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People at Work Some Prejudices Some Premises. Man-Job Relationship Square peg in the Square hole theory – Hiring the Right-fit for the Exact Job is the.

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1 People at Work Some Prejudices Some Premises

2 Man-Job Relationship Square peg in the Square hole theory – Hiring the Right-fit for the Exact Job is the main issue Facts – Jobs are not definite, fixed or unalterable – Jobs tend to become what the job-holder makes out of it – Employees donot always remain the same in respect of their qualifications, attitudes and abilities – Interaction of the employee with his job determines his satisfaction and how well he will do the job – The climate under which he works ie, supervision, colleagues, physical surroundings, recognition of work affects the Fit.

3 The Nature of Work What is Work after all? Its a combination of five attributes: Muscular work – physical movements Sensory work – starting the engine Mental work – balancing five traits Social work – helping out, participating Conceptual work – imaginative, visioning All jobs require a little or more bit of all these

4 Knowing & Doing Having information - knowledge Knowing what to do with Information Knowing how to do - skill Having inclination to do - attitude Doing work - performance Evaluating own work - appraisal Updating/upgrading knowledge, skill,attitude - development

5 Skill is critical What is skill? It is the ability to do a work It can be present in different degrees How skill is gained? Muscles, senses and information alignment Information moves from known to unknown, from simple to complex Sensory discriminations gradually reinforce one another Repeated use of muscles

6 Muscular work Muscles consist of many fibres Fibers have ability to contract and relax Fibers get activated by nerve-ends attached If muscle contraction stops, we get fatigue Fatigue can be caused due to insufficient supply of blood/oxygen for regeneration of muscle cells This can happen due to excessive work or worry

7 Sensory development We tend to take our senses for granted We dont realise that the starting point of work is provided by the senses We can actually sharpen our senses and get a headstart, and also get more out of work – Seeing the object to be handled – Hearing the cue to do it – By touching, tasting or smelling Work is usually sensory-muscular work

8 Mental abilities A bundle of traits: 1. Memory 2. Vocabulary 3. Mathematical facility 4. Space perception 5. Reasoning Different tasks require a different combination Can be developed by training

9 Conceptual Ability Dreaming / visioning Protraying the future on a mental canvass with the finesse of a Hussain / Ray – Seeing the Big Picture before starting work Reinventing the Business Reinventing the work Reinventing the process

10 Social development Three personal traits for success: 1. Like people – extroversion 2. Persistent in Human Relations 3. Well balanced – emotionally mature Employees who are well adjusted assure harmony at work and workforce stability

11 If work matters, so do the workers Management need to look after employees well for a very practical reason: to get the most out of people Management must look after: Physical health – muscles & nerves Mental health – commitment & creativity Social health – recognition & fellowship

12 Looking after employees Employee Services Employee Welfare Voluntary effort Statutory obligation

13 Why statutory obligation? Work & Society Society governs the Means of Production – Land, capital & labour Relations of Production – Feudalism, capitalism & socialism Society is responsible for harmony – Regulates social security for Work & Progress

14 Areas for Intervention Compensation Working Conditions

15 1.Pay People Right - Internal equity - External equity - Minimum needs to retain 2.Equity Perception is important - Autocratic decision vs - Democratic / Collective decision - Pay committee & participatory approach - Employee satisfaction survey COMPENSATION

16 3.Incentive & Reward – Key processes - Work measurement - Standardising conditions under which work gets performed - Communication of task/target - Benefits for Orgn / for Individual 4.Ways of Incentive determination - Time spent for work – overtime - Responsibility shouldered – Acting/officiating - Quantity of output/time – L.P - Savings against standards – Quality - Savings against Time – Efficiency How are these aspects taken care of in your Organisation? Incentive & Reward

17 Basic Concerns - Ventilation / air-conditioning - Lighting - Distractions - Sanitation - Posture - Fatigue Working Conditions

18 -Ventilation - Temperature & humidity - Dust, Gas & fumes - Harmful to Body - Discomfort brings down efficiency at work

19 - Good lighting improves efficiency - Poor light leads to - inaccurate work - accidents - Low production - Indirect lighting is the Best - Fluorescent lighting provides excellent diffused light with little heat. Lighting

20 Distractions -Noise comes first - Unavoidable but can be made less irritating - Irritation causes tension -> fatigue - Noise should be measured & controlled -Visual distractions - Moving Objects, reflecting walls, direct light - Can cause fatigue to eye musdes - Social distractions - Gossip, Loud talk, smoking

21 Sanitation should be modern - Drinking water - Toilet facilities - Rest rooms - Lounges - Washing facilities - Dressing facilities - Building architecture/maintenance - White washing - Cleaning - Painting / Polishing A good investment to raise employee morale and retain. Sanitation

22 The working chairs Heights of working surfaces Avoid undue strain on - Arms - Shoulders - Back muscles Potential cause of series of ailments - Work related diseases. Posture

23 Fatigue What is fatigue? A decreased capacity for work Why fatigue occurs? - Due to the `work itself (physiological) - Due to `environmental conditions - From a `feeling of fatigue (Psychological) Its important to distinguish the cause of Fatigue

24 Results from wear & tear of body tissues Principal antidote is `REST. Blood circulation replenishes tissues. Secondary Autidote is `WORK DESIGN Doing work in a rhythm lessens fatigue. Avoid jerks Older workers usually work in rhythms. ` Physiological fatigue is `Genuine

25 L U No Rest No Rest N C With Rest With Rest H Muscular fatigue & Antidote FATIGUEFATIGUE MorningAfternoon

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