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By teacher Silvino Sieben

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1 By teacher Silvino Sieben
CONDITIONALS THEORY AND PRACTICE By teacher Silvino Sieben 3ª série EM

2 Conditional 0 Situations that are always true if something happens.
If + present simple, present simple Example If I am late, my father takes me to school. If you heat water to 100 degrees celsius, it boils. If he comes to town, we have dinner OR We have dinner if he comes to town.

3 PRACTICE Cond. 0 a) If you mix red and white…
b) If you eat too much fast-food… c) If you drive without a driving license... d) If you don’t brush your teeth every day… e) If the electricity goes off… 1) the police puts you into the jail. 2) you go to the dentist every week. 3) you get the color pink. 4) I use my torch. 5) You get weight.

4 CONDITIONAL 1 Often called the "real" conditional because it is used for real - or possible - situations. Frorm: If + present simple, will + verb Examples If it rains , we will stay at home. Peter will buy a new car, if he gets his raise.

5 PRACTICE Cond 1 1. If I __________ my homework now, I ___________ go out later. NOT DO NOT BE ABLE TO 2. Charlie _____________ your chips if you _____________ them. EAT NOT FINISH 3. I ______________ in my office if she _____________ anything. BE NEED 4. You _________ there on time if you ____________ immediately. NOT GET NOT LEAVE 5. If we ___________ to Sarah’s party, we __________ a good time. GO HAVE 6. If Kate _____________ to America I _____________ her. GO MISS

6 CONDITIONAL 2 Often called the "unreal" conditional because it is used for unreal - impossible or improbable - situations. This conditional provides an imaginary result for a given situation. Form: If + past simple , would + verb EXAMPLES If he studied more, he would pass the exam . If they had more money, they would buy a new house OR They would buy a new house if they had more money

7 PRACTICE Cond. 2 Put the correct form of each verb in brackets, all these sentences are SECOND CONDITIONAL 1- If computers (be) cheaper , I (have) one in every room in my house. 2- If an asteroid (hit) our planet, there (be) a terrible explosion. 3- If I (go) to Australia I (bring) back some beautiful photos. 4- If I (speak) English perfectly I (not need) classes.

8 CONDITIONAL 3 Often referred to as the "past" conditional because it concerns only past situations with hypothetical results. Form: If + past perfect , would have + verb past participle (HAD + PP) EXAMPLES If he had known that, he would have decided differently. If Alice had won the competition, life would have changed .

9 PRACTICE Cond. 3 Complete these sentences using the third conditional
1 They ___________ to see you if they hadn't been away. (to come) 2 If he had known you were in hospital, he _______________ you. (to visit) 3 We wouldn't have come by taxi if we _____________ the right bus. (to find) 4 We would have visited the Prado gallery if we __________ time. (to have) 5 If you hadn't been asking me questions all the time, I ________ the film.(to enjoy) 6 If I ____________ your number, I would have phoned.(to know) 7 If just one person had remembered my birthday, I ______ sad. (to be) 8 I would have understood the film if it _______ in German. (to be)


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