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1 BIT Travel - e-business for the travel industry and the National Booking project on Elisabeth Heyerdahl-Jensen, Project Manager May 2010.

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1 1 BIT Travel - e-business for the travel industry and the National Booking project on Elisabeth Heyerdahl-Jensen, Project Manager May 2010

2 2 Agenda The BIT Travel project National Booking project - background The Nasjonal Booking Switch BookNorway

3 About BIT and BIT Travel BIT (a national sector oriented IT-program) established and run by Innovation Norway. NHO Reiseliv (The Norwegian Hospitality Association) with 2300 members is responsible for BIT Travel BIT Travel is the largest development project operated by NHO Reiseliv From 2007 also HSH has joined the project in cooperation with NHO Reiseliv The purpose is to develop more efficient business processes by increasing the focus on industry needs, use of technology and increase the competence within enterprises.

4 4 Organization BIT Travel Steering committee and advisory board Members from industry, (hotel chains, airline, ferry, rail) and DMOs Observers from Innovation Norway/VisitNorway and the Ministry BIT Travel and the National Booking project is part of the Governments Tourism Strategy: The Government wants to ensure good distribution of Norwegian tourism experiences and wants to contribute to the development of a national booking system for the tourism industry.

5 5 Phase 1: 2004-2006 –Training and competence –Developing IT solutions Phase 2: 2007-2010 –Development: New distribution channels –Interoperability : National Booking –Training/competence – next slide BIT Travel main focus and objectives 2004-2010

6 6 Training and competence – some examples Developed in cooperation with Innovation Norway in 2008 Can be taken individually or as part of seminar NOK 350 450 participants so far E-læring: Pakkereiseloven Nettest Håndbok i e-markedsføring for destinasjoner Developed in cooperation with Western Norway Research Institute 50 indicators measuring technical solution, content and dialogue 1750 NOK 225 tests conducted UNWTO/ETCs Handbook in e-marketing for tourism destinations translated to Norwegian fall 2009 300 pages on e-marketing NOK 350 500 copies distributed (165 copies sold) The Norwegian Business School (BI) use it in their Bachelor program in tourism Website Usability Test Handbok in e-marketing for tourism destinations E-learning – the EUs package travel directive

7 7 Phase 1 Developing IT- solutions Publishing Booking TicketsRound trips Map CRM Payment Database Intermediary Restaurant- booking The solutions have several markets in common: 1.tourists 2.tourism service providers companies such as travel agencies, tour operators and travel information offices 4.destinations, regions and business networks Solutions developed based on industry specifications in pilot projects Solutions consists of open systems and modules that can be further developed and integrated

8 8 Pilots in BIT Travel 2007-2010 NorthernNorway :

9 9 How to become bookable on What – when – how and who? Solastranda - Foto: CH/innovasjon Norge

10 10 Give the tourist the desire to go to Norway Secure good, trustworthy and complete information Give the total overview of relevant Norwegian travel products – one stop shop Create sales possibilities for the industry Why is it important that a national booking solution is connected to VisitNorway? Foto: Johan Wildhagen, CH, Terje Rakke / Nordic Life / Innovasjon Norge

11 Marketing survey on 1.Carried through February/March 2010 2.2 881 international respondents 3.667 Norwegian respondents 4.Similar survey summer 2009

12 Visitnorway12 1. How many times have you visited 1This is the first time 22-3 times 34-5 times 4More than 5 times N Current2543 55% Same as 2009

13 Visitnorway13 2. Have you decided to go to Norway on holiday in 2010? 1Yes 2No N Current2513

14 Visitnorway14 3. Have you booked a holiday to Norway in 2010? 1Yes 2No N Current1944 80%

15 Visitnorway15 4. What have you booked? 1Transportation to/from Norway by air 2Transportation to/from Norway by ferry 3Cruise to/within Norway 4Accommodation 5Attraction/Activity 6None of the above N Current690

16 Visitnorway16 5. Did you book online? 1Yes 2No N Current697 83,3%

17 Visitnorway17 6. If had an online booking service, to what degree do you think you would use this function? 1Very much 2Much 3Little 4Not at all 5Don't know 6If not at all, please tell us why: N Current2522

18 04.03.2010 15:53 www.questback.comVisitnorway18 7. What would you like to book online at 1Transportation to/from Norway by air 2Transportation to/from Norway by ferry 3Cruise to/within Norway 4Accommodation 5Attraction/Activity 6None of the above N Current2300

19 Visitnorway19 8. If had an online booking service, which of these product combinations would be interesting? 1International flight + accommodation 2International flight + rent-a - car 3International flight+rent-a- car+accommodat ion 4International ferry + accommodation 5Accommodation and city pass (i.e. the Oslo Pass) 6None of the above N Current2248

20 20 NBS is not a new booking system, but a tool to integrate already existing systems What will the switch do? create a common distribution system for the tourism industry through already existing booking solutions make the data accessible for distribution through open standards, (OTA) to be reused in many distribution channels The National Booking is a National Booking Switch (NBS)

21 21 CityBreak Tellus GuestMaker DMOs with solutions from Connectors NBS- Nasjonal Booking Switch Visit Technology Group Phase 1: 2010 Local suppliers via DMO Direct through CityBreak, Restech or TellusGuestMaker, or via booking solutions (PMS) as Visbook integrated in one of these 3 solutions Local suppliers Not part of DMOs solutions. Connectors DMOs without booking solution/or chosen not to participate Restech I.e. Visbook Phase 2: 2011 NBS (plug in version) ready for other distribution channels Integration Getting bookable on National suppliers Hotel chains SAS/other airlines via Amadeus Norwegian Color Line Fjord Line The Coastal Rent a ca (via Amadeus)

22 22 Destination must have online booking solutions from City Break, TellusGuestMaker or Restech Suppliers must either be national (transport/hotel chain) or bookable through a DMO with online booking solution from the three mentioned software suppliers Suppliers with PMS (as Visbook) must make an integration agreement with those three suppliers, i.e. Visbook is being integrated with CityBreak June 2010 and with Restech by the end of the year VisitNorway: Assumptions

23 23 When is NBS launched ? Testing on VisitNorway Q3 & Q4 2010 Technically it will be possible with plug ins on other channels as soon as the testing on VisitNorway is done Launching on VisitNorway Q1 2011 Further progress

24 24 Suppliers and DMOs dont pay for the technical connection to VisitNorway The existing agreements between suppliers and DMOs will not be touched. The suppliers pay a transaction fee for products booked through NBS Suppliers and DMOs wishing the plug in solution (all/part of content) must pay the cost of adjustment between own portal and NBS Cost for suppliers and DMOs

25 25 Prototypes Solution Specification Norwegian National Booking Switch Sola - Foto: CH/innovasjon Norge

26 Best Practice analyze - Norwegian Booking Switch (NBS) National and regional portals Charter Amazon Other national portals International hotel/transport portals

27 27

28 28

29 29

30 30

31 31

32 32

33 33 Foil 1: Search Controls examples

34 34 Establishing BookNorway Ltd When the project National Booking Switch (NBS) is carried through, the solution will be launched on VisitNorway in Q1 2011 through the new company BookNorway Ownership model for Book Norway Owned by a wide range of the Norwegian travel industry and DMOs The aim is that: –the industry has the majority of shares in BookNorway –BookNorway ensures a cost effective distribution for the suppliers for the entire range of Norwegian tourism products. Customers will get competitive prices based on best available rates (BAR)

35 35 The call centre BookNorway will be the legal body towards the consumer, the suppliers through the connectors and the distribution partners (such as VisitNorway and others) Must work as a tour operator, relate to the EUs Package directive and be a member of the The Norwegian Travel Guarantee Fund (Reisegarantifondet) The operations of the call centre will be outsourced to a relevant business partner who can meet these requirements. The selected operator could be: 1. DMO 2.Travel agency 3.Incoming tour operator 4.Call centre department such as ferry company, airline and hotel chain

36 36 Elisabeth Heyerdahl-Jensen Project Manager BIT Reiseliv E-mail: Phone + 47 22 14 08 14 Mobile: + 47 908 28 274 Kjell Galstad Project Manager National Booking E-mail: Mobile: + 47 920 14 Thank you! More information:

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