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Avoiding CMS Pitfalls Presented by John Piechowski, Managing Director – Northwoods Software.

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1 Avoiding CMS Pitfalls Presented by John Piechowski, Managing Director – Northwoods Software

2 A little about myself My first computer was an Apple IIc Computer programmer in the Army Live in Jackson Student Pilot Worked in many areas of IT for over 20 years Implementing Content Management for 8 years Briggs and Stratton Dealer Extranet Medical College of Wisconsin Boy Scout Troop and Little League Website

3 What Well Cover The goals of using a CMS My top 10 list Minimize the impact Reap the benefits

4 Goals of a CMS Better website Consistent look Improve accuracy Easier to manage Reduce duplication Improve search Personalization Security Control Workflow Distribute workload Add Functionality

5 Pitfall # 10 The Team gets too big and cant make effective decisions

6 #10 – Form a Small Team

7 Pitfall # 9 CMS isnt flexible enough (or is too flexible)

8 Page Creation Editing Linking Images Placement Metadata Tagging #9 - Flexibility With tamed exuberance

9 Pitfall # 8 Doesnt allow for tight integration

10 #8 – Assess Integration Needs External systems/data Dealer Locator eCommerce Business System Inventory Order status Warranty System

11 #8 – Assess Integration Needs

12 #8 - Integration

13 Pitfall # 7 Poor Information Architecture

14 You cant use it if you cant find it Do it from your users perspective Its not just a CMS problem The art and science of organizing and labeling web sites, intranets, online communities and software to support usability and findability. - IA Institute #7 – Efficient Information Architecture

15 Pitfall # 6 Keep adding to Scope

16 #6 – Think in Phases Set a 3 month or less goal Max of 6 months Business change The web is flexible Manage scope Phase II and III

17 Pitfall # 5 The effort to create new content is underestimated

18 #5 – Plan Early for New Content Inventory Assign responsibility

19 #5 – Plan Early for New Content Get rid of half the words on each page, then get rid of half of whats left - Krug, Dont Make Me Think Inventory Assign responsibility Its not just pasting from Word Learn writing for the web Example of scanning

20 Pitfall # 4 Existing Content isnt any easier

21 #4 – Migrate Existing Content Planning process Very easy to underestimate Old Content Remove Refresh/Rewrite We just need to copy and paste our existing content and well be done

22 Pitfall # 3 Believing that Training isnt needed

23 #3 – Plan for Training Goals Distributed publishing Easy to manage Empower the Users Content Entry Content Approval Administrators

24 Pitfall # 2 Paralysis (preventing go live)

25 #2 – Knowing What is Good Enough? Compare new site to current site 20% better Phase II

26 Pitfall # 1 Thinking that Go Live means the work is done

27 #1 – Planning for Care and Feeding Youve Just Begun Maintain content Monitor SEO Monitor Analytics Keep the content fresh Train new users

28 Join us for Upcoming Lunch & Learn Seminars

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