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Crayon Factory. familiar If something is familiar, it is common or well known.

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1 Crayon Factory

2 familiar If something is familiar, it is common or well known.

3 familiar Mr. Kim waited for the familiar Mi-yao, but New Cat didnt answer. I can see many familiar faces as I look around the room. Would you see many familiar faces at home or in a new place?

4 familiar What are some familiar breakfast foods you eat at home? What are some familiar things in your room? Name some places you go to and see familiar faces.

5 arrived If you have arrived at a place, you have come to that place.

6 arrived At four oclock every morning, Mr. Kim, the owner of the factory, arrived at his office to start the day. I arrived at my friends house five minutes early today. What is the opposite of arriving?

7 arrived What time do you usually arrive at school? Do you find it harder to arrive at a new place or a familiar place? Explain. Why is it important to arrive at places on time? Explain.

8 properly If you do something properly, you do it the right way.

9 properly New Cat couldnt do her job properly because she couldnt go into the production room. I can tie my shoes properly. Can a person properly tie shoes at the age of two or seven?

10 properly Is talking with your mouth full of food considered eating properly? Explain. Could you properly brush your teeth when you were a baby? Why? Is it important to walk properly in the halls? Explain your answer.

11 anticipate When you anticipate something, you look forward to it or know it is coming.

12 anticipate The crayon can anticipate being able to color things. I anticipate summer vacation every year. Would you be more likely to anticipate a birthday party or making your bed?

13 anticipate I will name some places. If you think you would anticipate going to a place, you should raise a hand. birthday partydoctors office parkfriends house grocery storezoo

14 numerous If you have numerous toys, you have many toys.

15 numerous Numerous crayons were made in the factory. I carry numerous things to school. Would you be more likely to have numerous toys in your school backpack or numerous books?

16 numerous I will read a list. If there are a numerous amount of these things in the classroom, stand up. pencilsteachers principalswhiteboards computersbooks

17 vibrant If your shirt is vibrant, it has bright or bold colors.

18 vibrant The colors were vibrant, especially red. I love wearing vibrant colors. Would I be more likely to wear a yellow shirt or a gray shirt?

19 vibrant I will describe three different things. If I am describing something that is vibrant, you should say Now that is vibrant! a bright orange boata yellow school bus a dull gray rock a very colorful shirt a pale blue toy planethe morning sunrise

20 Lets recap… and review what we learned.

21 Fill in the blanks with the correct word. vibrant arrived familiar The family ___________ at the beach early in the morning. The song had a ____________ sound, so I tried to remember its name.

22 vibrant properly anticipate The girls _______________ the fun holiday party they have every year. The colors on the party streamers were a ___________ purple and yellow.

23 properly numerous arrived Mom asked the children to put their toys in their room away _______________ before they went outside to play. There were a ________________ amount of ants in the anthill in front of my house.

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