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My name is Phil Woodard. I am 17 years old. I am an honor student…

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2 My name is Phil Woodard.

3 I am 17 years old.

4 I am an honor student…

5 …at Jackson High School.

6 I go to classes at Jackson High in the mornings.

7 I think the skeleton is funny!

8 I eat lunch with 600 people!

9 In the afternoons, I go to work at Napoleon schools.

10 I am a computer technician.

11 I perform daily system backups.

12 I make and test networking cable.

13 I work with the system files.

14 I work with the servers.

15 I help keep the school computers working.

16 I like to make robots.

17 I use a plan…

18 …to put them together.

19 Then I hook up the wires.

20 Then I download a program…

21 …that tells the motors what to do.

22 Then, I program those motors together.

23 I made a parking gate.

24 And an excavator.

25 I made a giant spider robot.

26 I can program a microcontroller.

27 I built my computer from parts…

28 …and installed Windows Vista.

29 I set up and configured our wireless network.

30 I fix computers when they dont work.

31 I like to solder electronics projects.

32 I made a computer that fits in a mint can!

33 I made the multimeter that my sister uses in college.

34 I am making an LED table.

35 I like to ride my bike.

36 I like to ride in cool cars.

37 Sometimes, I like to walk.

38 I like to read magazines.

39 And I like to go to concerts, movies and plays.

40 I like The Weather Channel and You Tube.

41 I like to play video games.

42 I like to go to museums.

43 I go to Robot Team at the career center.

44 We made a big robot.

45 It can lift a ball.

46 Our team is called The Jacktown Vectors.

47 Each week, I go to MSU after school…

48 …to work with Mike at the Engineering School.

49 I made an amplifier…

50 …from a diagram.

51 Sometimes I make cable…

52 I make telephone cable…

53 …or networking cable…

54 …or coaxial cable.

55 Sometimes, Mike helps me solder circuits.

56 And Mike shows me the big machines!

57 One day for work, I might fix or program computers.

58 Or maybe I will make networks.

59 Or work with robots.

60 Or work with other electronics.

61 I can do so many things!

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