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Build your confidence and gain a real sense of achievement! Improve your communication and social skills! WHY CHOSE A LANGUAGE AT GCSE? Job opportunities! Travel and work abroad! Broaden your cultural horizons! Impress your future employees!

2 It’s a Global Marketplace!
Wake up! You are a part of a modern world of advanced communication technology and ease of international travel! It’s a Global Marketplace!

3 Does this mean you can just rely on English as a global language?
No! There are lots of reasons why you should continue to study and improve your French and here are just a few………

4 Learning a language is a Life skill !
Knowledge of a foreign language is not just another GCSE grade – it is a concrete and practical skill like holding a driving licence or being able to type! Employers value this skill and can pay you more for it! Can anyone here speak French?!!!

5 Learning a language broadens your cultural awareness!
Knowledge and understanding of other cultures is just as important as being able to speak the language and improves international relations.

6 Learning a language gives you a great sense of achievement and can improve your social life!
Speaking a foreign language is a real challenge as it involves performance and being able to think on your feet, but when you are able to put it into practice – you feel fantastic! Tu aimes le film? Merci beaucoup!

7 Learning a language improves your communication skills and adaptability!
Learning how to interact with speakers of other languages means you will be more open minded and confident. It can help you see things from different perspectives, develop your problem solving skills and make you more resourceful and creative.

8 Learning a language can give you the edge in the job market!
Today there is a global market for jobs and you don’t have to be fluent in a language to be an asset to an employer – just knowing how to meet and greet people from other countries is a valued skill. GCSE teaches you the practical basics you need. Bonjour, vous avez fait un bon voyage? Bonjour Monsieur…

9 Learning a language gives you opportunities to enjoy travelling or working abroad!
Travelling or working in another country is an invaluable life experience and being able to speak the language makes it even more rewarding and is a clear advantage. Depp says he just likes living in France

10 Why learn French? French is the first or second language in more than 40 countries and is spoken by 125 million people worldwide, on every continent! In so many non-English speaking countries French is the second language of choice. French as a foreign language is the second most frequently taught language in the world after English.

11 French, along with English, is the official working language of ……..
the United Nations UNESCO NATO the International Olympic Committee the 31-member Council of Europe the European Community the Universal Postal Union the International Red Cross

12 Did you know that French is the second most used language on the internet – and no-one can deny business on the web is a sure part of our future!

13 French is the official language for many world sporting events!
The Olympic Games Motor racing Le Mans and Monte Carlo Tennis –The French Open Tour de France cycling race FIFA

14 French can help to improve your grade in English!
40 – 50% of English vocabulary comes from French. Studying French improves your grammar skills. As you develop your French skills, you are sharpening up your English too! How do we know that soleil is sun in French? Because solar means to do with the sun!

15 French is the main language in many areas of art, cuisine, dance, cinema, literature and fashion.

16 Consider all the advantages of taking your language to GCSE level
Consider all the advantages of taking your language to GCSE level! You know it makes sense! If you are still unsure, speak to your French teacher – Soon! Au Revoir!


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