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Nationalism at Center Stage

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1 Nationalism at Center Stage
Section 7*2 pp

2 Preview Questions Who strengthened the power of the federal government? What is nationalism? What was the Missouri Compromise?

3 I. Supreme Court Boosts Nationalism
Gibbons v. Ogden Congress, not states, has power to regulate interstate trade McCulloch v. Maryland States can’t tax the national bank Declares Bank of U.S. constitutional

4 I. Supreme Court Boosts Nationalism
John Marshall’s Supreme Court reinforced federal supremacy Fletcher v. Peck Dartmouth v. Woodward

5 II. Nationalism Shapes Foreign Policy
John Quincy Adams as Sec. Of State Rush-Bagot Treaty Limits warships on Great Lakes Adams-Onis Treaty Spain gives FL and OR to US

6 II. Nationalism Shapes Foreign Policy
Monroe Doctrine Stop European colonization in Americas US won’t interfere with existing colonies

7 III. Nationalism Pushes West
Lg. population increase in West Missouri Compromise Should MO be free or slave? Sets 36o30’ as boundary for slavery Temporary solution


9 The Age of Jackson Section 11*3 pp

10 Preview Questions What led to the formation of the Democratic-Republican Party? What is the spoils system? What was the Trail of Tears?

11 I. Expanding Democracy Election of 1824 Tie b/w Jackson and JQ Adams
Clay uses influence to get Adams elected Jackson forms D-R Party

12 I. Expanding Democracy Many states expand suffrage Election of 1828
More people able to vote Free blacks and women still can’t vote Election of 1828 New voters choose Jackson over Adams

13 II. Jackson’s Presidential Style
Appeals to common man Uses spoils system Appoint supporters to gov’t jobs May lead to inefficiency

14 III. Removal of Native Americans
Indian Removal Act Jackson wants NA’s removed from land Relocate NA’s to Indian Territory

15 III. Removal of Native Americans
Worcester v. Georgia Cherokee fights removal Marshall rules in Cherokee’s favor Jackson ignores ruling and sends troops

16 III. Removal of Native Americans
Trail of Tears 800-mile journey to Indian Territory US troops steal from Cherokee 25% of Cherokee die


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