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Fuel Up to Play 60 Making Eating Right and Physical Activity Fun for Students.

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1 Fuel Up to Play 60 Making Eating Right and Physical Activity Fun for Students

2 The Issue: Childhood Obesity 2 …this could be the first American generation with a shorter life expectancy than their parents It’s Serious, But Solvable. Today’s Youth are Overweight and Undernourished. Overweight Kids Often Become Overweight Adults

3 The Solution: Begins with Schools America’s schools reach over 55 million kids a day, 180 days a year 1,2 30 million school lunches served every day Research shows that good nutrition and physical activity positively affects academic achievement Up to 50% of daily energy intake consumed at school 3 3 1 National Center for Education Statistics. Digest of Education Statistics: 2009. (Accessed October 4, 2010) 2 Education Commission of the States. Number of Instructional Days/Hours in the School Year: Updated June 2008. (Accessed October 4, 2010) 3 Children's Diets in the Mid-1990's: Dietary Intake and Its Relationship with School Meal Participation, USDA, (Accessed Oct 4, 2010)

4 4 Guiding Principles Supported by Leading Health Organizations

5 Fuel Up to Play 60 Goals Students are motivated to make better food choices – such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains and low-fat and fat-free dairy – and be more physically active before, during and after school Schools have increased access to nutrient-rich foods and sustained opportunities for physical activity Continually improve school environments and school stakeholders are supportive of nutrient-rich foods and physical activity 5

6 What Makes Fuel Up to Play 60 Unique? Youth Involved A Comprehensive Approach Powerful Partners 6 Customization National Issues, Local Solutions Massive Reach

7 Program Advisors Register Form student teams Gain support Apply for funds Students and Program Advisors can use Plays from the Fuel Up to Play 60 Playbook. Or, they can create their own ideas. Program Advisors check off the 6 Steps on the website. Students work with Program Advisors to create ideas and implement plans Your Fuel Up to Play 60 Tour 7 Schools can: Win prizes Win NFL player appearances Support school wellness plans Sustainable changes occur in the school. Students promote, lead, and participate creating excitement and pride.

8 Program Advisors Sign-up Get FREE activation kit Students Spread the word Students and Program Advisors Plan healthy eating Physical activity “plays” Students and Program Advisors Identify opportunities Your Fuel Up to Play 60 Tour How the program is part of a student’s daily life 8

9 Students Build excitement Motivate Students Engage, Implement and Reward Students Eat more nutrient-rich foods 60 minutes of physical activity daily Students and Program Advisors Share success Continue to engage Your Fuel Up to Play 60 Tour How the program is part of a student’s daily life 9

10 Texas AgriLife Extension Service Fuel Up to Play 60 aligns with our goals! AgriLife Extension has programs for kids, teachers, and parents to support healthy behavior change Some examples include: – Walk Across Texas, Balancing Food and Play, 4-H Food Challenge, general nutrition and healthy cooking demonstrations

11 Texas AgriLife Extension Service County Extension Agents also have skills in: – Mobilizing the community to address critical issues – Planning group facilitation – Working with youth boards – Comprehensive program development and evaluation – Volunteer management

12 4-H & Youth Development Head Heart Hands Health Leadership Life Skills Development Hands-on Learning

13 Fuel Up to Play 60 project clubs Another opportunity for student engagement and leadership Specialized 4-H club Monthly meetings focused on nutrition and physical activity Opportunities for students to compete in FUTP60 challenges and 4-H contests

14 Get Started! Ready to Fuel Up to Play 60? Visit Follow-up with your county Extension agent ©2010 National Dairy Council®. Fuel Up is a service mark of National Dairy Council. ©2010 NFL Properties. All NFL-related trademarks are trademarks of the National Football League.

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