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Yoga Enthusiast Reyna Sasha Tori Nicolette Ricardo.

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1 Yoga Enthusiast Reyna Sasha Tori Nicolette Ricardo

2 Yoga Enthusiast RoutineDisciplinedIndependentMediation Emotionally Stimulating Peaceful Lifestyle TrendyOrganicRehabilitationLaborSpiritualEco-Friendly Health Conscious Mental map Balance Wellness Active Relaxation Self-realization Eternal truth Meaning of life Links to the universe Philosophy Sense of purpose Successful Freedom Self expression Internal adventure Strength

3 Survey findings: Most people have been practicing yoga for less than a year. Yoga enthusiasts often take classes twice a week. The majority of yoga enthusiasts do yoga for relaxation, health purposes, toning, and strengthening. Most people do yoga for at least one hour. Some women take classes while pregnant or have children.` They commonly take yoga sessions. A majority of people lead an organic lifestyle. Yoga enthusiasts are consumers to Target, Lululemon, and Nordstrom for their yoga gear. They are attracted to affordable pricing of yoga gear.

4 The Yoga Enthusiast possess the most genuine and strong values. They have strong beliefs in inner strength and develop a strong sense of spirituality, in which meditation takes a big roll in order to lead a peaceful and meaningful lifestyle. There is a great emphasis on being environmentally friendly, living a healthy life in a physical and psychological manner. The Yoga Enthusiast seeks to be perceived by others as an active, healthy, but most importantly, and intellectual individual. They want to appear as having a sense of self-discipline and power. Success is very important to them and they like to portray their greatest achievements through fashion and products; they like to be considered as trendy VALUES INNER OUTTER

5 Customer Profile Name: Cecilia Bravo Occupation: Jewelry Department supervisor at Neiman Marcus, and Yoga Instructor Income: $68,000 Hobbies: Meditation, Painting, spending time with family Drives: Nissan Altima Favorite Brands: Jill Sander, Prada, and Chanel


7 CECILIA BRAVO: A yoga enthusiast

8 Motivated by a desire to give back to the world through passion. Interested in natural wellness aromatherapy and essential oils for the body and mind A sensation of gratification when actions benefit the world Consider motivation to be key to success A successful accomplished job, overcoming obstacles and obtaining goals The feeling of growing as an individual A desire to be healthy MOTIVATION: Seek comfort in yoga wear - Target - Nordstrom Opt for eco-friendly products such as water bottles, yoga bags and props, such as meditation pillows, towels and blocks. SHOPPING:

9 Product placement:

10 OPPORTUNITIES 1 Organic/Customized mats PVC and foam free Hemp, natural rubber or organic cotton mats Environmentally conscious yogis Advertise benefits of natural component Customization available

11 OPPORTUNITIES 2 Day care at Yoga Studios YOGA Young mothers w/ busy lives Day care inside the studio Convenience factor & benefit Promotion: 2 free day care sessions when 3 month membership is open

12 OPPORTUNITIES 3 Plus- Size Yoga wear line Plus size women-keep in shape Increase confidence & appealing to exercising A specialty store for this target audience * Yoga class designed for plus size women

13 With our products, we believe its extremely important to support charity; therefore, we have come up with a way to make profit, while donating more than just $1 to children who are in desperate need! The American Cancer Society is a foundation that deals with children and adults who unfortunately have to experience cancer. By donating 35% of each purchase to this foundation, we believe we are truly helping to make a difference in peoples lives. Charitable Cause:

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