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1 Eloqua Providing Industry-Leading Management Tools May 2009.

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1 1 Email Deliverability @ Eloqua Providing Industry-Leading Email Management Tools May 2009

2 Eloquas Deliverability Solution Branding & Deliverability Packages (B&D) Bronze, Silver, Gold & Boost Integrated Testing & Management Tools Comprehensive Bounceback Processing & Reporting Automated List Management Robust Activity-Based Segmentation Tools Access to Best Practices Whitelists, Blacklists & Feedback Loops Industry Leadership, Partners & Certification Industry Expertise – Dennis Dayman & Team 2

3 B&D Packages- September 2009 3 BronzeSilverGold B&D Boost (w/ S or G only) SPF/SenderID-- Branded Bounceback135 Branded DNS DKIM/DK * * Mailbox Monitor Test (Seed List Sending Only) Lite/Exp: 5 Team: 10 Enterprise: 15 Lite/Exp: 5 Team: 10 Enterprise: 15 Lite/Exp: 5 Team: 10 Enterprise: 15 35 Email Inbox Preview Tests35 Branded Image and Links Dedicated IP13-- Mailbox Monitor Live35 Reputation & Blacklist Monitor Delivery program assistance1 inc/yr3 inc/yr+2 incidents/yr * By request only and based on From addresses- Silver gets up to 3, Gold gets up to 6

4 Components and Value of B&D Tiers 4 FeatureBenefits Branded Bounceback Domain-Establish Domain w/ ISPs -Full Branding of All Email Headers -Distinction from Shared Range Domains 1 Dedicated IP-Establish distinct sender reputation -Protection from shared range IP issues Branded DNS-Protection from shared domain blocks -Isolate brand from everyone else Branded Images & Links-Comprehensive email content branding -Consistent branding across content & headers (avoid certain spam tests/filters) Domain Keys / DKIM Support - Up to 3 From Addresses w/ Silver - Up to 6 From Addresses w/ Gold -Identity/Brand Protection against forgery & authentication with ISPs/ESPs -Access to Email Accreditation programs -Access to Yahoo! Feedback Loop Deliverability Program Assistance - 1 Event w/ Silver - 3 Events w/ Gold -Delivery tracking, whitelist and feedback loop management, ISP relations, consulting services related to deliverability, reputation repair, mail filtering issues and/or technical details of sending bulk email -Leverage industry knowledge and connections of Deliverability Officer to resolve larger deliverability issues 3 Dedicated IPs-Fallback IPs in events of false-positive spam-flagging -Lower volume per IP (less likely to trigger volume spamblocks) Upgraded Email Deliverability Testing-More test events & a new test type for more frequent/accurate deliverability checks -Better insight into ISP reputation Self Reputation Management & Education-Comprehensive reputation/blacklist analysis & management at your convenience (fully integrated with Eloqua) -Documentation to facilitate comprehensive deliverability education

5 Integrated Testing & Management Tools 5 Partnered with

6 Bounceback Processing & Reporting Automated processing & categorization of bounceback messages Comprehensive reporting 6

7 Automated List Management Suppression List Managed by Eloqua (regular updates) Automatically prevents sending to known bad domains & spamtraps FCC Wireless Suppression lists Automated Subscription Management Campaign or Site Level Customized Exclusions By address or domain 7

8 Segmentation Tools Get the right people at the right time Avoid the wrong people at the wrong time 8

9 Access to Best Practices Documentation User Groups General Consulting Customer Success Managers Deliverability Program Assistance (Tied to B&D Packages) 9

10 Whitelists, Blacklists & Feedback Loops Blacklist monitoring In all major whitelists and feedback loops 10

11 Industry Leadership, Partners and Certifications 11 Most widely accepted accreditation program to certify email senders – Eloqua is SenderScore Certified Essential certification for transferring any data from the EU to data centers in the USA 3 rd Party Privacy Monitoring to Ensure compliance and best practices Industry Memberships

12 Expertise- Deliverability Officer and Team Dedicated to optimization of deliverability through product, services, and consultation Email standard creations (DKIM) Membership & leadership on all major email/privacy based coalitions, and alliances First tier relationships with anti-spam solutions and ISPs/ESPs 20+ years combined email and anti-spam experience Worked for major ISPs abuse/security 12

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