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Final Report. Final Report Overview A final report is due for a grant 60 days after the grant ending date. All final reports (FR-1) are now submitted.

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1 Final Report

2 Final Report Overview A final report is due for a grant 60 days after the grant ending date. All final reports (FR-1) are now submitted on the Internet via the Grants Management Payment Center. After submission, the FR-1 must be printed, signed, and sent to ESE along with the check for unspent funds, if any.

3 Final Report Overview If a Final Report is not submitted for a grant on a timely basis, funds may be held up for the grant recipient’s currently active grants. The grant recipient will be notified of this action before it is taken.

4 Submitting a Final Report After a grant has ended, Complete Final Report will appear above the grant’s payment list. Click on the words Complete Final Report to access the report form. Final Reports can only be filled in by those with control user rights, but the completed form can be viewed by all users.

5 Click Complete Final Report above the payments list to fill in and submit the final report form for the selected grant.

6 Top half of Final Report form

7 Bottom half of Final Report form

8 Submitting a Final Report The form is populated with the current approved budget information. For each line item, fill in the Funds Expended column with the total amount spent. Press the Tab key to move to the next line.

9 Submitting a Final Report Informational messages will appear in the following situations: If the expended amount is more than 10% or $10,000 over the current approved budget for the line item. If the current approved budget for the line item is $0 and the expended amount is more than $100

10 Submitting a Final Report The Balance Unexpended column recalculates as each expended amount is entered. Fill in the name, title and phone number of the person completing the report. Fill in the name and title of the authorized representative who will sign the report. This will appear on the printed copy.


12 Submitting a Final Report When the information is complete, click the Submit button at the bottom of the screen. You will be able to review the information before it is submitted.

13 Submitting a Final Report If funds expended is greater than funds received, the final report cannot be submitted. Follow the instructions to resolve.

14 Submitting a Final Report If there are funds left to draw, the final report cannot be submitted. The message varies, depending on whether it is still possible to request funds for this grant.

15 In all other cases, a summary page is displayed. Review it carefully. If there are errors, click the Change Values button to return to the previous screen.

16 If there are one or more line items that are over- expended as indicated below, the Final Report is submitted on a provisional basis. There will be more information on provisional submissions later in this presentation.

17 Submitting a Final Report When everything is correct, click Submit Report. The information is sent to Grants Management. Final instructions are displayed. –Click on Click Here to Print the Final Report in step #1. Print as many copies as you like. –Have one copy signed by the Authorized Rep.

18 Submitting a Final Report –If the final report was not provisional, send the signed copy and reimbursement check, if applicable, to: Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Grants Management 75 Pleasant Street Malden, MA 02148 Attn: Financial Analysis and Reporting

19 Submitting a Final Report Click on the Active Grants menu item to return to your grants list. Click on View in front of the grant you just processed. When the final report has been submitted, two new options are displayed above the payment list: Print Final Report and View Final Report.

20 Error in Final Report If there’s an error in a Final report, notify Grants Management at 781-338-6509 or 781-338-6572. When the next upload of grants is made to the Grants Management Payment Center, the grant will be moved back to Active Grants, the incorrect Final Report will be deleted, and a new Final Report form will be available to fill in and submit.

21 Provisional Final Report The following situations result in provisional acceptance of the final report: –If one or more line items are overspent by 10% or $10,000 –If more than $100 is expended in a line item that has no approved budget When this occurs, the Final Report can be submitted but its acceptance is not assured.

22 Provisional Final Report You must follow up by submitting an amendment to change these line items. The program unit may or may not approve this amendment. If program approval is denied, the report will be accepted as is, however the over- expenditure amount(s) will be subject to audit exception and return of the funds in excess of the 10%, $10,000, $100 rules.

23 Provisional Final Report If the amendment is approved, a new final report form based on the revised budget will be attached to the grant at the Grants Management Payment Center website. It will need to be completed and submitted. A grant will say PROVISIONAL FINAL REPORT after the grant information on the website until the provisional status is resolved.

24 Additional Q&A

25 Q: How do I access my ESE grants? In your Internet browser, go to Enter the login and password that you have been assigned. You will then enter the site that is scoped to your ESE grants. Click on Active Grants to display your currently active grants.

26 Q: How often is the grant/payment info refreshed on the Internet? Current information will generally be uploaded each workday. The upload date is indicated at the top of the payment list.

27 Q: How will I remember to request funds during each request period? An email reminder is sent to each control user when the window opens. Another reminder is sent 3 days before the window closes if there are active grants where the Request for Funds has not yet been submitted.

28 Q: What happens if funds are not requested some month? That’s fine. The purpose of the monthly drawdown is to meet the federal regulation that funds be given to grant recipients only when they need them to meet expenses. So if you don’t need the money during the next month, don’t request it.

29 Q: Does the monthly allocation change if a month is missed? No. The monthly allocation only changes when an amendment is submitted to increase or decrease the grant amount. The final request will be for a higher or lower amount, depending on whether you’ve requested more or less than approved. You will be able to request the balance of the grant in the final request.

30 Q: Do we receive payment notices for grant payments? Yes. A payment notice is generated for each payment and emailed to control users, who should then forward it to the proper people within the organization.

31 Q: How do I change my email or password? Click Profile on the menu. If you change your email, be sure to use the new email the next time you log in. Passwords are case sensitive, so be aware of whether you’re entering letters as upper or lower case. You will need to enter the password exactly the same.

32 Q: Why is there no RequestFunds record for some grants? The grant may be fully paid. Check the Available to Draw column. The grant may have been approved this month and the first Request will not be until next month. You will receive the first payment this month, if you haven’t already. You may not have rights to request funds.

33 Q: Why is a grant still in Active Grants after the Final Report has been submitted? Grants are moved from Active Grants to Past Grants after the signed final report and refund check (if applicable) are received by Grants Management.

34 Q: Can I access grant info after I’ve submitted the Final Report? Yes. If the grant is no longer in Active Grants, click the Past Grants tab and enter the fiscal year of the grant you want to view. All information that was accessible when the grant was active is still accessible.

35 Q: What if I forget some of these rules? Click Faq on the menu. You should find the answer to your question there.

36 Q: Who can I call with questions? For Final Report questions, contact either Susan Yee ( or 781- 338-6509) or Susan O’Brien (781-338- 6572 or For all other questions, contact Susan O’Brien using the contact information above.

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