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Assess start-up Requirements

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1 Assess start-up Requirements
Section 2.11

2 Start-up Cost Categories
Cost of Sales -Product inventory, raw materials, manufacturing equipment, shipping, packaging, shipping insurance, warehousing.

3 Start –up Cost Categories
Professional Fees – Setting up legal aspects for your business. (i.e. trademark, copyrights, patents, partnerships agreements) Theses may require lawyers and accountants

4 Start-up Costs Categories
Technology costs – computer hardware and software, cellphones, printers, internet, IT support.

5 Start-up Cost Categories (cont.)
Administrative Costs – Office supplies, rent, utilities, business insurance, desks, chairs, phones, and copiers.

6 Start-up Cost Categories
Sales and marketing costs – Stationery, advertising, mailings, tradeshow fees, public relations, and sponsorships.

7 Start-up Cost Categories
Wages and benefits - Employee salaries, payroll taxes, benefits, workers compensation.

8 Handout: At What Costs?

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