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The Knight at Dawn.

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1 The Knight at Dawn


3 Castles Moat Moat Drawbridge

4 Moat

5 What is a moat? A moat, which is a deep, wide trench, was built around castles in the olden days. They were usually filled with water. If the enemy tried to swim across, archers on the castle walls could shoot at them.

6 Moats Some people believed crocodiles lived in moats.

7 Drawbridge

8 Castle with drawbridge

9 What is a drawbridge made of?
A drawbridge is made from wooden planks.


11 Hawks were trained to hunt other birds and small animals.

12 Hawk House The Hawk House was in the inner ward of the castle.

13 Castle Well

14 What is a well? A well is a hole sunk into the earth to reach a supply of water.

15 Windmill Wind mills could be used to grind flour, crush olives, make cloth, tan leather and pound pulp for paper. The mill usually stood on a river bank.



18 Knights

19 Armor & Weapons Sword Javelin Helmet Suit of Armor Armor for horses



22 Fanfare


24 What is Fanfare?

25 Clothing

26 Court Jesters

27 Castle Feasts

28 The Great Hall

29 Foods

30 Peacock

31 Armory


33 Torch Torches were used as a source of light.

34 Secret passageways

35 Dungeon

36 What does crouch mean? squat: sit on one's heels;
the act of bending low with the limbs close to the body

37 Tunnel

38 Trap Door

39 What is a precipice? A precipice is a very steep or overhanging place.



42 Reins Reins are used to steer a horse.

43 Medieval Times

44 Tools of the Mind Resources
#2 The Knight at Dawn Background info and books to use as resources Information about the parts of a castle Information about knights Osborne, M.P., Murdocca, S. & Osborne, W. Knights And Castles (Magic Tree House Research Guide) Steele, P. I Wonder Why Castles Had Moats and other Questions about Long Ago. Turnbull, Stephanie. Knights. (Usborne Beginners) Classroom Decorations use with child’s photo to make each child a knight Room can be decorated to look like a castle—a large box or large pieces of cardboard can be painted with stone bricks and with an opening, or butcher paper can be used to paint bricks like on a castle Drawn picture of a medieval horse with its armor Large picture of a knight Props for play helmets and hats knights toilet paper puppet toilet paper castle info for coat of arms how to make a pomander memory game

45 Elkonin Boxes/How Many Sounds Games (Some are included with Tools of the Mind Set)
Well Knight Tree Pie Moat Castle Others????




49 Games Tools of the Mind-How Many Sounds?
Could also be made into a math game. How Many Sounds Board Game.doc.pdf

50 Memory Game

51 Resources and References

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