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Assistive Technology Reading.

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1 Assistive Technology Reading

2 Reading – Low Tech, Mid Tech, High Tech
Predictable Books Changes in text size, spacing, color, background Book adapted for page turning Use of pictures/symbols with text Talking electronic device to speak challenging words Single word scanners Scanner with Optical Character Recogition and talking word processor Electronic books

3 Low Tech Predictable Books
Predictable books are a standard for early readers. Predictable books repeat patterns and use sing-song rhymes and rhythms to help students acquire reading skills. See the Monroe County Library site in Indiana for lists of predictable books. For older students lyrics of popular songs could be a possibility.

4 Changes in text size, spacing, color, background
Big books offer large size print and spacing. Most publishers have big books they publish.

5 Changes in text size, spacing, color, background
In order to change background color on a page, color overlays are available. Some students find it helpful to use this low tech alternative. To read more on this topic visit: Using Colors to Meet Special Needs as reported by Don Johnston at: Read more on color overlays at: The Irlen Method color overlays at: The Irlen Method low tech Add color with overlays

6 Books adapted for page turning
Adapted Books from Adapted Creations (Mayer-Johnson Co.) offers an exciting series of adapted books for children with physical disabilities and augmentative communication needs. The books have: Laminated pages Page adaptation for easy turning Mayer-Johnson Picture Communication Symbols Augmentative communication overlays Learning activities The books come in a variety of topics including: Science & Math Concepts

7 Books adapted for page turning
To learn more on this topic visit some of these sites: Mayer-Johnson Co. Page Turning Excerpt – Augmentative Communication Exploration – Johnny Pages

8 Use of picture symbols with text
Using picture symbols with text was first made known by the rebus method for teaching reading. Visit rebus rhymes from enchanted Picture from The Handbook of Augmentative Communication.

9 Talking electronic device to speak challenging words Mid Tech
Franklin Speak and Spell devices – visit

10 Single word scanners – Mid Tech/High Tech
Reading pens Assistive Technology for K-12 students Quicktionary Reading Pen II - Read About It Here! Dictionary online site to read words CD roms Planon Docu Pen

11 Single word scanners Reading Pen II
Reading Pen II - Oxford English PlatformIndependent A revolutionary aid, the Reading Pen II is the world's only handheld scanning device that enables users with learning disabilities to improve reading comprehension. Retains a history of the last 80 words scanned for easy review Enables users to hear a single word or a full line of text spoken aloud in seconds Displays words in large font on the LCD screen Shows scanned words divided into syllables Contains over 240,000 definitions from the Concise Oxford English Defines words within the definition using a cross-reference feature Reads or spells words or dictionary definitions aloud with built-in text-to-speech capability Not recommended for persons with low vision or impaired fine motor control. Visit to see more devices

12 Books on Tape Recordings for the Blind & Dyslexic
RFB&D have been available for quite some time. Visit the RFB&D website at As of December, 2005 the traditional playback device will no longer be available. It is being replaced by a cassette device that plays CD’s. For further explanation visit:

13 Scanner with Optical Character Recogition and talking word processor Hi Tech
Read the research. Screen Readers and Optical Character Recognition from Listening to the printed page – from Closing the Gap Building Independence – High Tech devices that have changed people’s lives. The Alliance for Technology Access

14 Electronic Books Hi Tech
Project Gutenburg – free electronic books Listing of ebook sites Netlibrary – demo – ipod electronic books – – electronic books

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