmed membership certificate T-Shirt Hat Monthly newsletter (You decide on all of the above items)

58 Tactic #4-Your Club (con’t)
Who can blame someone for joining a club that gives them items of value for no charge? Of course, they feel obligated, but they also feel a kinship with you. This really only works if apply the following motto to you business. If you go into business to make money, you’ll go out of business. If you go into business to serve customers, you’ll make money!

59 Tactic #4-Your Club (con’t)
See if you can come up with the ingredients for a club or something like a club. A method by which your prospects and customers can identify with you. Present them with products or services that have not strings attached. The reap the benefits that accrue from this tactic.

60 Marketing Tip Be a joiner
Savvy marketers gain credibility by joining clubs and associations, then working their tails off. Prospects who meet these hard working club members will assume that these marketers run their business with as much energy and enthusiasm.

61 Tactic #5-Bribes Work This is not the type of bribe that you are probably currently thinking of! If you want to see dramatically increased response to any of your offers, try offering a free gift to anyone that responds. The free gift cannot be junky or look or feel cheap. With the low cost of many gifts, consider bribing your prospects with freebies. (For more ideas, see the AMSOIL promotional items)

62 Tactic #5-Bribes Work Tell your prospect that if they send in for your brochure that they will be given a free gift. Your responses will increase if you show a full color picture of the gift they will receive. Consider a postcard with a full color picture. Offer bribes as well to your existing customers who refer new customers to you

63 Tactic #6-Eight Stamps If you use direct mail, use eight stamps to mail that letter. Or, use a commemorative stamp, but eight stamps will get more attention. This will also get more attention than using a meter imprint or standard stamp. Differentiate yourself! When is the last time you received such a letter? Did you open it first?

64 The Eight Stamp Ploy This is a perfect example of an AMSOIL Guerilla Marketing tactic: It doesn’t cost more money than using a first class stamp. It requires extra time, energy and imagination. It demands patience. It increases your rate of response, thereby lowering your cost of marketing while making that marketing more effective.

65 Tactic #7-Media Buying Services
Think about using a Media Buying Service for your advertising and marketing. These specialists learn your budget, your target market and the competition. They also negotiate the best price for you. They also check to see if you received what you paid for. Something to think about.

66 Course Outline Direct Marketing AMSOIL Dealer Style
Traits Of AMSOIL Guerilla Marketers Patience Aggressiveness Imagination Sensitivity Ego Strength Basic Training For AMSOIL Guerilla Marketer’s AMSOIL Dealer Tactics To Consider Direct Marketing AMSOIL Dealer Style Marketing Myths

67 Direct Marketing Direct Marketing refers to: Direct Mail
Coupons in newspapers and magazines Postcards Direct response television Telemarketing Inserts Bulletin Boards

68 Definition Direct marketing is a sub-discipline of marketing focused on driving purchases that can be attributed to a specific "call-to-action.” Direct marketing is distinguished from other marketing efforts by its emphasis on trackable, measurable results (known as "response" in the industry) regardless of medium.

69 Definition (con’t) Direct marketers use a variety of media including catalogs, postcards, statement inserts, card packs, magazines and other mail. Direct marketers also use media such as door hangers, package inserts, magazines, newspapers, radio, television, , internet banner ads, pay-per-click ads, billboards, transit ads, etc. If the ad in the medium asks the prospect to take a specific action--call an 800 number, visit a website, return a response card, place an order, complete a survey, etc.--then the effort is considered to be direct marketing.

70 For Example Don’t be surprised to see more and more grocery store circulars in your newspaper and mail box. Why? Vertis Communications Retail Direct Mail survey reports that 90 percent of male direct mail readers and 83 percent of females, aged 18-34, read circulars from the grocery store. (Published on: April 10, 2007)

71 Marketing Tip If you are not using a computer in your business, consider this: Here’s a look at technology usage according to a survey done by a leading researcher on Baby Boomers. The in-depth study explored Boomers’ views and perceptions on life, family, work, finances, health and wellness and technology. Boomers online: According to the Pew Foundation, home Internet usage is high across most age groups: year olds (88 percent), year olds (84 percent), year olds (71 percent), 65 years old and over (32 percent).

72 Why Direct Marketing? It creates a sense of urgency.
There is always a date that the offer expires and the prospect or customer need to be alerted to this fact. Knowing there is a deadline will motivate many people to take action rather than think it over. It is accountable. If your offer ends on May 24th, you know on May 25th whether your effort soared or fizzled. Standard media marketing does not give such instant and honest feedback.

73 Depending on who you talk to, anywhere from $200.00 to $500.00
Why Direct Marketing? It is economical More and more small businesses are realizing that direct marketing is very cost effective. Actually more economical than a face-to-face call or sale. Do you know what the average face-to-face sales call costs? Depending on who you talk to, anywhere from $ to $500.00

74 Why Direct Marketing? You can determine the direct cost for each sale you make. You should understand the mathematics of direct-response marketing. If you are a AMSOIL marketing guerilla, you will know Your exact cost to acquire a new customer. The lifetime worth of that customer. Your profit per sale.

75 Why Direct Marketing? It is very convenient and getting more so everyday. People order from the comfort of their home. They can receive what they order in days. Direct Marketing also offers the ultimate in selectivity. You can market to people based upon a chosen demographic or their probability of accepting your offer. You can market to existing customers, which you should do again, and again, and again, and….you get the picture.

76 Marketing Tip AMSOIL Guerrillas communicate respect for the prospect, the competition, and themselves. AMSOIL Guerrillas are at ease with people of every status, treating the cafe waitress or the hotel bell man with the same deference they would offer the president of a major company. Their impartiality makes everyone feel important and respected for the contribution they make. Check it out.

77 How To Gauge Success In Direct Marketing
It should be measured by only one gauge: PROFITIBILITY For example; You invest $2, dollars in magazine and newspaper advertising Profit: $22,000.00 Do you care if the response rate is only percent? No!

78 Course Outline Marketing Myths Traits Of AMSOIL Guerilla Marketers
Patience Aggressiveness Imagination Sensitivity Ego Strength Basic Training For AMSOIL Guerilla Marketer’s AMSOIL Dealer Tactics To Consider Direct Marketing AMSOIL Dealer Style Marketing Myths

79 Marketing Myth #1 It is good to have a great deal of white space in advertisements, brochures and other printed material.

80 Marketing Truth #1 Your customers and prospects are not interested in white space. They are interested in information and what AMSOIL products can do for them. When you use white space where you could be putting information, you are wasting money. Printed materials should attract attention with substance rather than emptiness.

81 People like to open thick envelopes.
Marketing Myth #2 People like to open thick envelopes.

82 Marketing Truth #2 Thick envelopes appear to be time wasters filled with hype and confusion. You may want to consider intriguing the recipient of a direct mail piece by enclosing some interestingly shaped object such as a ball point pen that could be used to fill out a response device. Bulk adds cost and cuts down on readership. Avoid a thick envelope unless you have a darn good reason.

83 Marketing Tip Do I ask questions that show I really care? Do I remember to say things to my customers like "Hmmm, That's really interesting, tell me more...," and "How did that feel?“ These phrases demonstrate to our clients and prospects that we are interested, that we're "on their side," and that we really care. Besides hairdressers, manicurists, and bartenders, AMSOIL Guerrillas are often the only person in any week who really listens to the customer. No wonder they're so popular and do so well!

84 Use short copy. People won’t read long copy.
Marketing Myth #3 Use short copy. People won’t read long copy.

85 Marketing Truth #3 This is one of the most dangerous, silly, and costly myths in marketing. People will read long books, long articles and long letters. They will read whatever interests them and the more it interests them, the more of it they want. When presented with a marketing offer, they want enough information to make an informed decision.

86 Marketing Tip Guerrillas never complain about politics, the weather, the traffic, or the rough day they're having. Stay positive and enthusiastic! Few things are less motivating than getting negative news or negative commentary from a sales person. Stay 100% positive, but don't over do it!

87 It is costly to purchase radio and television advertising time.
Marketing Myth #4 It is costly to purchase radio and television advertising time.

88 Marketing Truth #4 Radio and TV advertising time does not have to be costly. It is coming down in price regularly and is negotiable. It often provides a superb value. Don’t automatically discount it as a marketing vehicle.

89 Sell the sizzle, not the steak.
Marketing Myth #5 Sell the sizzle, not the steak.

90 Marketing Truth #5 Sell the solution and not the sizzle!
The easiest way to sell AMSOIL is to offer it as a solution to a customer problem. If you tend to look for the sizzle rather than the problem, you are looking in the wrong direction. Do all in your power to identify problems that your prospects have, then position AMSOIL and your services as the best solution to that problem.

91 Great marketing works instantly.
Marketing Myth #6 Great marketing works instantly.

92 Marketing Truth #6 Great price mark downs work instantly.
Great limited time offers work instantly. But great marketing is not made up of price mark downs and repeated limited time offers alone. Great marketing is made up of creating a desire for AMSOIL products in the minds of qualified prospects.

93 Marketing should entertain and amuse.
Marketing Myth #7 Marketing should entertain and amuse.

94 Marketing Truth #7 Show business should entertain and amuse.
Marketing should sell your offering, AMSOIL. To see how entertaining and amusing detracts from your marketing message, simply watch TV for ads that you know so well, but have probably forgotten what product they advertised. Awards in the marketing industry for commercials should be solely based on profits generated.

95 Marketing Tip What are your competitive advantages? Make a list upon which you can hang your marketing campaign. Your prospects and customers have a choice of several businesses selling the same products and services you offer. Why should these people select your company over the others?

96 Marketing should be changed every few years to keep it fresh and new.
Marketing Myth #8 Marketing should be changed every few years to keep it fresh and new.

97 Marketing Truth #8 The longer great marketing promotes a product or service, the better. AMSOIL guerillas create marketing strategies that can be used for five, ten, even twenty or more years. Don’t believe me? How long has the Green Giant been jolly? How long have people been in good hands with Allstate? Do you think these companies would have been more successful by changing their marketing? I don’t either.

98 Marketing is successful if it is memorable.
Marketing Myth #9 Marketing is successful if it is memorable.

99 Marketing Truth #9 Marketing is successful if it moves product, AMSOIL product! Memorability has nothing to do with it. Whether people like it or not has nothing to do with it. It’s not how memorable you make the marketing, it’s how desirable you make the product that matters.

100 Marketing Tip Trade show tidbits:
70% of people turn right from the main entrance. If there are an odd number of aisles, attendees walk down the next to the last aisle twice. People go to where other people are so do what you can to draw a crowd. AMSOIL guerrillas get discounts at new trade shows simply by asking for them.

101 The purpose of marketing is to generate maximum sales volume.
Marketing Myth #10 The purpose of marketing is to generate maximum sales volume.

102 Marketing Truth #10 The purpose of marketing is to generate maximum profits. A high and increase sales volume is nice, but not at the expense of profits. Increased sales are nice, but increased profits are why AMSOIL guerillas love marketing.

103 Once your business has a solid customer base, you can cease marketing.
Marketing Myth #11 Once your business has a solid customer base, you can cease marketing.

104 Marketing Truth #11 You can cut down on your marketing to the universe. You might even reduce the marketing to your second market, your prospects. But you should always market to your customers. By investing in prospects to replace customers lost to fate, and marketing to your own customers, you can decrease your marketing investment while your profits soar.

105 Marketing Tip Increase your telephone voice energy level by making eye contact with the person you visualize on the other end. You can also stand up and don’t slouch. Put a smile on your face so that it shows in your voice. Use gestures.

106 Marketing Myth #12 If a prospect says that they want some time to “think it over” before making a purchase, they actually will think about it, and they’ll probably come back to buy.

107 Marketing Truth #12 They will buy alright, just not from you.
When a person selling something deals with a person who is shopping, one way or another, a sale is made. Either the prospect will buy from you or you will buy their story about wanting to think it over. The best time to close a sale is during or immediately after the sales presentation.

108 Repetition of a marketing message is boring.
Marketing Myth #13 Repetition of a marketing message is boring.

109 Marketing Truth #13 It may be boring to you, but it won’t be boring to your prospects and customers. Repetition implants your benefits in the unconscious minds of your prospects. It also reaffirms those benefits in the conscious minds of your customers. Repetition does not bore these wonderful people!

110 Marketing Tip Southwest Airlines sped up its turnaround time not by studying other airlines but by studying pit crews at the Indianapolis 500. The main idea: learn from the real experts and those experts may not be your competitors.

111 Conclusion There are three phases to an AMSOIL guerilla marketing attack. Phase I-Planning Phase II-Launching Phase III-Maintaining The hardest part is to maintain the attack constantly. Because marketing is a living process, it requires attention, time and nurturing.

112 Your Goal Your goal must be to set your marketing in motion.
If you are an AMSOIL marketing guerilla, you will do it in a way that assures the maintenance of that motion. Develop your plan and calendar. Plan your direct marketing program. Set aside a certain amount of time each week for marketing. Great marketing deserves full-time attention, but is not a full time job.

113 AMSOIL Marketing Guerilla’s
The AMSOIL Sales Department

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