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The AIM Ordering Process in Louisiana. NIMAS National acceptance of a standard format Louisiana agreed to use the NIMAC and opted in Each school district.

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1 The AIM Ordering Process in Louisiana

2 NIMAS National acceptance of a standard format Louisiana agreed to use the NIMAC and opted in Each school district can decide whether or not to use the states one-stop shopping ordering system for AIM Has your district opted-in or opted-out? (link to form and list)

3 AIM Contacts Has your Superintendent named an AIM Liaison? Do you know who you are? Has your Superintendent named one or several Competent Authorities?

4 Louisiana AIM

5 Accommodations Page (slide 2) The Assessible Instructional Materials (AIM) formats have been identified by blue font. 2 additional formats have been added

6 Accommodations Help Materials Use text/workbooks/worksheets at a modified reading level: The teacher will select materials that cover the content to be taught but are written at the student's instructional reading level. Alter format of materials on page (type/highlight/spacing): The material given to the student can be changed by using a special type, by highlighting certain words, or by the way the material is spaced on the page. The material can be larger than normal, have certain words or phrases in bold print, or be underlined. The page may have more white space than typical worksheets.

7 Accommodations Help Utilize large print: The student may be provided with books/materials that have been printed with enlarged text. (AIM) Utilize Braille: The student may be provided with books/materials that have been Brailled. (AIM) Utilize audio/recorded books: The student may be provided with recordings of print-based media in a recoded, taped, CD, DVD, MP3, SMF, TSP, WAV or other digital file format that provides access to the text by listening. (AIM)

8 Accommodations Help Utilize digital formats: The student may be provided with print-based media in formats such as electronic text (txt), PDF, RTF, DAISY, XML, KSE, HTML, NIMAS or other formats that can be further rendered into specialized modes easily accessible by the user (e.g.: Braille, picture-symbols, enlarged text, colored fonts, style sheets), downloaded into the users device, or transmitted electronically over distance. Digital magnification provides an enlarged image of text on a computer screen/device through use of software. (AIM)

9 The AIM Liaison plays a critical, facilitative, role in acquiring AIM for students within the district When the teacher suspects student difficulty with print, immediate steps are taken to make a determination.

10 The AIM Liaison ensures that teachers understand AIM principles and know to contact them when a print disability is suspected by a teacher facilitates evaluation of student need for alternate formats and seeks confirmation of student eligibility by way of the Competent Authority (using IEP, IAP, or Physicians Statement and Verification of Student Eligibility Form) facilitates procedures used to order alternate formats and collaborates with the Special Education Director to compile state-approved book titles needed in alternate formats (See sample ordering templates).

11 State- Approved Textbooks only

12 Ordering Accessible Materials Through School Book Supply Company Of Louisiana, the States Preferred Textbook Depository

13 LEA Textbook Supervisors are already familiar with SBSCs online ordering platform.



16 Features have been added which will enable the ordering of accessible materials.

17 Name of Eligible Student & Last 4 of SSN Assurance Statement Assurance Page

18 Once the Text Format (Order Type) is selected, all texts for this student can be entered on one Purchase Order. Enter all texts (state approved) for John Doe including core and core related subjects.

19 This screen summarizes the order. Note the green checkmark denotes texts approved by the district. There is no cost assessed here. However, on the Assurance Page, districts assure that either a print textbook was already purchased for this student or than an order will be placed for the print text.

20 Orders can be saved and completed at a later date. Saved Orders will be identified by the Eligible Student

21 Automatic Notification for AIM Order

22 Where does my order go? Alternate format orders placed are immediately directed to the LIMC, LATI, and Publishing Company who take immediate steps to provide state-approved accessible instructional materials to eligible students.

23 Authorized Users LIMC (Braille, large print, audio)Robin Kings presentation LATI (digital) –Charlotte Ducote

24 LATI Receives order and imports into AIM database Searches NIMAC for requested books and either: 1.Notes that the textbook is already available from Bookshare 2.Assigns available textbooks to Bookshare for conversion 3.Adds textbook to NIMAC watchlist Action taken and date are recorded in database for each textbook requested

25 LATI Report is generated with all identifying information Report is emailed to the contact name listed with SBSC and to the AIM Liaison, if known. LEA can check the status of each textbook at any time at:

26 LATI SAMPLE EMAIL TO DISTRICT : Dear ____, Your AIM order has been received and the status of each textbook can be found on the attached report. The explanation of each status is as follows: Available from Bookshare – State approved textbook requested is immediately available for download from Bookshare. District must have an account established with Bookshare and the student for whom you are requesting must be certified as eligible to receive NIMAS files. If you need assistance with Bookshare, you can call our Louisiana representative, Christine Jones, at 650-352-0210. Assigned to Bookshare – State approved textbooks have been assigned to Bookshare for conversion into a Daisy format. These textbooks should be available for download from Bookshare in approximately two weeks. Added to NIMAC Watchlist – NIMAS file has been requested from publisher. Once available, the file set will be assigned to the appropriate conversion house (e.g., LIMC, Bookshare, RFB&D…) Note: If the copyright date is before 2006, publisher is not required to submit. Textbooks that are up for state adoption in the next two years, may not be available until newly adopted. (Science, Computer Ed, Foreign Language, Handwriting, Math, Health and PE, Career and Technical). It is unlikely that these books will become available. Districts should seek other means to provide these alternative materials.

27 Division of Special Populations Assessible Instructional Materials Louisiana Department of Education Special Education Reporting Status: XXXXXXXXX School System: XXXXXXXXX School: XXXXXXXXXXXX Last NameFirst NameState ID NumberSchool CodeDOBExceptionalityTeam Meeting DateAccommodations BrailleLarge PrintAudioDigital CricketJimmyxxx xx 122400389701/20/1999VI09/12/2009Y DuckDonaldxxx xx 385600389710/141998HI04/15/2009Y MouseMickeyxxx xx 458703389707/23/1998SLD03/22/2009Y MouseMinnieXxx xx 458600389707/23/1998SLD03/23/2009Y AIM – Report Mockup

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