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1 IEEE 802.16m-09/0019 2009-05-19 Work Plan for IEEE 802.16m Standard & IMT-Advanced Submission.

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1 1 IEEE 802.16m-09/0019 2009-05-19 Work Plan for IEEE 802.16m Standard & IMT-Advanced Submission

2 2 Documents to be Developed in TGm TGm will develop the following documents as part of 802.16m standardization process: –System Requirements Document (SRD) A set of possible deployment scenarios and applications of the 802.16m standard. A set of performance targets and features that 802.16m compliantsystems shall meet or exceed. –Evaluation Methodology Document (EMD) A complete set of parameters, models, and methodologies for the link-level and system-level simulations that allow fair evaluation/comparison of various technical proposals. Channels Models: A set of spatial channel model parameters are specified to characterize particular features of MIMO radio channels to be used for simulating technical proposals for the future 802.16m standard. –System Description Document (SDD) Architecture and design of the 802.16m air interface amendment Captures the core technical concepts behind the features included in the amendment Will enable analysis and/or simulations for characterizing the coarse level performance benefits of the air interface in association with the Evaluation Methodology Document –802.16m amendment –802.16 IMT-Advanced Proposal

3 3 TGm Timelines Sep ’07* Jan’08* Jan 09* Letter Ballot Sponsor Ballot Jan’10Nov ’08 Nov ’07 Jan ’09 IEEE 802.16m 802.16m Amendment IMT Advanced Proposal System Description System Requirements Evaluation Methodology ITU-R IMT Advanced IMT.TECH IMT.EVAL IMT.RSPEC Jun ’08 Oct ’08 Proposal Submission Jan’09 Circular Letter Jun ’08 Proposal Evaluation & Consensus BuildingDevelop Recommendation Q2Q3Q4Q1Q2Q3Q4 2007 2008 2009 Q1Q2Q3Q4 Apr May JunJul Aug SepOct Nov DecJan Feb MarApr May JunJul Aug SepOct Nov DecJan Feb MarApr May JunJul Aug SepOct Nov DecJan Feb MarApr May JunJul Aug SepOct Nov Dec Q1Q2Q3Q4 2010 Oct ’09 Jun ’10 Final Proposal Sept ’09* *System Requirements and Evaluation Methodology, System Description, IMT-Advanced Proposal Documents may be further updated based on ITU output (shown by dotted lines). ITU based potential updates Refinements AprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDecJanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDecJanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDecJanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDec IEEE 802.16 ITU-R WP5D May ’10 ITU based Updates 3 Amendment Ready for IMT- Adv evaluation July ’09 Working Doc Amendment Feature Complete. EC Conditional Approval for SB. Amendment Ready for Industry Release. RevCom submission EC Conditional Approval for RevCom submission

4 4 Process for staging 802.16m Amendment feature development WG LB SB PHY/MAC features required for IMT- Advanced for a working system Feature 1 Feature 2 Feature N Feature N+1 Next Project (New PAR) AWD 50% 75% RG P802.16m draft RG Amendment Feature development: -Feature developed as a RG contribution to TGm -Finally included only as a complete proposal, not a partial one -Develop as a self contained clause/subclause unless it is essential -Do not put place holders in Amendment till the feature is ready. (SDD will still have all features) -RGs should track Amendment development for consistency -WG LB recirculation scope should allow feature addition -All features have to go thru at least one WG LB recirculation Feature inclusion vote 50% AWD = Amendment Working Doc RG = Rapporteur Group LB = Letter Ballot SB= Sponsor Ballot Final feature addition meeting

5 5 Feature RG process for the Amendment Feature Rapporteur Groups (RG) will develop contributions for adoption by TGm as per Process (in previous slide) RGs will be authorized/re-authorized at each TGm session TGm will provide final deadlines for completion of RG work. RG must start with a work plan based on TGm final deadlines. RGs must report progress at every TGm session RG final output contribution must be complete by TGm deadlines for adoption into the AWD/Draft RGs may meet during TGm sessions RGs can arrange teleconferences with 7 day advance notice RGs conduct straw polls for decision making RGs are open to all participants

6 6 Amendment Feature RG timelines SDD Cha pter Features to be discussed in RGs Essential for IMT-Adv. at Amendment level detail CFC Issued for FeatureRG Target for completion 12Inter-Radio Access Technology Functions (No SDD text) NoNA---- 13LBSNoTo be decided in July’09Nov’09 14E-MBSNoTo be decided in July’09Nov’09 15RelayNoTo be decided in July’09Nov’09 16Co-deployment and Co- existence (No SDD text. Section deleted this session) NoNA---- 17FemtocellNoMay’09Sept’09 18Self organizing networksNoTo be decided in July’09Nov’09 20Interference MitigationNoMar’09Sept’09 22Inter-ABS Synchronization NoTo be decided in July’09Nov’09

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