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Communicate on the Telephone

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1 Communicate on the Telephone

2 L7 1/03/2011 Review L6 (10’) Unit plan & assessment (5’)
Communicate activity (15’) Basic telephone expressions(20’) Introduction of Communication on the telephone (10’) Steps of taking a call (20’) Telephone tools (10’) Recap Remember to bring the book: TR to H

3 Review Inter-department communication Ways of communication
Communication is made up of… homework?

4 Unit plan By the end of this unit, you’re able to…


6 Communication Go through
 Then in same groups using the word communication, come up with anything relating to telephone skills using each letter of the word Eg. C – speak clearly O – Open Questions M – Do not mumble  Go through answers and advice will be discussing further. 10mins, group work

7 Communication M- do not be absent minded
U- undulating tones/fully understand N- state the name of your establishment/your name I –accurate information C-listen carefully/concise/clear/common language A- active/ good attitude T- answer in three rings/two-way/tact I – avoid interrupted O- reflect on time N- take notes

8 Basic telephone expressions
Group work, 5’ Scenarios: 1. you try to find Rosalie working in the F&B department in Grand Sun Hotel by calling, to discuss the shopping appointment, she is in a meeting which could finish in 20 minutes, it’s better for you to tell her by your own. 2. you try to talk to the Financial Manager to discuss an urgent affair, someone else answers the phone, and she helps you to get him. 3. you invite the assistant manager to come to your wedding, but she is on a business trip, you decide to leave a message.

9 一、要找的人不在   a: Good morning, this is Carol. May I speak to miss chen?   b: yes, one moment please. I’ll get her for you.   a: thank you.   b: I’m sorry, she’s not at her room right now.   a: oh, I’ll call her again. 二、自我介绍时,请注意:   1. “hello”等于是中文的“喂”,随时随地可用。但在职业用语中不用。   2.打电话先行自我介绍是一种礼貌。电话中最常用" this is~"的形态而不是 "here is~"或"i am~",这是打电话需要注意的。   3. “ may I speak to~”也可以换成是 “can I speak to~”请~听电话。

10 三、抱歉这么晚打来的说法: 1. I’m sorry to call you so late.对不起这么晚打电话来。 2. I hope I didn’t catch you at a bad time.抱歉这种时候找你。(含有希望没有打扰到你的意思) 3. I hope I didn’t wake you up so early.我希望这么早没有吵到你。 4. I’m sorry to call you so early.对不起这么早打电话来 5. I’m sorry to bother you at this hour.很抱歉在这时打扰你。 四、有急事时的表达方法: 1. It’s urgent. Could I have her mobilephone number? 2. Could you tell me where I can reach her? 3. This is an emergency. I need to get in contact with him right now.

11 五、对方不在的说法: 1. It’s nothing important.没什么重要事。 2. It’s nothing urgent. Thank you ,good-bye.没什么要紧事,谢谢您,再见。 3. I’ll call her again.我会再打给她。 4. I’ll call back later.我稍后会再打来。 5. Please ask Miss Chen to call me back.请陈小姐给我回电话。 6. Could you tell her to call Carol as soon as possible?能不能请她尽快打电话给卡洛? 7. Ask her to call Carol at home after seven, please.麻烦她在七点后打电话到卡洛家。 8. Can I leave a message?我可以留言吗? 9. Please have her return my call.请她回电话给我。 10. Could you ask him to call me back?可以请他给我回电话吗? 11. Please tell her Carol called.请告诉她卡洛找她。 12. Let me call back later again. Thank you.我稍后再打电话来。谢谢你。 13. Please tell him to phone 请他给 回电话。

12 六、电话答录机 This is a recording. I’m not at home now. Please leave a message after the beep. Thank you.这是电话答录机。我现在不在家,请在"哔"的一声之后开始留言。谢谢! 七、打错电话 1. I’m sorry I have the wrong number. 2. Is this ? 3. Sorry to have bothered you. 4. I’m sorry. I think I must have dialed the wrong number. 5. Could I check the number? Is it 八、听不清楚 1. Sorry, I didn’t catch you.对不起,我听不懂你说的。 2. Sorry, I didn’t understand. 抱歉,我听不懂 3. Sorry, I didn’t get what you said. 对不起,我没听懂你说的话。 4. I can’t hear you very well. 我听不太清楚。 5. I can barely hear you. 我几乎听不到你说的 6. I’m having trouble hearing you. 我听不清楚 7. We have a bad connection. 通讯效果不太好 8. I can’t catch what you are saying. 我听不太清楚你说的话。

13 --May I speak to Mr. Gates? (请问 Gates 先生在吗?)
九、打电话的人找的是你自己 --Is Daisy there? (Daisy 在吗?) --Speaking. 我就是。 This is she/he. 我就是。 You're speaking/talking to her/him. 你正在跟她说话. This is Daisy. 我就是 Daisy。 That's me. 我就是。 十、打电话的人要找的人不在 --May I speak to Mr. Gates? (请问 Gates 先生在吗?) --He's not here right now. He's out. He‘s in a meeting right now. You’ve just missed him. He‘s just stepped out. 他刚好出去了。 问对方是否要留言 --He's out on his lunch break right now. Would you like to leave a message? He's not available right now. Can I take a message?

14 Telephone calls may take place in a range of different contexts, including:
office reception area on tour in a restaurant or kitchen on site with customers with colleagues with suppliers.

15 incoming calls  handling complaints taking messages  making calls
In the hospitality industry the various business types and the many individual enterprises require their telephone system to perform an assortment of functions designed to meet their specific needs. Enterprises also design their own standard policies and procedures for a range of telephone uses, including: incoming calls  handling complaints taking messages  making calls sales calls  transferring calls wake up calls

16 Communication on the Telephone
Why do you think it is so important staff are trained properly to answer the telephone? “Moments of Truth” Any opportunity for a customer/guest, to make a judgment about the standard of service provided by an establishment. Is communication on the telephone a moment of truth? Workbook p.15

17 How an establishment can be judged over the phone
How an establishment can be judged over the phone? And get students to list some they can think of. For example: Number of rings before the call is answered Tone of voice used by the staff member ……. Words used by the staff member Clarity/conciseness of the information provided by the staff member Politeness/ patience/ logical sequence of the saying correct & warm & polite greeting Product knowledge Professionalism/ efficiency / accuracy / manner on the phone Water

18 总机案例:指路 五一黄金周的一天19:40左右,总机接到一位外地客人打来的电 话,他是自己驾车携家人来新昌游玩,而且已在酒店订了房, 但天色已黑,不知该如何行车才能到达酒店。总机服务员自认 为对本城是最熟悉不过了,于是问清客人所在的位置后,给他 指了一条最便捷的行车路线。 20分钟后,这位客人打来第三个电话,说他们已经在东门大转 盘了。这不是离酒店很近了吗?就算是步行,最多也就五分钟 的路程,于是总机服务员不加思索地告诉客人:“绕过转盘上来 100米左右,在国邦大酒店门口向左一拐就看见我们酒店了!” “上来?上哪儿来?我面前有三四条路哎,小姐!我又不是本地 人,你咋拎不清呢?!”电话那头突然的呵斥声让总机服务员愣 住了。两秒钟后她才反应过来,其实在那个转盘里立有一块酒 店的方向指示牌,因为不是很大,客人可能没注意。于是总机 服务员赶紧说了一声对不起后,提醒他注意立在转盘里面的指 示牌。一经提示,客人马上就看到了指示牌,说了句“知道了” 就挂了电话。

19 It’s time to turn an inquiry into a booking, but how?
Think about: what are the common types of inquiries made over the phone in hospitality? Such as: Food & Beverage inquiry …… Bed / breakfast / recreation / entertainment inquiry It’s time to turn an inquiry into a booking, but how? To be better than your competitors in everything that you offer – including telephone customer service. If you do not get it right, your potential customer will probably go elsewhere.

20 How can we do to ensure that we offer excellent telephone communication?
Workbook P.16 10min Remember, it’s a moment of truth and there is no second chance to make a fist impression!

21 Steps to taking a call (incoming calls)
1.Incoming calls should be answered after the third and before the fourth ring. (usually before the third ring) Preparation during the three rings: STOP what you doing and FOCUS on the call; Sit upright and be ALERT; SMILE 2.Greeting: time of day, company name (if internal incoming calls, department/section of the enterprise), introduce yourself. “Good morning, Hunan International Business Vocational College, This is Oscar” 3.Offer assistance “How may I help you Ms Smith” 4.Transfer /Complete the call// 5. Record the message & Confirm details 6.Thank the guest 7.Follow up Workbook P.18

22 Every time you answer the phone,

23 Training Situations: 5min to prepare, group work
1. a person calls to find a guest living in your hotel, transfer the phone. 2. a person calls to book a suite for their wedding anniversary, write down the details. 3. a person calls to ask the location of your hotel. 5min to prepare, group work

24 Telephone tools Before working with a telephone, what tools do we must prepare? Pen and paper for taking message (message pads and pens) List of extension numbers(分机号) List of regularly called numbers A list of people likely to be called by staff and customers in our organisation Descriptions of products and services Special offers Any other related information(见下页PPT) that a caller may request.

25 总机话务员的服务标准 (1)会一至两门外语,会说标准的普通话和一些常见的地方话。 (2)声音清晰,吐字清楚,注意语音语调,尽量做到悦耳动听。
(3)态度诚恳,温文尔雅。接听电话时均要向客人致问候。 (4)熟练掌握电话总机的性能和操作方式 (5)熟知酒店所有的内线电话号码 (6)熟悉酒店总经理、各部门经理的所有公开联系方式。熟悉经理的声音和讲话习惯。 (7)熟悉各大机关、公司、交通部门、海关、公安局、医院、自来水公司、供电局、各大酒店总机、大专院校总机等单位的电话号码。

26 (8)熟悉世界各地的国际时间与北京时间的时差。
(9)熟悉各地长途电话的资费标准。 (10)严格遵守《员工守则》和话务室的制度,不得利用工作之便与客人拉关系,不得在电话中与客人谈与工作无关的话,不得利用工作之便与客人交朋友,上房间,泄露酒店秘密,违反有关外事纪律。 (11)对酒店的各项活动及设施的具体情况有所了解,应掌握清楚本市及附近地区的环境、天气、景点、交通甚至临近城市的航班。

27 Summary Unit plan & assessment Basic telephone expressions
Moment of truth How to offer excellent telephone communication Steps of taking a call Telephone tools

28 L8-9 2/03/2011 Review L7 (10’) Telephone etiquette (10’)
Special circumstances(10’) Case study(20’) Mobile phone etiquette (20’) Complaints on telephone <SOP> (5’) Threatening or suspicious calls (5’) Telephone quiz activity(15’) Recap(5’)

29 Review Moment of truth How to offer excellent telephone communication
Steps of taking a call (two Sts to show us an example) Telephone tools

30 Telephone etiquette 1. Answer the call within three rings
2. Record messages legibly(清楚)! 3. Using the caller’s name when known 4. When the caller’s name is not known, using appropriate forms of address(sir or madam) 5. Transferring calls promptly 6. Thank the caller for calling 7. Allowing the caller to disconnect the line first. Never hang up on a customer first, as they may have more that they wish to discuss! 8. Do not use slang, colloquialisms or jargon 9. Give your total attention (Stop anything else you are doing)

31 Special circumstance 1. Another phone rings when you are responding to one incoming calls, how to deal with it? First, answer the second call and apologize to the first call, then ask the second caller wait a moment, finish the first call tactfully as soon as possible, but remember no hurry / do not hasten(催促). 2. If there are questions you don’t know, what should you do? it’s impolite to say “I don’t know” “you ask other people” “no” “it can’t be done” etc, you’d better to look carefully or transfer the call the right department / person or we say we will find out.

32 3. What should you do if you get an wrong number call?
Explain carefully/friendly/politely even the caller impolite. 4. What should you do if you meet emergency such as fire alarm? Tell the F/O manager and other relevant departments, then follow the order to take action.

33 Case study Case --- Paint a picture (TR to H p.229)
In this example, we want the student to think closely about how important it is to communicate clearly on the telephone.   The problems exhibited include: 1.Sharing too much information with the caller! Staffing issues should never be shared with guests, and the telephonist should have taken apologised for the problems encountered when calling earlier

34 2.Lack of information. If an enterprise allows a staff member to answer a telephone then they have an obligation to train and educate them in the products they sell (not to mention customer service!) 3.Lack of sales training. The telephonist clearly had not been trained in how to sell, and in fact was quite happy to lose the sale just because they were busy.

35 Preferred approach: 1.Apologise for problems when calling earlier in the week 2.Explained that they were unable to deal with the issue now however take a number to call them back at a convenient time 3.Take down address/ details and offer to send information based on what the caller was looking for 4.Ensure all staff are fully trained!

36 Mobile Phone Etiquette
Debate: advantage and disadvantage of mobile phone 5mins to prepare, 5mins to debate Did you experience any complaints about your / others’ using the mobile phone? Discuss the etiquette/Decide the etiquette Workbook P.20-21 Sts explain in group (G1-p.21, G2-p.22 the first 5 points, G3-p.22 the second 5 points)

37 Complaints on the telephone
Complaint call handling skills: Discuss 留下客人的详细信息,记录好客人投诉的事情原由,告诉请等你了解一下情况,及时给他回复过去。


39 Steps for telephone complaint resolution:
1.Establish the issue We are able to resolve If not, thank the caller for bringing the problem to our attention, let the caller know who the right person is, why and then transfer them to that person, 2.Acknowledge the issue If we are able to resolve the situation, we should express concern and apologize on behalf of the organisation. Don’t blame or pass the buck.

40 Look for win-win situation
3.Indicate what action will be taken We only can offer what we are authorised to offer, so we may need to refer the problem to someone with greater authority and inform the caller of this. We may do this immediately or have to call the customer back. 4.Do what we say we are going to do Whether it is referring the complaint to our supervisor, sending a gift voucher or giving a refund, do it immediately. 5.Follow up Make sure that what was offered was followed through. Look for win-win situation


42 Emergencies TR to H p.240

43 Threatening or suspicious calls
TR to H p.241 接炸弹恐吓电话时处理办法: ⑴ 任何人接到炸弹威胁电话,都应听清来电者的每一个字、噪音及其背景声音,以猜测来电者的位置。 ⑵ 假装听不清电话、拖延来电者占线时间以尽量获得更多信息,并作详细记录。 ⑶ 如来电者同意,可将电话转给总经理或总值班员。同时通知保安迅速采取行动。 ⑷ 如果来电说完就挂断电话,则立即通知总值班员或相关人员,以便采取进一步行动和对策。如有录音设备要及时对通话进行录音。


45 Telephone technique activity quiz
Workbook P.23

46 L9 2/03/2011 Transferring Calls (30’) Placing a call on hold (30’)
Assessment sheet explain (20’) Recap & Assessment arrangement (10’) This Friday: Role play A & B (5*16=90’) do ‘C’ next Wed. Knowledge test (30’ if time permits, otherwise next Monday)

47 Transferring Calls (Remind them there will be assessment on this procedure) Most calls received at the main switchboard are transferred through to an extension in the establishment. How to transfer? Follow the standard procedure for responding to incoming calls Ascertain who the call is for Let the caller know you are going to transfer them Thank the caller for calling and promptly transfer the call to the appropriate extension why

48 If the extension is engaged, let the caller know this and offer three options:
--would they like to hold --would they like to speak with someone else --would they like to leave a message --would they call again later After transferring, after 5 rings, the telephonist should: -- I’m sorry, nobody answer the telephone, would you like to leave a message?

49 Example 1 :Workbook P.23 -Good morning, Dragon hotel, This is Debra
-Yes Debra, this is Sally Jones here -How can I help you Ms Jones? -I would like to make a reservation please. -Would that be for accommodation or the restaurant Ms Jones? Accommodation please. Certainly, I am transferring you to reservations now. Thank you for calling.

50 Example 2 --Good morning, Sheraton Grand hotel. This is Sunny. How may I help you? --I would like to enquire about booking a romantic weekend, please. --Certainly, sir. One of our reservations staff will be able to help you with our packages. I will transfer you now. Thank you for calling. If the line is busy: --I am sorry sir, Reservations are engaged at the moment. Would you like to hold, or cane I ask them to call you back?

51 Example 3 -- Good afternoon, Stokehouse Restaurant. This is Jacob. How may I help you? --Good afternoon, I would like to speak with your accounts payable department. --Certainly, sir. I’ll transfer you now. Thank you for calling. If the line is busy: --I’m sorry sir, that line is busy. Would you like to hold, or may I take a message for you? If the call reverts back to the switchboard: --I’m sorry sir, our accountant Mr Sullivan is not in his office at the moment. May I take a message for you?

52 Notes 1.如果来电客人要求转接客房电话时,应在电脑上迅速查找客人的姓名、房号,若要找的客人与登记不符,须再次与来电客人核对,核对无误后,方可转接。 2.电话占线或线路繁忙时,应请对方稍候,并使用音乐保留键,播出悦耳的音乐。(然后,迅速、准确地处理手上的电话) 3.对要求房号保密的客人,如果并没有要求不接任何电话,可问清来电者姓名,单位等,然后告诉客人,询问客人是否接听电话。如果客人表示不接任何电话,应理解通知总台在电脑中输入保密标志,遇来访或电话查询,即答客人未住本饭店。 4.如果房间客人做了“免电话打扰”,应礼貌向来电话者说明,并建议其留言或待取消免打扰“后再来电话 5. 如果客人错挂电话进来,应有礼貌地对客人说“对不起,您挂错了”

53 Case study 电话转接的技巧 某公司的毛先生是杭州某三星级饭店的商务客人。他每次到杭州,肯定入住这家饭店,并且每次都会提出一些建议。可以说,毛先生是一位既忠实友好又苛刻挑剔的客人。 某天早晨8点,再次入住的毛先生打电话到总机,询问同公司的王总住在几号房。总机李小姐接到电话后,请毛先生稍等,然后在电脑上进行查询。查到王总住在901房间,而且并未要求电话免打扰服务,便对毛先生说“我帮您转过去”,说完就把电话转到了901房间。此时901房间的王先生因昨晚旅途劳累还在休息,接到电话就抱怨下属毛先生不该这么早吵醒他,并为此很生气。

54 分析 总机应该考虑到早上8点通话是否会影响到客人休息;应迅速分析客人询问房间号码的动机,必要时可以委婉地提醒客人,是否可以晚些时候再通话。

55 Training—transferring calls
Miss Jenny wants to speak to the guest Robert Smith, actually, the name should be Rabert Smith, when getting through, nobody in the room answers. Sophia wants to book an air ticket, but the line is busy. David wants to get information about wedding feast, but the line is engaged, David decided to call again later.

56 Placing a call on hold (Assessment on this procedure)
It’s most important before placing a call on hold that you ask permission from the caller Where possible give an explanation for having to place the caller on hold. Workbook P.24

57 If the caller replies that they do not mind holding then you need to:
Example 1: - “Good afternoon, Box Hill International, This is Debra” -“ Yes Debra, this is Sally Jones here” - “How can I help you Ms Jones?” - “Could you put me through to Mary in the restaurant please?” - “Unfortunately her extension is busy, would you mind holding?” Do not under any circumstances place the caller on hold until they have responded with a yes. If the caller replies that they do not mind holding then you need to: 􀂧 Place the call on hold 􀂧 Get back to the caller within 30 seconds and provide an update on the status of their call. (Attending to Calls on Hold)

58 Attending to Calls on Hold
Calls on hold should be monitored at short intervals, usually every 30’’, WHY? to ensure the caller wishes to continue waiting. By monitoring the call, the caller is reassured that they have not been forgotten. Most switchboard have a facility that reverts the call automatically back to the telephonist if the call has been on hold for 30’’. Always thank the caller for holding. If the caller does not wish to continue holding, offer to take a message / have someone return their call.

59 When the line becomes available and you are able to connect the caller, thank the caller for waiting. And tell them you are now transferring them and give the name of the person and the department to whom you are connecting the call. Example: - “Thank you for holding Ms Jones, I am transferring you through to Mary in the Restaurant now.”

60 Allow the caller to choose and wait for a response.
Example 2 -…… - Thank you for holding***,the restaurant extension/line is still busy, do you wish to continue holding? / would you like me to take a message for you? / would you like to speak to someone else? Allow the caller to choose and wait for a response. If the caller replies that they don’t wish to hold then you need to: 􀂧 Ask if there is anyone else they would like to speak with 􀂧 Offer to connect them to someone else in the department 􀂧 Ask if you can take a message for them

61 Example 3 --Good afternoon, Hilton Grand hotel. This is Mark. Would you mind holding, please? --Certainly/OK/Not at all --Thank you. If we know we will have a caller on hold for any length of time, return to them every 30 seconds. -- I’m sorry to have kept you waiting. Thank you for holding. Someone will be with you in a moment.

62 If we repeat this a number of times, the caller will think we are a recorded message or won’t believe us anymore, and we risk losing their confidence. When we can get back to the caller: --“I’m sorry to have kept you waiting. How may I help you?” / do you wish to continue holding? / would you like me to take a message for you? / would you like to speak to someone else? If the line is available: -- “Thank you for holding Ms Jones, I am transferring you through to Mary in the Restaurant now.”

63 Training 1. you are be busy with 4 calls at the moment, and another call is coming, the caller wants you to put him through to Function. 2.Mr Jack calls to Mary works in the restaurant, Mary is in a meeting, and the meeting will finish in 5 minutes, Mr Jack is willing to hold. 3. Stevin works in Grampian Adventure Service, he has a urgent thing to talk to the S&M manager, the manager is talking to the General manager, we don’t know how long it will take, Stevin wishes to hold, but after 2mins, he prefer to talk with the Asisstant manager.

64 L /03/2011 Assessment Role play A & B 3-5’ for each St.

65 L11 7/03/2011 Conclusion about telephone skills (15’)
Warm up (5’) Review L8/9/10 (5’) Taking a message (25’) Making a call (25’) Role play task C & D_ explain “confirm the reservation of room / breakfast / supper/ lunch” (10’) Conclusion about telephone skills (15’) Wake up call service (if time permits) Recap: Tue. Knowledge test & Role play task C Wed. _Role play task D

66 Are you happy? BEIJING - Only 6 percent of Chinese people see themselves as happy, despite the government's efforts to improve the population's sense of happiness, a survey showed on Wednesday. The proportion was in stark contrast to Denmark, which topped another recent poll. There, 82 percent described themselves as happy in a sampling carried out by Gallup World Poll. That poll ranked China 125th in a table of worldwide happiness.

67 Do not underestimate the importance of accurate message recording!
Taking a Message When a message should be taken for the caller? when answering the phone that the person who is required to respond to the call is unavailable. Messages accurately recorded and promptly relayed Do not underestimate the importance of accurate message recording! Read workbook P.26 5min

68 List information required to take when taking a message.
3mins The caller’s name & room number (if he is an in-house guest), date & time of the call, the name & room number of the people required, specific information, urgent? Call back/ return the call?


70 Telephone message pad Message To: From: Message: Date: Time: Tel:
□ Telephoned □ Will ring back □ Please call □ Called in Signed:


72 将留言单装入留言信封,封口并写上日期,立刻转交给礼宾员派送。一般行李员应在30分钟之内送至客人房间

73 Workbook P.27 “other ways of recording a message”
When taking a message: 1.write in a clear and legible manner 2.establish who the message is for 3.record all relevant details 4.repeat all the details back to the caller 5.tell the caller what action will be taken 6.pass on the message in a timely manner Check the spelling of any names Check all numbers recorded Repeat all details back to the caller Workbook P.27 “other ways of recording a message”

74 Example: Allow the caller to hang up first. --……
-- Mr. O’Flaherty, I will repeat the message back. This message is for Mrs O’Flaherty. “please call Mr O’Flaherty on before 2 pm” -- Mr. O’Flaherty, I will pass the message on to Mrs O’Flaherty as soon as possible. Is there anything else we can do for you? --thank you for calling. Goodbye. Allow the caller to hang up first.

75 Practise for the assessment
Explain the marking sheet Sts prepare blank message slips Work in pairs 3mins

76 Scenarios: 1. a caller - Jack left a message to his friend Carlson who works in the Housekeeping department. Jack invited Carlson to have dinner tonight, 6 o’clock, at Red Forest restaurant. 2. Mr. Smith invited Miss Sunny who lived in 1022 room of your hotel to attend his birthday party, 7:30pm, Wilson Grand Hotel. 3. Mrs Charlie wanted his friend Jerry to call at 6 pm, she will pick her up at the hotel entrance to see a movie. Jerry lives in room 1809.

77 Making a Call Making outgoing calls is just as important as being able to accept incoming calls  Same rules apply: courtesy, preparation, concentrating and speaking clearly. When we make outgoing calls? We call suppliers to place orders customers to confirm bookings to respond to customers’ message make sales calls, calls to employees, calls seeking information, calls to colleagues in other departments…… TR to H p243

78 When making outgoing calls, what should be prepared?
1. Paper and pen 2. The correct number 3. Any relevant documentation or product information that may be required (Have all information you require to speak to the person you are calling) 4. The correct name of the person or department you wish to speak to (Concentrate on what the other person is saying) 5. Be pleasant and professional at all times(you are representing the establishment) 6. Avoiding talking with others, eating, chewing gum, or anything else that may take your concentration away from your call(distracting). 7. whether you are returning a call, confirming a booking or making an enquiry, it is usually appropriate to do so during normal business hours.

79 How to making the call? Once you are prepared for the call, dial the required number, when the call is answered: 1.offer a salutation/a greeting 2.announce who you are and where you are from 3.ask to speak to the person you are calling 4.when that person responds to the call, clearly state the reason why you are calling. Workbook p.28

80 Example 1: You are calling a guest to confirm their reservation details. --Good morning, my name is Oscar and I am from the Sheraton Hotel, could/may I speak with Mrs Blake? When Mrs Blake is on the line…… -- Mrs Blake, this is Debra from the Sheraton Hotel and I am calling to confirm your reservation details for this weekend.

81 Making an external call to a tour operator for a customer:
Example 2 Making an external call to a tour operator for a customer: -- Good morning, Sam, this is Scott from Cable Beach Resort. I have some Japanese guests flying from here down to Perth and taking one of your weekend trips to Rottnest Island. Could you please tell me how frequently the tours depart, at what time, where they leave from and what time they return? --Do you have seats available for Thursday? How much is it per person? Does that include lunch? How can the guests pay for that? --Thanks for your help, Sam. I need to let Mr and Mrs Yoshikawa know the details before I can confirm the booking. Goodbye.

82 Example 3 Making a booking for a customer on an interstate train: --Good afternoon, Sue, this is Alec from the Hotel Enterprize. I have some guests who would like to catch the train from Melbourne to Sydney on Thursday night. Can I make a reservation for Mr and Mrs Fraser, please? --They would like seats by the window, please, as they have never been on an interstate train before. They are both a little bit nervous so can you make a note for someone to seat them, please? --Thanks, Sue.

83 Training 1. a customer called to complain about the leakage of the shower head(喷头) last night . You need to call back. 2.a supplier called to ask you the details of a linen(布草) order, such as the number, the quality, the price, the delivery etc., you call back to him. call to ask what are the health requirements for taking an introductory(介绍的,开端的,引导的) scuba dive(潜水)? call to make a reservation for a customer on a day tour.

84 Telephone role play assessment sheets explained Task D
Explain will be making a call to guest to confirm their reservation details for a bed and breakfast booking they have made for a date. They have also requested a restaurant booking you will need to confirm booking time and number of people. Will need to bring along the assessment sheets, pen and paper for making their call and any made up info required for the call. 

85 Things you will need to confirm that I will be looking for are: (Write on the board)
Arrival and departure date Number of pax Room type booked Rate Bed and breakfast Paying by credit card Restaurant booking confirmed for date and time, number of pax

86 Wake-up call service




90 Conclusion about telephone skills

91 L12 8/03/2011 Role play task C (60’) Wed. - task D
Knowledge test (30’) Role play task C (60’) Wed. - task D

92 L /03/2011 Task C& D role play Receive and Process Reservations

93 FO Oral English前厅部常用口语
Reservation预订 早上好/下午好/晚上好,预订部,有什么可以帮到您的吗? Good morning / afternoon / evening, reservation, how may I help you? 请问您要哪一天的房间? For which date, please? 您想订哪种类型的房间? What kind of room would you prefer? 我查查客房预订情况。 Let me check the room availability. 请问要几间房? How may rooms, please? 我们的房价是XXXX元。 Our room rate is RMBXXXX. 请问贵姓? May I have your name, Please? 请问您什么时间到店? What time will you be arriving at our hotel?

94 很抱歉,先生。因为是旺季,所以没有折扣。
我们将为您保留到下午六点。 We will hold your room until 6pm. 很抱歉,先生。因为是旺季,所以没有折扣。 I am sorry, sir. This is the best rate we can offer during the peak season. Check In办理入住 Exchanging Money外币兑换 Check Out结帐 Concierge礼宾部 Guest Service Center宾客服务中心

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