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Culture Around the World

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1 Culture Around the World
ABC’s of Culture Culture Around the World

2 A: Appearance Color of skin, types of head coverings, clothing styles and materials, hair styles and lengths, types jewelry and kinds of materials used for jewelry, and any makeup (for men or women).

3 B: Buildings What buildings, monuments, types of
homes and structures symbolize this culture?

4 C: Communication How do people communicate with each other? How is information spread? How do most people get their information, what languages are spoken, and what is the official language?

5 D: Dates Important historical dates and holidays?

6 E: Economy Who owns the farms and factories? Are they high-tech, low-tech or no-tech? Who are the major trade partners? What type of economy is it? (free-market / command / mixed?)

7 F: Food What foods were invented here? What do people eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

8 G: Government What type of government does it have? Who has power? How is the average citizen connected to the government?

9 H: Housing What kinds and types of homes are typically found in the area?

10 I: Icons What images cause an immediate response in every person?

11 J: Jobs How does the average person (or family) make a living?

12 K: Kinds of physical features
What are the land and water forms that affect how people in the area live?

13 L: Laws Important laws of the culture

14 M: Movement and Migration
How does the average person get around? To where are people moving? How do goods and ideas move around the culture? What type of migration patterns are there? Are people coming in (Pull factors) or leaving (push factors)?

15 N: National Pride What people, places, and things spark feelings of loyalty and patriotism?

16 O: Organizations What are the most important organizations in this society? To which international organizations does the nation belong? (UN, NATO, EU, OPEC, etc.)

17 P: Population What are the largest groups - age, sex, religion, language, ethnic group? Who is in the minority?

18 Q: Quality of Life Rate the average person's health and happiness.
Includes birth and death rates, life expectancy, and medical care.

19 R: Religion What beliefs and values do people hold?
What are the traditional holidays, festivals, and ceremonies?

20 S: Schools Who attends school, and for how long?
Are there colleges and universities available to train for professional fields? What is the literacy rate?

21 T: Taboos What behaviors are considered to be totally unacceptable?

22 U: Urban or Rural Do most people live in the city or the countryside? What does the typical community look like?

23 V: Vacation and Recreation
How do people in this culture have fun?

24 W: Weather / Climate What is the climate sub-region and a description of the climate? How does the climate affect the housing, food, appearance, and recreation of the culture?

25 X: Xeriscope What kind of vegetation is in the region?
What is the formal vegetation region?

26 Y: Yearly Income Average income of a person or family (per capita)
On what items do most people spend their money?

27 Z: Zoology What kind of animals are native to the area?

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