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V 4.7 2013. New Functions What is new in 4.7? +planning +routing +forms +analysis +reporting +approvals +miscellaneous +remaining from 4.6.x.

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1 v 4.7 2013

2 New Functions What is new in 4.7? +planning +routing +forms +analysis +reporting +approvals +miscellaneous +remaining from 4.6.x

3 1.0 - Planning editable Actuals prevent modification for near future display all moving time window manipulation tool grouping add to group inquiry features miscellaneous

4 1.0 - Planning

5 1.1 - Editable Actuals row can contain only editable or only read-only cells editable row contains only data which: –originates from Planning –are not allocated –are not under invoice review new source procedure value Planning planning transactions do not support audited changes invoice data profiles; planning types step transactions with row source Planning are not subject to approval

6 1.2 - Prevent Modification For Near Future Prevent Changes for Offset [days]

7 1.3 - Display All All Selected Projects All Selected Employees criteria selections based on –code and name –company code and name –analysis values displays all records, if no employee or project is selected

8 1.4 - Moving Time Window all past all future evaluates all or only selected rows

9 1.5 - Manipulation Tool Marked Colour 19 functions and their modifications –8 move + + + + –5 arithmetic+ - * / % –2 distribute –4 set= =T/V =A =N one step undo

10 1.6 - Grouping row grouping taken from inquiries up to two rows in totals open as summary column grouping by –days by timesheet periods –days by accounting periods

11 1.7 - Add To Group * button prefills values from grouped columns

12 1.8 - Inquiry Features paging filtering subreports inquiry usage –one record for each of opened ledgers in a profile

13 1.9 - Miscellaneous columns limit in web.config clear an employee

14 2.0 - Routing additional steps next step routing repetition policy backup priority timesheet calculations

15 2.1 - Additional Steps Authorisation Additional Review Additional additional steps from 11 up to 20 on both

16 2.2 - Next Step Next Step allows skipping of or return to routing steps

17 2.3 - Routing Repetition Policy Routing Repetition Policy –Allow –Forbid –Skip Consider as duplicates –Proxy –Entry –Authorisation –Review hierarchy –system parameters, additional tab –routing rules backup and alternate employees cannot be skipped

18 2.4 - Backup Priority always evaluates both alternate and backup employees document is routed to the one with fewer days in setup routing to a backup resets day count for an alternate employee

19 2.5 - Timesheet Calculations Enable PSW Calculations calculations in Value Of apply also to timesheets

20 3.0 - Forms spawning split append in credit card import recent currencies other

21 3.1 - Spawning Successor Store Predecessor Number automatically created form is prefilled predecessor number is stored only if a cell is empty predecessor number is stored on an original and created form

22 3.2 - Split Allow Form Split available only for creator

23 3.3 - Append in Credit Card Import append to existing appends only to not-submitted forms

24 3.4 - Recent Currencies Recent Currencies Recent Days each employee, form type, and calculation can have a different list

25 3.5 - Other prefill project, if there is only one available account codes in value and error hierarchies Suppress Recalculation of Historical the first 30 characters of account codes have to be unique

26 4.0 - Analysis date analysis analysis roles

27 4.1 - Date Analysis Date Date & Time date picker with time selection regional settings are applied available in calculations calculation operators –D –H –M use SQL smalldatetime format of date and time during an import of data

28 4.2 - Analysis Roles Roles available in –approvals –employee project roles –error and value hierarchies –criteria selections not available in Routing Rules

29 5.0 - Reporting new lists of profiles workflow status inquiries no-parameters message

30 5.1 - New Lists Of Profiles reports and inquiries in one list sortable by any column profiles executed by clicking an icon time of last use

31 5.2 - Workflow Status Inquiries grid known from inquiries available also for workflow status available on additional information page

32 5.3 - No-Parameter Message Suppress No-Parameter Message

33 6.0 - Approvals enhanced approval notifications edit buttons

34 6.1 - Enhanced Approval Notifications Suppress Notifications Message Text

35 6.2 - Edit Buttons edit buttons are hidden, if profile isnt editable

36 7.0 - Miscellaneous provision of web services freezing all projects hidden main export to excel workflow start date in workflow control

37 7.1 - Provisioning Of Web Services authentication using PSW credentials following lists are supplied: only items available for an authenticated employee are supplied –Accounting Periods –Accounts –Analysis Definitions –Analysis Values –Currencies –Employees –Expense Types –Form Types –Form Types - Projects tab –Projects –Tasks –Timesheet Periods –Statuses

38 7.2 - Freezing Default Freezing Column –Fit to Page Prevent Changes to Freeze Column available in timesheets, forms, inquiries, approvals, ledger modification, ledger export, and planning does not work with attendance forms or on iPad

39 7.3 - All Projects Inquiry Profiles, Ledger Modification, Ledger Export, Status Inquiry, Planning –Restrict Entity Selection => Data Access Restriction –Standard Project Restriction only in runtime parameters

40 7.4 - Hidden Main employees user details

41 7.5 - Export To Excel employee index project portal reference data

42 7.6 - Workflow Start Date In Workflow Control workflow start date is available in workflow control

43 8.0 - Remaining From 4.6.x page load optimisations enhanced web services linked documents in mobile PSW

44 8.1 - Page Load Optimisations quicker page load and refresh optimised PSW pages –timesheets –forms –inquires & subreports –planning –approvals –ledger modification

45 8.2 - Enhanced Web Services web service cache –Cache Expiration Period (in minutes) –Clear Cache date as parameter –I, O, T, X –separate setup for regional settings for dates

46 8.3 - Linked Documents in Mobile PSW only indication of a linked document presence forms can be opened and processed

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