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English Settlement at Jamestown

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1 English Settlement at Jamestown
Chapter 2 Section 2 Page 42

2 Sir Walter Raleigh

3 13 Col

4 John Smith

5 Colonization Joint-stock Companies – several investors pool money to support a colony. Jamestown funded by a joint-stock company Expedition led by John Smith Named in honor of King James of England Disastrous start Disease (from water) Lack of food

6 Pocahontas Powhatan

7 Jamestown Powhatan people were convinced by Smith to give colonist food. Became alarmed at the number of colonist arriving & began killing colonist. Only 60 colonist survived New colonist arrived Developed a new profitable crop… tobacco

8 “Brown Gold” Colonist mixed Native American tobacco w/ Brazilian tobacco resulting in a high quality tobacco. Needed laborers to grow to crop. Introduced the headright system – anyone who paid for their own or another’s passage to Virginia received 50 acres of land. Indentured Servants – in exchange for passage to America, food, & shelter a person agreed to work for 7 yrs for the owner.

9 First African Laborers
First Africans arrived as indentured servants on a Dutch ship. Decades before Africans were used as slaves.

10 Settlers Clash w/ Native Americans
Colonists clashed w/ Native Americans King James was disgusted at Virginia Declared the colony a royal colony – one under direct control of the king.

11 Bacon’s Rebellion Virginia’s poor settlers felt oppressed by colony’s governor Berkeley. Imposed high taxes Frontier farmers had a dispute w/ Indians. Berkeley refused to help the farmers w/ the conflict. Nathaniel Bacon raised an army to fight Native Americans on the frontier. Berkeley declared the army illegal

12 Bacon’s Rebellion Bacon marched on Jamestown & presented a list of grievances to the House of Burgesses (Virginia's Legislature) March turned violent as Berkeley fled the colony. When Bacon died, Berkeley returned to Jamestown. Rebellion drew attention to Berkeley’s policies Exposed the growing power of the colony’s former indentured servants.



15 Read Pages 42-48

16 Answer the following questions
What difficulties did the English at Jamestown face? How did the growing tobacco affect the Jamestown colony? What was the headright system? What was life like for colonies’ first African laborers? How did the English colonists’ relationship with Native Americans differ from the Spaniards’ relationship with the Native Americans? Why did Virginia become a royal colony? What was life like for indentured servants in Virginia? What were the causes and consequences of Bacon’s Rebellion?

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