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Formation: Intentionally Passing on Mercy Culture.

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1 Formation: Intentionally Passing on Mercy Culture

2 Why Formation? To enhance individual purpose and meaning Why we do what we do – response to our call to SERVE To strengthen the ministry With whom - Join with others in Community Bonded together by Mission, Vision and Values To assure fidelity to what it means to be MERCY How we do this – Build a culture We identify abiding convictions We strive to shape service and sustain Community

3 What is Formation? Academic Definition: An ongoing process that develops knowledge, skills and behaviors consistent with our Catholic/Christian and Mercy identity, and which fosters growth in, and commitment to, the mission, values and abiding convictions of Mercy.

4 What is Formation? Experiential – Process definition: Formation involves prayer, study, reflection, sharing & action in the context of the following… My Story (life lessons, education, etc.) and Our Story(Mercy heritage and tradition)within THE Story (Life/Ministry of Jesus)

5 What do we mean when we say “Hospitality”? 5

6 What do we mean when we say “ministry”? 6

7 7 People of all faiths and cultures are welcomed We are a Christian organization We are a ministry of the Catholic Church Our ministry was founded by the Sisters of Mercy 7

8 What do people expect?

9 Why did Jesus teach? What did it mean to those who were present? What do people in our community experience through our teaching? 9

10 Think of a time when you were in need of some information and/or “teaching?” Was there someone who stepped forward and touched your life in that experience? 10

11 Catherine McAuley 1778 – 1841 11

12 Catherine’s Last Words Were About Hospitality and Comfort for Others. “Be sure to have a comfortable cup of tea for them when I am gone.”

13 What we mean when we say “Core Values” Dignity Justice Service Excellence Stewardship

14 Dignity

15 Justice

16 Excellence

17 Bias for Action Entrepreneurial Hospitality Right Relationships Fullness of Life Charism 17

18 Formation suggestions: Participants Personal Faculty/Staff Students Board Parent Groups Marketing/Communications Community “Partners” (education, business) Community Presentations

19 Formation suggestions: TOPICS Ministry: faith-based; welcoming ALL What does that mean? Look like in behavior/attitude? Jesus is model; Catherine McAuley is a disciple How do we witness the Critical Concerns? Personal development regarding role in/with the school Decision-making Process Who are stakeholders? Who is invited to the table? How do we “message” the DECISION? Simple “tools” to demonstrate

20 THANK YOU For your gracious service and For your faithful commitment! Remember: YOU are the messengers of the message of God’s MERCY!

21 Break-Out Groups: Focus In light of your own personal learnings, all that you have known and experienced as a member of Mercy Culture, and what we have considered here today, What are Priority Groups, Key Elements and Possible Strategies you can name/create for your FORMATION PROGRAMS at your school?

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