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The 20s at a Glance.

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1 The 20s at a Glance

2 Red Scare Palmer Raids/Deportation National Origins Act 1924/Quotas
KKK Nativism Sacco & Vanzetti

3 Economy & Business Henry Ford/Effect on Society Radio Advertising
Effect on Worker/Welfare Capitalism

4 Economy & The Household
Credit Installment plans

5 Prohibition 18th Amendment 1919 Bootlegging Speakeasies Al Capone

6 Fundamentalism Scopes Trial

7 Sports Gertrude Ederle Babe Ruth GOLF Tennis Jack Dempsey

8 Flight Amelia Earhart Charles Lindbergh Bessie Coleman

9 Entertainment Winnie the Pooh Jazz Singer Charlie Chaplin
Rudolph Valentino

10 Inventions

11 Warren G. Harding “Normalcy” Republican Pro-business
Role Government/Federal Budget Cut taxes on wealthy-why? Fordney-McCumber Tariff Effect on Europe? Teapot Dome Scandal Dies

12 Calvin “Silent Cal” Coolidge
VP Harding/Republican Limited role government Role of Business? Federal Budget Veteran Bonuses

13 Herbert Hoover Elected 1928/Republian Stock Market Crash
Reaction to Depression Business & Gov. Hoover Dam Cooperatives-Farmers Hoovervilles Bonus Army Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act

14 Election 1932 Sum up politics of the 20s Change? FDR/Democrat

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