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“Archive Without Compromise”

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1 “Archive Without Compromise”
At Ease Computing, Inc.

2 Agenda Introduction Archive Overview Archiving Alternatives Solutions
Technology Questions

3 Archiving – A Business Imperative
Protect vital information over long time periods Support discovery requirements driven by increasing regulations Reduce IT cost and complexity

4 Archiving Positioning
Transactional data Disk-based Systems Non-permanent Fast data access Highest cost High Active Data Cost Back-up is for Recovery Archive is for Discovery UDO Permanent Low cost Access at the file level Tape Non-permanent Low Cost No direct file access Backup Data Reference Data Low days Months 3-50+ years Expected Data Longevity

5 Why Organizations Archive Today
Improve compliance with regulatory record retention mandate Improve litigation support capabilities Reduce storage management complexity Database Increase speed of database backups Improve database performance Reduce primary storage capacity Unstructured (Files) Reduce time and cost associated with recovering data in event of disaster / outage Reduce time required to search and locate archived content Improve management of and access to corporate intellectual property Improve compliance with record retention mandates New and Updated Regulations (Federal Rules of Civil Procedure-FRCP) Data Privacy Regulations Spreading Source: ESG Report: Digital Archiving: End-User Survey & Market Forecast / Contoural, Inc.

6 Over 80% of Data on Primary Storage Is Rarely Accessed
2001 2006 50 TB 500 TB Primary data copies Data that will NEVER be accessed Data not accessed in last 90 days 78% still kept on Tier-1 storage* Data growth continues to accelerate 80% of data has not been accessed recently 60% will NEVER be accessed 78% of data is still on primary storage

7 Data Lifecycle Management
Frequency of data access High Low Today 1-90 days 90+ days Data age Cost of storage High Low Pulled from: Archive_vs_Backup Presentation Business data Back-up Archive

8 Archiving Requirements Create IT Challenges
Retention Periods Increasing or Unknown Fast Access to Archived Files Proof document was never altered Multiple Archives with different retention periods. Disaster Recovery strategies IT Budget Shrinking The known archiving challenges – ask what theirs are Other Considerations: TCO Analysis should be 7+ years Proprietary Options

9 Best Practice Archiving Principle
I recently heard a best practice for the storage of critical data from Gartner that made quite a bit of sense to me. The principle is to maintain three copies of your critical data and have it stored on at least two different types of media.” Mike Frakes, FAA The applications can failover to any of the three archives for access. SAN Dual Write to Both Local Storage Platforms Replicated to a Remote DR Site Disk Disk Plasmon

10 UDO Technology Next Generation enterprise class archival storage
5.25” ISO-standard format Developed specifically for the archival market by Plasmon Multiple sources of the technology Media by Verbatim and Plasmon OEM’s include IBM, GEHC and co-branding with Konica-Minolta New Blue Laser technology Provides greater aerial density UDO roadmap 30GB-60GB-120GB-240GB All backward compatible Phase Change technology The most secure archival storage recording technology Permanent: Media life > 50 years/100 Shelf Enables true Write Once, Compliant Write Once, Rewritable media CD DVD  = 780 nm NA = 0.45  = 650 nm NA = 0.6  = 405 nm NA = 0.7/0.85 UDO Kevin – Let’s replace the graphic in the upper right with an interesting background for the whole slide Amorphous Phase Atoms “frozen” in random positions, dull appearance Crystalline Phase Atoms in ordered positions, shiny appearance

11 Not all WORM is created equal
Disk Tape UDO Where is WORM implemented? System Software Drive Firmware Physical Media Application Layer Virus Hacking Accidental Delete None File System Device Management Power Surge Magnetic Fields Media Mechanical Sticition Vibration Heat/Humidity Hot Spots Breakage Tensioning Containments Destruction Vulnerabilities

12 Southeast Louisiana Veterans Hospital
We were able to recover all of the patient images off of the Plasmon libraries... We are now primarily using the Plasmon UDO Archive Appliance for its long term recoverability.” Kenneth Allen Health Systems Specialist South Central Health Care 95% patient data recovery after Katrina

13 UDO Industry Acceptance
Extensive Global Industry Support …. OEMs & Platform Providers Medical System Integrators Third Party Technology Providers Compliance

14 Plasmon UDO Software Partners
Data life cycle management Direct access archival storage Automated data migration applications Vertical market solutions: , Banking, Document Management, Insurance, Legal, etc.

15 Investment Protection…
UDO Roadmap Investment Protection… UDO2 Released May 1, 2007 Max data read rate increased 50% to 12MB/s Drive Key Security Will be backward read compatible with UDO1 disks Will use same software drivers as UDO1

16 Migrations are a non-Event
Open standards based access to data No forklift upgrades No tight coupling of HW to SW Not subject to Intel’s constant churn of HW Data not resident on disks which have 3-5 year average lifespan Data remains “in-place” UDO media has 50+ year life Support mixing of multiple generations of UDO drive technology UDO technology provides backward media read/shred capability No issues or outside cost associated with proving “chain-of-control” Policy based data movement No media handling required Compact data from multiple older media on to newer higher capacity UDO media Kevin – Let’s replace the graphic in the upper right with an interesting background for the whole slide

17 Technology Choices UDO “Archive Without Compromise”

18 Library Family Entry Level Midrange Enterprise SCSI connect Model
Slot Counts # of Drives UDO (60GB) List $ Stand Alone N/A 60GB $2,995 Gx24 / Gx32 24 / 32 1 or 2 1.44TB / 1.92TB $8,285 / $10,000 Gx80 72 / 80 2 or 4 4.4TB / 4.8TB $20,600 Gx134 / 174 134 / 174 2 or 4 8.0TB / 10.4TB $31,600 / $36,600 G164 / G238 164 / 238 2 to 12 9.8TB / 14.2TB $52,400 / $66,250 G438 438 2 to 12 26.2TB $87,300 G638 638 2 to 12 38.2TB $111,400


20 Archive Appliance Family Portrait
Enterprise AA238 238 6 14.2TB $96,300 AA438 438 26.2TB $123,100 AA638 638 38.2TB $144,100 Entry Level AA16 16 2 960GB $15,700 Model Slot Count Max. # of Drives UDO (60GB) List $ Midrange AA80 72 4 4.4TB / 4.8TB $30,400 AA174 166 6 10TB/10.4TB $46,300 AA32 32 2 1.92TB $21,600

21 Archive Appliance: Consolidate Multiple Apps
Up to 12 Archive Pools per appliance Capacities range from 60GB to 76TB per system Independent Security Profile Different Policies Dedicated Resources No extra cost Policies Disk Cache UDO Media A Financials B Archiving A Office Documents

22 Why use the Plasmon UDO Archive Appliance?
Gold Standard for Data Authenticity True WORM means assured data authenticity We guarantee that nobody including Plasmon engineers can change the data on our WORM media or reset the system to undo it Best of ALL Worlds Simplicity of NAS with disk-like performance Authenticity and longevity of optical Start small and scale as your needs grow $15K entry price point Up to 38TBs of UDO1 capacity, 76TBs with UDO2 Makes migrations a non-event Green Lowest TCO Kevin – Let’s replace the graphic in the upper right with an interesting background for the whole slide

23 Customer Testimonials
“The UDO Archive Appliance was the only solution that met all of our requirements - HIPAA compliance, security, fast access, longevity and cost.” Sanjay Shah, CIO Cabell Huntington Hospital West Virginia “The customer specifically requested that we use UDO technology for their disaster recovery strategy, stating tape does not provide the media life they need and disk-based archive systems are too expensive. UDO was the obvious choice.” Ulrich Uetz, GE Project Manager Medical University of Hannover Germany “The UDO Archive Appliance is the perfect complement to our GE Centricity PACS. Not only does it provide a scalable, cost-effective way to archive our images, it also doubles as our disaster recovery solution.” Ron Hagan Radiology Supervisor / PACS Administrator Lourdes Medical Pavilion Kentucky “We looked at disk based systems, but the reliability was in question - you're not getting that copy to take off-site for DR to store in a vault at Iron Mountain®. It's volatile, and regardless of how much redundancy or how many copies it makes, if something's corrupt then it's corrupted.” Scot La Clair, Systems Administrator Newport Imaging California

24 UDO TCO Analysis “As a matter of fact, our analysis indicates that 12 TB of parity protected Centera capacity is 81% more expensive than a comparably configured automated UDO appliance, and a Centera Mirrored configuration is three times more expensive.” “A closer look at the results reveals that the cost of a Centera solution is inflated significantly due to the price of software acquisition and maintenance. A more careful examination uncovers noticeable power consumption costs for the disk-based Centera system.” Brian Garrett Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group November 2006

25 “Green” Analysis – 40TB over 10 Years Electricity to power and cool
Primary Site New York Tokyo London Plasmon AA638 $19,391 $27,147 $29,732 NetApp – NearStore R200 $97,623 $136,672 $149,689 EMC – Centera (Parity) $271,933 $380,707 $416,934 EMC – Centera (Mirrored) $461,855 $646,597 $708,178

26 Plasmon UDO Archive Solutions Don’t Make You Compromise
Authenticity - True WORM media ensures compliance Access - Random access with 35 ms average seek times Longevity - 50 year media life Portability - Secure, removable, durable media provides a cost effective disaster recovery solution Recovery – Data is there when needed. AA System is recoverable from media Low TCO - A cost effective solution to procure, operate, and maintain Investment Protection Roadmap to 240 GB drives Backward read & shred compatibility Scalability to 38TB and growing Confidence – Over 20 Years of Archiving Experience

27 Success Stories New Orleans VA Hospital: Full Recovery from Katrina
All RAID and Tape technologies were lost during Hurricane Katrina, but all patient images were able to be recovered from UDO. Dallas Morning News: 2 Industry Awards UDO Digital Asset Management Solution takes Industry Regulation Compliance and Corporate Governance Award at SNW 2005: Dallas Morning News; also Best Practices Storage Award Awarded to solutions that meet or exceed regulations specified by the SEC, Patriot Act, HIPPA, Sarbanes-Oxley, DOD, and CFR CitiStreet SEC, SOX, HIPPA Symantec Enterprise Vault, Netbackup, UDO Library managed by Pegasus US Navy Trident Submarine Division US Army Personnel Records Archiving = 60 Years after discharge FAA UDO provides data protection combined with spinning disk systems such as Centera NASA Satellite Imaging / Research Data British Government Ordnance Survey UDO protects High definition digital aerial photography

28 Plasmon’s History in Permanent Optical Archiving Solutions
20+ years of Archival Storage Experience Plasmon incorporates to develop optical media 1988 – Introduction of world’s first optical technology Acquires IDE – moves global library manufacturing to USA 1996 – IBM announces global distribution of Plasmon MO technology IPO on London Stock Exchange Acquires Philips LMS – 12” optical drive manufacturer Announces UDO standard jointly with HP and Sony Launches UDO (Ultra Density Optical) HP announces OEM support for UDO products GE Healthcare announces support for UDO products 2005 – IBM and XEROX announce OEM support of UDO products

29 Plasmon Corporate Locations
Plasmon Group HQ - Cambridge, UK EMEA Sales and Marketing Optical Media Development and Manufacturing Plasmon RTS, Cork, Ireland NAS / SAN / DAS - RAID Storage Development and Manufacturing Plasmon OMS, Caen, France CD/DVD Master and Stamper Production Plasmon LMS, Colorado Springs UDO Drive and Automated Library Plasmon Inc. Denver North American and Asian Sales and Marketing Plasmon Tokyo Regional Sales Plasmon Singapore Plasmon China Sales and Development Regional Sales Offices throughout North America and Europe

30 Call At Ease Computing, Inc.
Thank you Questions? Call At Ease Computing, Inc.

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