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Gateway Training Workshop Module Two

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1 Gateway Training Workshop Module Two
Advanced Gateway Operations Incident Commander’s Radio Interface (ICRI)

2 Advanced Gateway Operations Overview
Requirement & Capabilities Setup & Configuration Creating & Breaking Patches

3 Requirements & Capabilities
Equipment is patented by Communications - Applied Technology (C-AT) and there are various configurations ranging from 2 radios w/1 talkgroup to 10 radios w/4 talkgroups we will concentrate on the 5 radio, 2 talkgroups option 5 radio I/O, 1 telephone I/O, handset/headset I/O, 2 talkgroups Small (10” x 3” x 7”), rugged package/ circuitry Portable (3.5 lbs) Rapidly deployable (typically under 5 min.) Minimal “operator” training required Alternate power sources: V AC 50/60 Hertz, vehicle-supplied 12 volts DC, 8 AA Batteries

4 Requirements & Capabilities Power Options
AC Adaptor Car battery 8 AA

5 Requirements & Capabilities Physical Layout
A – DC Input Jack B – ON/OFF Switch C – OK/ Low Voltage LED D – OK/ Low Voltage LED E – Radio Interface Jacks (1 thru 5) F – Telephone Interface Jack G – Handset Interface Jack H – Handset Volume Control I – Voice Activated Circuit (VOX) LED Indicators J – Talk Group Switches

6 Setup & Configuration ICRI with Attachments (Not to scale)
1. Ports are not radio specific (mobiles or portables) 2. User instructions on top cover 3. Interconnect cable technical notes on bottom cover

7 Setup & Configuration Prior to Activation
Some pre-planning is necessary to ready the ICRI for use. The following should be accounted for before placing the ICRI on-line: Predetermine what the power source will be for the ICRI and verify that the cable or battery pack is available Predetermine what brand and model of radios will be connected to the ICRI and that an “interconnect” cable for each radio is available 12 or 24 volt vehicle battery Vehicle cigarette lighter 115VAC (with an external adapter) BA590 “military” Commercial dry-cell battery (12V or greater) C-AT 12 volt battery pack (uses 8 “AA” batteries)

8 Setup & Configuration Prior to Activation (Continued)
Advise agencies that they will need to supply a “spare” radio, for the radio interoperability, that the radio supplied must be known to operate properly and have at least one spare fully charged battery Separate the interface radios Ensure a clear field of view Only connect agencies that need to interoperate Coordinate gateway usage Memorandums of Agreement (daily operations) Communications Leader (COML) (per incident) Interfacing non-standard radios, the radio’s owning organization should provide: Interface cables Spare batteries and/or chargers Radio configuration/channel list

9 Setup & Configuration ICRI Operation
After connecting a power source to the ICRI, turn it on so that power up and input voltage can be verified When using a DC source voltage between 6.5 and 7.4 volts neither the OK nor the LOW voltage LEDs will light, but the ICRI will be function Connect the radio interface cables to the ICRI (All five ICRI radio interface connections are electrically identical) Connect the radio interface cables to the radios Be sure the radios are on the channels assigned to the interoperability function Turn on the radio

10 Creating & Breaking Patches ICRI
Select the talk-group the radio will be assigned to and place the switch above the associated port in the designated position NOTE: The center position of the switch places any item connected with the associated port into a “NO CONNECTION” conduction without physically disconnecting the device from the ICRI. If used, connect the telephone and handset NOTE: For initial setup and troubleshooting purposes, C-AT recommends the use of the local handset or headset Select the talk-group the telephone and/or handset will be associated with. Turn on the telephone.

11 Questions ????

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