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Unit 25 At the conference Lesson 97 1 OK I ll do that 2 I can t get through 3 Hello Capital Buses Hello Could I speak to Pat please 4 Hold on please 5.

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1 Unit 25 At the conference Lesson 97 1 OK I ll do that 2 I can t get through 3 Hello Capital Buses Hello Could I speak to Pat please 4 Hold on please 5 Can I take a message 6 Yes This is Mary speaking 7 Can I ask her to ring back please 8 Perhaps not 9 I ll ask her to call you

2 1 organize 2 medical 3 conference 4 send out 5 ring up 6 the bus company 7 get through 8 hold on 9 right now 10 take a message for sb 11 ring sb back 12 call sb 13 ask for sb 14 offer to do sth It must be a D 1 Hello Who s that speaking Hello Is that Mary speaking Hello Could/Can I speak to Mr Smith Hello Is Bob in

3 2 Hello This is Peter speaking Yes This is Mary speaking Yes Mary speaking Sorry Mr Smith is having a meeting now Sorry Bob is not at home now 3 Can/Could I take a message for Jack 4 Sorry I simply can t get through to the bus company 5 Hold on please 1 organize Which country is to organize the Olympic Games this time We are going to organize an outing this weekend organizer organization China is now trying to join the World Treaty Organization

4 2 medical medical medicine A medical team was sent to Africa to study the disease We are going to have a medical examination next week Take this medicine three times a day 3 get through get through to Have you got through your homework I tried to get through to Alice but I failed 4 hold on hold on Wait a minute please hold out hold back hold up 5 right now right now just now What did you do just now Right now he is busy with an experiment

5 6 ring back ring back answer one s phone call call sb back Would you please ring me back later It must be a D must can t may/might can It must be Mr Wu Can it be Mr Wu It can t be Mr Wu It may/might be Mr Wu / Mary and Lizzy are o____a large medical c____ They have to s____out a lot of invitations Lizzy asks Mary to r____up the bus c____because they have to meet people at the station at 6 p m on the 26th But Mary hasn t got t____because the line is busy 1 Yesterday we____ 2 He is in the chemistry lab doing experiment____ 3 Could you please____ for Micheal 4 Hubert____ the bus company

6 Lessons 98&99 1 an invitation to a medical conference 2 diary 3 attend a meeting 4 be a bit surprised 5 reply to 6 accept/receive 7 the main conference room 8 the organizer of the conference 9 give a talk on/about 10 world-famous 11 serious 12 an expert on a subject 13 Introduction to DNA 14 make a careless mistake 15 stand for 16 do research in ENT 17 instead 18 promise

7 1 Dr Baker replied to the invitation accepting it 2 I didn t know you were coming 3 Ladies and gentlemen may I have your attention please 4 So she will be unable to give her talk today 5 However we are lucky to have an other world famous expert here at the conference 6 … will he make himself known to me 7 I suppose you could give a talk instead 8 I promise I ll be there 1 Dr David Baker was invited to a medical conference held in Beijing which made him very surprised as he had seldom been invited to such a conference before He accepted the invitation and attended the conference a few months later It turned out to be a careless mistake about names But Dr David Baker was invited to give a talk which was a great success

8 2 The two text can be divided into two parts Para 1 Para. 1 Dr David Baker received the invitation Para 2 Para 2 19 Dr David attended the conference and found out the mistake of the names Dr David Baker was invited to give a successful speech at the conference 1 invitation invitation invite to Are you going to accept the invitation to her party 2 diary diary I hope you can keep a diary and if possible in English 3 reply to v n to He didn t make a reply to my call He has formed the habit of replying letters immediately 4 accept accept receive I received several invitations for this weekend but I haven t decided whether to accept them or not

9 5 give a talk on/about write a report on/about give advice on write an article/a book on/about 6 an expert on expert on at/in I hope to become an expert on teaching children He is expert at designing bridges 7 stand for stand for What does the UN stand for The UN stands for the United Nations 8 do research in/into/on sth We re doing research on the birds

10 1 I didn t know you were coming I thought you would not come back until tomorrow We were planning to go skating but gave up the plan because of the rain 2 Ladies and gentlemen may I have your attention please Ladies and gentlemen attention please Attention Attention Please 3 So she still be unable to give her talk today able/unable The little girl was unable to listen and hear after the illness We were able to land safely a few hours later 4 However we are lucky to have another world-famous expert here at the conference We are lucky enough to have invited Professor Blare to speak here today We are greatly honoured to have Dr Robert speaking here today

11 5 … will he make himself known to me make oneself known/heard/ understood make sb do sth The speaker raised his voice to make himself heard The teacher was trying hard to make his students understand make -ing 6 I suppose you could give a talk instead can/could could can can Could/Can you take a message for me Of course I can 7 I promise I ll be there promise I promise I won t be late with my homework again Dad promised to buy a model plane for me He made a promise not to do that again

12 · 1 I received an_____ to a wedding this weekend 2 I m going to study at a_____ college in Los Angeles 3 Do you keep a_____ Yes I have been doing it since I was a middle school student 4 Have you_____ to your father s letter 5 The United Nations is going to hold a_____ in New York next month 6 You must be joking means You can t be_____ 7 Who will be the_____ of this sports meeting 8 I_____ a postcard from my father who is now working in Japan 9 Dr D Baker was_____ on the envelope 10 I_____ you could have a talk with your mother about the matter 1 I tried to_____to ATM company but I failed A get up B get through C get away D get off

13 2 It_____be Meimei She has gone to Shanghai A must B may C might D can t 3 Have you_____ Not yet A rang up him B rang him up C rung up him D rung him up 4 We are lucky enough to have invited Doctor Brown who is an expert_____DNA A at B on C in D of 5 This book is only a general introduction_____computer A to B at C in D as 6 Have you_____their answer to your letter Yes And they invited to go and spend the weekend with them but possibly I cannot for I will be busy this weekend A received accept B accepted receive C received receive D accepted accept

14 7 I tried my best to make the students_____my explanations but I didn t manage to A understanding B understood C understand D to understand 8 Would you please have these invitations_____right away A send out B sent out C to send out D sending out 9 Are you going to Sydney to_____the Olympic Games No I haven t got rid of my pain in the legs A attend B take part in C join at D play 10 Could you help me remove the weeds Of course I_____ A can B could C may D might 1 Perhaps Mary is at the library Mary_____ _____at the library 2 Just hold the line a minute I ll call him _____ _____ please I ll call him 3 I promise that I will pay back the money on time I promise_____ _____ _____the money on time

15 4 Engels wrote a letter to Marx and praised him for his progress Engels wrote Marx a letter _____him for his progress 5 Ladies and gentlemen would you please pay attention to me Ladies and gentlemen _____I_____your_____ please · Just think how much sea is there in the world The sea 1 more than 75 percent of the earth What a waste of space you may say since the world is so 2 It is wrong to talk about the empty 3 of the sea The sea is not empty at all 4 it is full of life not only animal life but also 5 life as well In fact there is almost as 6 plant life in the sea as there is on 7 In 1952 a brave Frenchman 8 Alan Bombard crossed the Atlantic in a small open rubber 9 He took with him some food in 10 but he made up his mind not to open these tins Forhe wanted to prove that there is enough 11 in the middle of the sea to keep a man 12 for months It took Bombard three months to cross the Atlantic He often felt very 13 and there were times when he thought he was going to die He nearly went mad But he did not 14 any of the tins For 65 days he lived 15 from the sea He caught fish and ate them raw He also gathered plants

16 1 A covers B lives C produces D makes 2 A lonely B crowded C funny D exciting 3 A land B sky C space D air 4 A Instead B So C Besides D Except 5 A animal B plant C human D strange 6 A little B few C much D many 7 A sea B roof C land D wood 8 A invited B asked C called D replied 9 A boat B bus C car D train 10 A boxes B tins C bottles D cups

17 11 A food B enemy C friend D water 12 A dead B abroad C asleep D alive 13 A ill B comfortable C excited D expert 14 A close B shut C open D turn on 15 A completely B partly C unluckily D unable 025 Lesson 100 1 2

18 Japan is a country 1 islands in eastern Asia People call it 2 Land of the rising Sun It is 3 country with beautiful mountains small farms factories 4 coal mines The great modern cities 5 Tokyo Yokohama and Osaka are 6 the coast Millions of people live and work in 7 cities They work in shops offices and in factories They go to work in 8 and on buses The Japanese are clever people and they 9 good workers In 10 factories they make cameras radios cars and motor cycles Their businessmen sell these goods to other countries can can t must may/might 1 ____it be Paul who stole the money 2 Look Our English teacher is coming No it____be him He has gone to Beijing to attend a meeting 3 The lights in her room are out She____have gone to sleep 4 Where is the headmaster He____be having a meeting somewhere I m not sure 80 100 1 TV sets are popular in most parts of China 2 TV offers many kinds of programs to people of different ages 3 Watching TV for too long a time is bad for our health

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