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If you don‘t stand up for your self who will Ana Lipicar Natasa Mauko.

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1 If you don‘t stand up for your self who will Ana Lipicar Natasa Mauko

2 What is self advocacy? No definition The process of people speaking out for themselves, thereby gaining or regaining control over their lives It means that you arm yourself with the tools and skills necessary to feel comfortable about asserting yourself and communicating clearly about your needs

3 What is self advocacy - 2 Fighting for your rights Standing on your own two feet Doing your own thing Telling people what you want Sharing problems Making choices

4 What is self-advocacy - 3 Taking responsibility for your own life. Enjoying the same rights as everyone else. Getting rid of words like 'spaz, 'cripple' and 'handicapped'. Being part of a support group. Not letting parents and carers run our lives. Coming and going when we like. One for us,

5 Why is self-advocacy important? Gives a feeling of having a control over your life Is a way of reaching out to others It can improve quality of life

6 Self-advocacy groups – important for people with intellectual disabilities Small groups usually lead by professionals The aim - to create a save environment where people can talk about their problems Different topics which are discussed and sometimes they make different initiatives The European Platform of Self-Advocates (EPSA)

7 Where can you Self-Advocate? There are many places that you might want to speak-up for yourself or ask for what you want such as: At home At work At school At the hospital At the doctor At the shops On the bus

8 How to become your own best advocate?

9 How to become your own best self- advocate Say what you think and feel, speak-up for things you believe in, understands and know about your rights and responsibilities, take responsibility for your own life, make decisions that affect your life, help to improve your life, try to change the way things are done.

10 Remember... The internet is a powerful tool for self-advocacy and also it is able to promote self- advocacy.

11 Influences Society as a whole  Inaccessible environment  Not only physical barriers but also communicational barriers  Dependent

12  Attitude towards disabled people Is a mirror of society Prejudices – lack of confidence Attitude of disabled people

13 Educational institutions  Big influence on our personality and values  Regular school  Faculty – to demanding or to little

14 What can be done?  Website information  Open to suggestions  Informed  Communicate

15 Home environment – what can parents do  Advice and support for parents  Encourage their children to stand up for themselves  Set of choices  Child speaks to others about matters regarding him

16 Where can self- advocacy lead Example from Slovenia

17 Our organisation, The Slovenian Association of Disabled Student 1995 - left on their own, without support and adjustments 1996 – Club of disabled students (24 members)  providing adopted transportation and daily care free of charge  collecting information regarding disabled students and informing faculties and society about their special needs

18 Today Association of 210 members Support free of charge Strong voice for students International active

19 Self-advocacy isn‘t just about rights; it's about responsibilities too, just for the most able; people with severe learning difficulties have a voice too, something you do in a group, it's a way of life,

20 isn't a current fad; it's about personal and civil rights, isn't a solution to all problems; society will have to change for people to get their rights, isn't about being bolshy and aggressive,

21 isn't about getting everythin you want; it's about being part of the real world like everyone else, isn't just about consultation with services; people decide what they want to speak up about not the services or staff. One for us,

22 It’s something students need to learn because they’ll be doing this the rest of their lives

23 The Slovenian Association of Disabled Students

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